Lush anal sex stories

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for Free! Score 4. Famous Story. Recommended Read. Published 8 years ago. When it comes to sex, I've always been open trying new things. The one thing I have always been against is anal sex. I have never even been remotely interested in trying it. a good dating site

There are many reasons why. My husband and I have been married for six years, and after six years of telling him no, I'm finally willing to give him a shot at my ass. I've put a lot of thought into it. I have even done some reading on it. If done right, it's supposed to be just as pleasurable for a woman as it is for a man. I want to do this for him, at least once. I've always hated telling him no. I just know he wants to try it. How does one, after six years of denying anal, suddenly bring it up?

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Hell if I know! I take the remote, and turn the volume down, and turn to face him. I feel shy, almost embarrassed to even be having this conversation. He looks down at me, scooting down lower and takes me into his arms. I- I just… Well, the thing is. I've put a lot of thought into this, and well. I want to, maybe let you, you know… have my bottom. I want to go slow. Do the smaller things first, you know? Are you sure, baby? I know how you feel about this. Well, it can. He rolls over onto me, pinning me down and kisses me deeply. I feel him grind his cock against my panties. I trust him fully, and allow him to take the lead.

He runs his tongue from my lips, down between my breasts, pinching each of my nipples. I squirm under him, wanting more of his touch. He kneels between my parted legs and hooks his thumbs into my panties. I lift my legs as he tugs them down so he can slide them down my legs.

He flings them to the floor, and works out of his boxers with ease.

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He lies on his belly, looking up at me, with such a goofy grin on his face. He knows the effects he has on me. He can get a bit cocky. I part my legs, and he opens my lips. He suckles my throbbing clit right into his mouth. He moans out against my clit, letting the vibrations shake me. I can feel his tongue working the delicate softness of my pussy and clit. He lifts his head, asking me to hold my legs up as high as I can. His tongue probes around the rim slightly. I hold my breath, almost expecting some horrible act to happen.

When I feel his tongue inch closer, the unexpected pleasure I feel makes me squeal out a moan.

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It almost knocks the wind out of me. My head whirls quickly. He takes my excited moans as cue to carry on, his thumb brushing my clit. I feel the softness of the tip of his tongue probe at my tight hole. I want to beg for more. I roll my hips gently, moving into him slightly. He must like it as much as me. He moans every so often, tickling my hole.

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I can feel him push a little further into my tightness. It feels different, but not as good as when he eats my pussy. His thumb begins to brush a little faster on my tender, excited clit. I feel my body tremble. I give in to what he wants, I feel my incredible climax take full control of me. He wants to feel that release around his cock. He groans out, as he forces his cock into a clenching orgasm. It makes me moan out harder as he thrusts powerfully inside me.

It makes my orgasm intense, coming down from it, I wrap myself around him. He fucks me like an animal gone mad. He needs me. He takes me with everything he has, I grind, and thrust back. My moans call out to him and he answers them with passionate kisses. His mouth covers mine, kissing me deep.

I can feel his hips roll inside me. The power behind him is in full force, and driving deeper. I dig my nails deep into his ass, pulling him forward, deeper inside me. I silently demand more, and he does. He gives me more, fucking me hard. He growls out and I feel myself clench him. I milk his cock as he begins to Lush anal sex stories jet after jet of his seed inside me. He groans a ragged growl as he does, making me stiffen in climax. I feel myself orgasm hard around him, milking him still.

I can feel him still thrusting, not as hard but enough inside me. I shake lightly, holding him close to me.

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A few times, he tries using his fingers, and scares me into asking him to stop. He is understanding, and doesn't push it. I know that he still wants to try, and honestly so do I.

Lush anal sex stories

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