M2f magic transformation stories

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Zoe stared at the flat, white box as if it were a Jack-in-the-Box toy with a viper sitting on the spring mechanism. Two candles flickered atop two separate glass skulls on opposite sides of her desk. Despite being nearly midnight, she glanced at her locked door. Her roommate would be sleeping so she was safe. Brushing artificially colored black bangs away from her face, she stared back at the box. When given pills to help with his aggression, a man finds himself changing more than his attitude.

I mean, no shit. I just get mad, okay? Made for a soon-to-be released paid anthology of my TG stories. Please support me by buying one or more! Derek leaned forward on the edge of the couch cushion, his tongue between his teeth as he focused on the television in front of him.

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His fingers worked the controller he held in his hand and, on-screen, his character shouted as she kicked and punched. This story is a commission. The rough scenario man to bird and singing on stage is from the commissioner but I built a world around it to place it in. The bar fell into a hush when she walked in. Conversations stopped in a wave around the entrance, rippling out until the entire place was silent. Kanye blared from the digital jukebox but you could hear a pin drop.

The young man was large for his age, heavily muscled with a thick neck and a square jaw. His coach and nearly pissed himself ing the young man up to the football team. I swear to fucking god. On the best of days. All right. I just sometimes miss the obvious. I get distracted and sidetracked and my mind goes on its merry little way. Hi, hello. I hate my name. Loud music thumped repetitively throughout the club while lights flashed and spun and pulsed. The center of the club was full of couples and single people dancing and grinding against each other.

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Booths, couches and bar stools lined the walls. The DJ stood above all of them on a platform off to the side of the room, nodding and dancing in place while he adjusted settings on the large board in front of him. The young man was dressed in blue jeans and a plain black polo shirt. I wish that I had wolf feet. And I can tell you why. I could race through forests in wolf feet. Without a soul nearby to spy. I think it would be very good to feel my bare toes change.

Black claws slicing through tennis shoes until wearing any clothes felt strange.

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He stopped, eyes wide and watching as an increasingly small part of him worried about how he looked. A warm breeze caressed his soft, hairless cheek and he shivered in pleasure.

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Goosebumps rose from his arms and the young man hugged himself, hands rubbing against his arms. An older gentleman walked by and Robert watched him pass. Karyn hummed to herself as she closed her apartment door. She wore a pair of old, white running shoes along with her bright pink scrubs. A light black jacket and small backpack completed her outfit. She walked down the hallway to the stairs, skipping steps gleefully until she reached the bottom. The sun lay low on the horizon, half-hidden behind the taller buildings downtown.

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Karyn raised her face to the sun with her eyes closed, smiling for no other reason than happiness at being outside. From my Patreon!

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Thursday, January 4th, Dear diary, Fuck you. And fuck you too, Dr. For Kiera. A young man unwillingly changes in front of a crowd as he sings. A man finds himself cursed by the bite of a rabid whooooooore! Today is one of those days. A young man grabs the wrong drink in a club and finds himself changing. The walk to the local bus stop was short and Karyn nearly danced the entire way.

M2f magic transformation stories

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M2f Magical Transformation Erotic Stories