Mannequin tf story

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Hide Works-in-Progress. Include Tags. Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. The Sex Dolly Factory 6: Karma by vleight. Rated X. Published: Sep 4th, Tags: man to sex doll 1 transgender 0 dollification 0 mcience 0 latex 0 dolly 0 sex doll 0 woman to sex doll 0 revenge 0 sex toys 0 transformation 0 transform 0 tg 0 sex change 0 tf 0. Published: May 30th, Tags: tg 0 futanari 0 tf 0 dolly 0 transgender 0 sextoy 0 mcience 0 latex 0 man to woman 0 futa 0 boy to girl 0 lesbian 0 mannequin 0 transformation 0 transform 0.

Three thieves believe that a large locked room in the factory is big walk in safe, and they decide to relieve it of its contents. The surprise of not finding any money is quickly replaced by the shock of what happens after they inadvertently spring a trap! Ovidia Pt. Published: May 12th, Tags: latex 1 anthro 0 absorption 0 Mannequin tf story 0 chicken 0 woman to pussyball 0 multiple breasts 0 pig 0 man to latex chicken 0 egg-laying 0. The stakes are raised in the transformative card game, forcing Ann to show off her competitive side. Rated R. Published: Apr 18th, Tags: transformation 0 mannequinization 0 tf 0 transform 0 latex 0 mannequin 0.

Two aspiring models are hired by a local department store to pose as molds for new mannequins, or so they are led to believe! The Sexmusement Park Prologue by vleight. Published: Apr 9th, Last Updated: Apr 10th, Tags: girl to sex toy 1 sex 0 playground 0 transform 0 transformation 0 amusement park 0 mannequin 0 tf 0 amusement 0 semi-inanimate 0 latex 0 mcience 0. A little teaser that introduces the greatest location for adult entertainment on the planet! This first few paragraphs are just the set up for future chapters and is rather tame.

The stories that follow are extremely NSFW! Published: Mar 8th, Last Updated: Jul 17th, Tags: transform 0 latex 0 sexdoll 0 lesbian 0 sexdolltransformation 0 transformation 0 rape 0 mcience 0 tf 0 forced 0. The Mannequin tf story who created the sex dolly formula is brutally raped and hospitalized.

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The owner of the company vows revenge, and the rapist is shown the error of her ways very quickly, and will ruminate on it for the next few thousand years! The Sex Dolly Factory 1 by vleight. Published: Feb 19th, Tags: sexdoll 1 sexdolltransformation 1 latex 0 toy 0 mcience 0 transformation 0 transform 0 tf 0.

An unemployed secretary gets a job offer from out of the blue, and jumps at the opportunity without hesitation. She soon finds that the job isn't what she thinks, and she is quickly transformed into a different position! Published: Dec 27th, Tags: anal sex 0 cock vore 0 hydra 0 male on male 0 cum 0 cum inflation 0 orgy 0 male on female 0 eastern dragon 0 oral sex 0 merger 0 dragon 0 tentacle 0 male and female 0 latex 0 western dragon 0.

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Sequel to "Finding your better half," Leung finds that his former dragon self was worshiped by beings who desired to get in on the merger process Published: Apr 14th, Tags: cum reforming 1 female to kitsune 0 inflation 0 vore 0 ass growth 0 ballooning 0 rubber 0 popping 0 rubberization 0 pudgy 0 kitsune 0 soft vore 0 breast growth 0 stomach growth 0 latex 0 female on male 0.

This is a story that I consider not perfect, as I am trying out some first time themes of a Girl who made a wish at a Shrine while on vacation, and in turn got a mentoring Rubber Kitsune.

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Not only turning her rubber time to time, but letting her inflate, along with some non-fatal popping, vore and being cummed out through his dick as she reforms. Return of Lady Lamia by mgso4. Published: Mar 14th, Tags: satyress 0 hybrid 0 naga Mannequin tf story transformation 0 mermaid 0 lamia 0 latex 0 magic 0 rubber 0 mythical 0. Three different mythical females enjoy themselves. Published: Feb 28th, Last Updated: Feb 28th, Tags: straight 0 anthro dog 0 latex 0 anthro deer 0 rubber 0 anthro fox 0 multiple transformations 0 anthro bull 0.

Vix and Mason have inadvertently spread the nanobots around and now members of the office are feeling the effects of both the bots and the pheromones they are producing. Published: Feb 28th, Tags: rubber 0 anthro 0 multiple transformations 0 anthro fox 0 straight 0 anthro bull 0 latex 0.

One Vixal Klyn has been called into work on her day off by the chef executive of her company, why is this, why the secrets, and why did he just step into the test chamber naked? Worth the Treasure by kayemarquet. Published: Feb 22nd, Tags: latex 0 unwilling 0 sissification 0 pig 0. A wonderful, short commission involving Diagora getting some comeuppance for snooping around.

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A Squeaky Leak by skiesofsilver. Published: Feb 19th, Last Updated: Feb 20th, Tags: living doll 2 latex 1 bimbo 1 cervine 0 transformation 0 squeak 0 lewd 0 deer 0 doe 0 breast expansion 0 rubber 0 nonconsensual 0 anthro 0 tgtf 0 male to female 0 m2f 0 dildo 0 tftg 0 creak 0 masturbation 0 mind alteration 0 mind change 0 mtf 0.

A man investigates a late night drip and receives rubbery cervine. Snakewoman by mgso4. Published: Feb 3rd, Last Updated: Feb 4th, Tags: naga 0 snakewoman 0 transformation 0 magic 0 lamia 0 latex 0 snake 0 rubber 0 mythical 0 hybrid 0. A magic skirt makes a shy woman more serpentine. Plantwoman by mgso4.

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Published: Jan 29th, Tags: plantwoman 1 plant 1 transformation 1 experiment 0 domination 0 bimbo 0 fantasy 0 hybrid 0 latex 0 mythical 0 hobble dress 0 dryad 0 bondage 0 rubber 0. A scientist transforms a female student into a hybrid. Latex Mermaid by mgso4. Published: Jan 15th, Tags: latex 0 hybrid 0 mermaid 0 transformation 0 bimbo 0 rubber 0. A businesswoman is transformed into a mermaid. Published: Apr 9th, Tags: muscle growth 0 latex 0 femdom 0 dragon 0 muscle 0 goo 0 male on female 0 rubber 0. Man is pulled into an exotic artwork, and gains a body that allows him to shift Published: Sep 9th, A worker at a sex doll factory makes an error in judgement that has permanent consequences.

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The Production Line: Epilogue by theproducer. Published: Aug 31st, Last Updated: Aug 31st, Tags: bondage 0 latex 0 expansion 0 rubber 0.

Mannequin tf story

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