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MSG Board. Superman is gay and. List of some female. Love is a story. New Body swap castin. Tamil Ponnu Ambala V. Turned into your own. Category: 'Inanimate'. Jack Frost is introduced in the movie and she turns Santa's Ex-wife and her new husband into ice sculptures and locks their daughter in the closet. In this episode of this stupid ly funnysurreal, and somewhat controversial sitcom, Sarah asks help from God who is black on the show. So she asks Him to get rid of police officers who are chasing her. This book is about a boy who is a fan of Gonzo of the Muppet Show. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a Muppet.

He finds out the Muppet show is really and so are the Muppets themselves and he gets to his meet his hero. This is an unusual Mannequin transformation story art site owned, and operated, by a man who calls himself Sebastian Blackcat. This site features images of men and women being turned into sex toys and animals. It's mostly fan art of various animes, but there's some origional art as well. The site also fetures a guest gall A beaver does not to simply chew logs, he makes puppet from wood.

Beaver's shaman punishes him for disobeying tradition. He teleported beaver to another world. In that world, beaver changes into Spoiler Text After seen that, all beavers including shaman himself started to make puppets. Shazzan episode Unknown Inanimate. Basically there is some kind of TF in each episode- watch it on Boomerang Here are some memorable ones.

Shel Silverstein book Falling Up Inanimate.

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A boy should have thought twice before telling a witch to make him a sandwich. When Danny Philmore saves an old woman from being run down in the street, she Mannequin transformation story him a magic potion which allows him to turn into basically anything that exists. He can't turn into Santa Claus, for example, but he can become a mall Santa. He started out trying to use his abilities to save pe Silent Hill: Revelation Inanimate.

A woman stuck on a table is quickly transformed into a mannequin and her head detached. Simpsons episode Cream for Marggie Inanimate. In the beginning Homer is getting yelled at by Mr. He is mad but then Homer imagines him as a giant talking Ice Cream Cone. Very Brief. Simsala Grimm Animal, Female, Inanimate. ren's animated television show based around the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. Sins Gender, Mythical, Age, Inanimate. The Sins are capable of possessing their masters and this usually causes a transformation.

The Sins themselves also morph between several forms themselves. Size Matters Inanimate, Size. A demon doll collector shrinks Phoebe one of the charmed witches that Paige had asked for them to investigate. A demon turns beautiful women into small porcaline figurines. In the begining a young woman goes to the demons house and is shrunk down, but the next scene where it looks as thoug In a parody of Harry Potter, three people make wishes from a genie, which he interprets to mean "turn me into chocolate.

Sly 3 Inanimate. This little vodo man can use a spell to change into inamimate objects like a rock, a shrub and a pile of sticks. Spanish Language Only: From a DVD collection of short horror films comes a 15 minute animated Argentinean short about a 3 woman superstar pop group who are slowly becoming inhuman. Their last concert, a world wide broadcast, reveals them to be Gorgons, turning most of the worlds population to sto Smallville episode Cool Inanimate. A heat sucking high school student is invited over to a girl's house and Mannequin transformation story gets in the shower.

He attacks her and she is turned into a frozen statue in her towel and falls over and shatters. Very well done with a very cute girl as the victim and a nice expression on her face after she is frozen. Smallville episode Forever Inanimate.

Clark, Lana, Chloe and Louis run into a student who has the ability to turn anyone he touches into mannequin dolls those statues you see in stores that model clothing. He turns them into one, kidnaps and them and takes them to a fake school and turns them back to normal and forces them to stay. The Smurfs episode Johan's Army Inanimate. So Weird episode Troll Inanimate. A little old lady who runs a diner, is secretly a troll who turns her customers into vegetables.

The vegetables themselves are regular-sized smallbut have the outline of the person's face, and they're recognizable. One of the main characters' parents get shrunk and turned into a pumpkin and Solid Girl Inanimate. A large site housing a gallery of statue transformation art from various authors, most Japanese, but some English speaking artists as well.

Space Milkshake Monster, Inanimate.

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Four blue collar astronauts who are stuck together on a Sanitation Station after they bring a mysterious device aboard their ship and all life on Earth disappears. Spoiler Text. Spider-Man 3 Inanimate, Monster. At the very end of the episode, SpongeBob somehow successfully transforms Patrick into a giant jar of mayonnaise.

Very brief at end. Star Ocean Series Animal, Inanimate. Petrification features as an in-battle status effect in all three games. It is only featured in the story of the first game, as a virus spread throughout the planet Roak. Petrified characters cannot move or be attacked. The effect is permanent until cured. Freezing is an in-battle effect in St A stuck fetish site, but has a Transformation branch. Good for TF and Stuck fans. I really love it, and want to see it get more members.

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Subway Wish-on-a-star Ad commercial Unknown Inanimate. A recent thankfully Jared-free TV ad has a couple sitting on a blanket, watching the night sky.

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The girl suggests they wish on a shooting star. So they close their eyes and do. The guy opens his eyes, and looks over at her. And to his joy, he gets his wish Super Mario Bros. This form can only last temporarily, but while in this form, Mario is able to fit into smaller spaces and can pass by enemies undetected.

When Geno is turned into a scarecrow he looks the same but is wearing blue. Also Geno has an attack were he turns himself into a cannon and will blast the enemies. In the first chapter of the game, her real form isn't shown, but starts a scene as O'Chunks another enemythen turns into Count Bleck the main villainthen into Princess Peach, and then into Bows This episode features Mr.

Mxyzpylk don't try to pronounce it, you'll give yourself a hernia a quote from the showa inter dimensional trickster with powers over the laws of physics and such. In this episode he transports Bizarro, who is on another planet, to Metropolis to fight Superman. Superman 11 Inanimate. Mister Mxyzptlk shows up and creates mayhem with his magic powers. At one point, he turns Lois Lane into a mannequin to replace the one he brought to life.

A tiny creature from the fifth dimension named Mr. Mxyzptlk challenges Superman's powers. Mxyzptlk torments Superman by turning his parents into chickens, then into ducks, then ostriches, then alien monsters, and finally into an American Gothic-type picture before turning them back.

Later in th Dudley Puppy falls for the new temp secretary at T. Unbeknownst to him, the viewers already know that In this isometric strategy game exists a powerful set of equipment aptly dubbed "Ogre" equipment. Aside from becoming all but impervious to attacks with the full set equipped, the "Ogre" sword casts a spell called BodyGrab when used as an item. When a character uses BodyGrab, they steal the body of A women receives a serpent's tooth that Mannequin transformation story everything she says come Mannequin transformation story.

She accidently changes her daughter's boy friend into a peice of fruit cake, and strangely no attempt is made to change him back. In the end she turns herself into a statue made of salt. Mary, an attractive woman suffering from a crippling case of shyness, is spied upon by an interested neighbor, who finds her conversing with the mannequins she has brought home from work. Since she seems intelligent and intriguing when alone with these lifesized dolls, said neighbor pressures her f Teen Titans episode "Kole" Inanimate.

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During a mission in the Arctic, the main five meet two new heroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick Gnarrk. Kole in here is extremely different from her comic book counterpart, where in the comics she controls crystal. In the show, she literally becomes a crystal statue. In this state, Gnarrrk can use Teen Titans episode "Aftershock Pt. Terra, a former Titan with powers over the Earth earthquakes, manipulating geologic objects who ed Slade, and who also thought she had killed the Titans discovers that she has failed.

As the episode progresses, their fight comes and goes and Beast Boy who needs no introduction and had a The T, Spoiler Text takes on both male and female shapes. Terrorvision Inanimate. This is a low budget horror anthology flick, and one of the episodes, "One of a Kind", concerns There are many transformations featured throughout this book. The Librarian an orang-utang has a magical cold throughout the book, so that whenever he sneezes he turns into a different form - either inanimate deskchair, book, table, armchair, matress or as a different Mannequin transformation story penguin.

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