Mental regression stories

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Their car slowed to a stop on the empty, private gravel road. I really do want to do whatever I can to make this Mental regression stories with us. Lie back in your seat and please, close your eyes. But he had learned to accept those kinds of instructions from Maggie readily, as it always led him to pleasure. Maggie pulled her lithe body up from her car seat.

She glanced around. The private, wooded road was still deserted. They had total privacy. She slowly pulled her body on top of his and straddled him. She ran her fingers across his handsome, mature looking facial features. She felt her hands run other his suit-covered body, appreciating the muscular frame that he had developed with his strict exercise regimen during grad school.

She concentrated on remembering him as he was, at that exact moment. Maggie mentally said goodbye to William, the recent med school graduate. She placed her hands around the back of his neck, pulled him forwards into a tight embrace, and kissed him. At first, the kiss was nothing more than locked lips.

Then, ever so slightly, she used her tongue to lick Mental regression stories lips. The lips parted, and the two kissed for barely a moment before Maggie pulled her lips away. He did seem younger, though it was hard to really discern it physically. How well had she remembered his features from just a few moments ago? That was my worst year ever. And yet…as she thought about it, she did remember taking it, clearly.

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She both remembered taking it and not having taken it at once. He had an Mental regression stories point. Their transfer had only shifted things one year. She looked down at her boyfriend. He looked almost identical to how she remembered him. Perhaps there was room for more change. Perhaps the very best thing to do, Maggie concluded, was to make two the same age.

One more age transferring magical kiss ought to do the trick. Maggie mentally reminded herself to be careful before she began. She leaned towards William and hugged him tightly. She undulated her slender body over his fit one, exciting them both. Before she could decide whether or not the kiss was the right thing to do, William became overwhelmed with lust and their mouths met.

This time, the kiss was far more passionate. She had only barely licked his lips before. Now that they were really kissing, she could feel the energy completely. The more intense it became and the Mental regression stories it lasted, the better it felt. Maggie felt her entire body tingling with glorious sexual energy. The kiss was enchanted, how could she have forgotten? She quickly stopped, but knew right away she had lingered longer than she had intended. Now, he had on a different outfit: one Maggie could never remember seeing him in.

It was too casual, too unprofessional to be his. He was younger now, clearly younger. In fact, it was obvious to Maggie that William was ificantly younger than when she had first met him. Yet, the more she tried to convince herself of this, her memory changed. Now, she had two memories of her meeting with him: one, in which she had met an older, professional, med school attending man, and another…in which she had reached med school before he did.

She felt her memories of years of classes flood into her temples.

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The effective instant education was almost overwhelming. When you leave for back east, you know. Maggie loudly groaned. Their situations were merely reversed now. She pulled him close and wrapped her arms around his back, letting her fingers gently play with his hair. She was the older woman now, not just in control during a few moments of passion, but also in principle. Was this the thrill William had once felt in dating a younger woman — the way it used to be? Though he was young, William was not at all shy.

They were, thin, scrawny arms, not yet defined by years of exercise. She could feel him, in his amateur way, trying to slip his hands up her shirt — which was a lot nicer a shirt than she had remembered owning before. She shifted her position on top of him to allow Mental regression stories arm easier access.

She felt a tingle go through her body, and was surprised at how much there was to squeeze. She turned and looked in the rear view mirror. Sure enough, her face looked a little softer, her cheeks and chin a little rounder. She suddenly remembered how she had put on the freshman 15 in college, along with more weight for sophomore, junior, and senior.

She cuddled with her younger boyfriend, enjoying the sensations more than she had ever felt before. Their new bodies had a delicious balance. But there was something more there as well. She had spent all their relationship, in one life anyway, as the younger one, the immature one, the uneducated one, and occasionally the submissive one.

That was over. The relationship was completely in her hands. William was hers to shape and mold however she liked. That thought Mental regression stories Maggie. More so than she already was. She loved her power over him, her new abilities to love and nurture him. William was doing his best to remove her clothes but was having a great deal of difficulty. As entertaining as that was, Maggie could not help but start thinking that there were still going to be problems in their relationship. She was leaving for her internship, apparently, and William was still stuck in the middle of his undergrad.

Or would it? She could probably manage, although it would be difficult. The realization finally hit Maggie with a mixture of shame and delight. She could feel his erection pushing through his pants onto her bare, slightly round stomach. She knew what she wanted to do: she wanted to accentuate the situation. She wanted to push it just a little bit farther. The temptation quickly became too much. She leaned in, wrapped her arms him as tightly as she could, and kissed.

This kiss was different than the others. It was hungrier, more desperate. At first, she felt herself battling his tongue with her own. Then, she felt herself overpower him, kissing him more deeply than she ever had. She could slowly feel the magic running down, losing its power to change. She held onto his body tightly, continuing to kiss greedily. She wanted to drain him of every last drop. When she pulled away, William was younger. Not really a boy, but not really a man either. A senior in high school, probably. Just barely legal.

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His young faced stared up at Maggie with many emotions, including fear, excitement, and curiosity. Most of all, there was love. He gazed up at her the way Mental regression stories look at an angel. The hug itself was innocent, yet at their height and position, his face was resting on her breasts. Not sure exactly what to do, but obviously interested in them, he simply nuzzled his face in them gently.

The mixture of his innocence and awakening sexual curiosity was extremely exiting to her. And how large those breasts were! Searching for an explanation, her mind was flooded with memories. Her budding, successful career in medical research. Long meetings and nights at the lab with little time for exercise. At home, plenty of time for milk and donuts. That always sounds so old. She felt him cuddle with her and gently touch her body.

His hands touched her husky upper arms and massaged her round pot belly.

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She knew that the relationship was changed forever. Before the shift, it had been on the cusp of good taste in terms of the age gap. Now, it was completely past that. It was now almost completely forbidden and unusual, even more so now that the woman was older. She sat down and pulled the scrawnier Billy onto her lap.

Mental regression stories

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