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They asked for a female reader with PTSD and a big monster who understands, and discussed the nature of the condition with me in detail in the chat. Their relationship develops from there. Meet Axel! This story also features a cameo from my gorgeous centaur boy, Iskandar from my very first orc boy story with Khuruz! Some days were just like this, and as you swallowed down the bile and tried to calm your racing heart, you swung your feet out of bed and sat there with your eyes closed, trying to steady the world and your pounding heartbeat at the same time.

To make matters worse, you knee full well that there was no food in the pantry.

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Perhaps some dried meat, and possibly a sack of flour, but other than that, it was bare. After three rounds of procrastination and one very thorough clean of the whole house, you finally stepped outside, and inhaled deeply. The rumble of the marketplace seeped out into the narrow side streets, their looming houses seeming to close in overhead as you made your way there, grinding your teeth and flinching at even the slightest sounds.

A housewife opened her shutters and shook out a cloth into the street and you jumped, turning with eyes wide before you managed to get a hold of yourself. All that is past you. Just focus on getting Minotaur x reader. The events that had left you like this were years in the past now, but still you limped on, mind so ragged some days you could barely remember your own name. Of course, there were other days when you were absolutely fine. You made it to two stalls, picking up a box of eggs, and two loaves of bread, before any hint of your earlier episode showed itself.

Your creeping hyper-vigilance had you looking about until you must have looked more than suspicious, but you forced yourself on until you had bought almost everything on your list. You had just congratulated yourself on surviving what was ordinarily a huge challenge, when you heard the rattle of a cart up ahead. Your chin snapped up instinctively, seeking out the source of the noise, but you relaxed marginally when you saw what it was. Someone was laughing not far away from you at a stall selling fresh pastries and cakes. You glanced over your shoulder and saw a truly massive minotaur leaning on a tall walking staff, chatting to the owner of the stall.

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He had a thick black coat with little grey tufts at the ends of his large ears, huge horns that curved forwards a little before tilting up to the blue sky above, and his modesty was just about covered by a simple, loose tunic of dark greenish grey cotton. He carried no bags or baskets, just a belt pouch around his waist, and the stout walking stick. A second later, the crash and clatter of crates hitting the cobbles sent a spike of adrenaline and blind terror through you. You half turned around, knowing it was just the cart of empty boxes that had been upended somehow, but the shaking and the ringing in your ears descended on you a moment later and you forgot everything, even how to breathe.

Time stopped and stretched on forever in front of you in an endless corridor as you stood there, hardly seeing the stones of the market square before your wide eyes. It had been like this for years now; any sudden, loud noises, and you were gone. A colossal shadow slid across you, draining the warmth of the sun and setting your clammy skin prickling. The figure made no move to touch you, but when he knelt in front of you, you began to be able to focus a little better on the words he was saying.

Can you hear me? You focused on the glittering nose ring, suddenly unable to look away. He smiled then, and you nodded in answer to his question. He held out a bright green apple and tossed it gently at you. You did, and he kept throwing it back to you, asking you after a few more throws to count them aloud.

He Minotaur x reader you sliding gently out of your shock, and he held onto it after thirty or so catches. He smiled again, such a warm and open gesture that lit up his dark, glimmering eyes and he leaned once again on his staff. You had to smile. You accepted, and he led you away through the marketplace to the south towards the wide, glimmering river that flowed through the trading town with its stone walls and high castle at the far end. Though, on reflection, it was probably because of the life and vibrancy of the place that you were doing better.

The stillness and silence was all very well for sporadic moments of calm, but it could quickly overwhelm you and leave you crushed and Minotaur x reader. You discovered that Axel made an excellent shield, vigilant enough of approaching figures to step easily between you and them and create a clear path for you, but not so on edge that you felt nervous. His massive presence was a steadying support as well; he was just so calm and friendly. He glanced down at you, eyebrow raised. You smiled back up at him, cricking your neck slightly to get a good look at his strong-boned face.

His ears waggled playfully and you had to laugh. His tail swished and he laughed his deep, rich laugh again. Yes, I live just outside the city walls. It rained pretty heavily last night, and the ro were a mess this morning. He nodded. The interior was bathed in late autumn sunlight, streaming through huge windows at the back Minotaur x reader the building, and beyond you could see a terrace that overlooked the river. It was stunning. A tiefling sat sipping elegantly from a delicate china teacup, and a gnoll was lounging in a far corner on a very comfortable looking sofa, a book under his nose, and some adorable glasses sliding down his muzzle towards his nose.

Behind the bar was a waif-like faun, chatting quietly with a human and dwarf, all of whom wore the dark green aprons emblazoned with the logo of the cafe. When the faun saw Axel, her pretty, freckled face lit up, and her large ears swivelled forwards as she scampered around the side of the bar and barrelled straight at him. She barely came up to his waist, but she threw her skinny arms around him and hugged him tight. Something cold lanced through your chest at the sight of their closeness. And then he pulled back and ruffled her hair in a way that would have irritated at least any partner you could imagine.

It felt stupid and selfish. As if he sensed your shift in mood, he cocked his head to one side. He held one open for you and you drank in the freshness of the river air, the breeze that swept down from the Red Mountains upstream, and sighed most of the lingering tension away.

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You set the drinks down and he pulled out a chair, squeezing himself into his own with only a little difficulty. He caught you looking and barked laugh. He only smiled back at you and sipped his lemonade. As you shivered, however, he scowled and raised his eyes to the sky, his ears darting back in surprise.

You must be freezing! His palms were smooth and warm and leathery, and as they landed over yours, engulfing them, a thrill shot through your whole body. You turned your hands over and held his fingers in yours. With another laugh, you rose, and he ushered you politely ahead of him. His large shadow loomed behind you, but again it felt like a shield not a menace, and you basked in the safety of his strength. You nodded, and he drew you briefly close to him. You inhaled the scent of him, warm, musky, and comforting, and sighed.

And as he disappeared round the corner, you sensed a deep calm settling into you, beginning in your chest and radiating out through every vein and artery. Three days later, and it was another glorious autumn day. Over one arm you carried your basket, but this time it was full of goodies for a picnic supper, and the fizzing in your gut was nothing to do with that nebulous fear that always seemed to be hovering in the background, waiting.

This time it was true, undiluted excitement that had your heart skipping along in a merry rhythm. The steady chorus of axes hitting trees reached your ears Minotaur x reader you climbed up the slope towards the copse perhaps a mile or so out of town. A huge piebald centaur with long black and white hair was chatting and laughing with a cervitaur at the edge of the Minotaur x reader, and they looked up as you approached.

Your fear of talking to strangers suddenly rushed in to replace the fluttering excitement, and you felt like shrinking back into yourself and running, but the weight of the basket on your arm reminded you why you were here. You could do this. You want me to get him for you? About a minute later, the cervitaur reappeared, and behind him was the familiar bulk of the dark-coated minotaur. He looked tired, but the moment he saw you, he grinned and tossed his head, tail swishing. He wore no shirt, only a leather covering from waist to mid-thigh, and he looked magnificent.

His chest was a pale, silvery grey, and he exuded the kind of physical strength that made you want to lie down beside him and burrow up against him while he held you in his big arms. Axel scratched the back of his head and you watched as his ears flattened themselves in shyness. I may have been talking about you quite a lot today. I was… excited to see you again…I guess. You swallowed. There had been so much change lately, but this felt good and right, even if it was a little intimidating.

Taking a deep breath, you smiled up at him and looped your arm through his.

Minotaur x reader

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