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Tyler was going to be doing his first ever door to door soliciting as a Mormon. He Put on his Briefs, long socks, short dress pants and a tight fit white shirt.

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He was just old enough to go by Mormon erotic stories door to door, and this Saturday after a long week at his high school he was going to spread the good word of God. He started off his journey in good spirits, but he was quickly losing hope. Most people slammed the door in his face, while some just snatched his pamphlet and told him they already found Jesus.

He was About to give up hope when she answered the door. Her chest was on the large side and she had blue eyes and dark blonde hair. When He sat down on her couch she sat right next to him and placed her hand on his exposed thigh. She grabbed his dick over his khaki shorts and he was frozen.

She swirled her tongue on the tip and bobbed her head, his tip hitting her soft throat. By this point Tyler had put the bible down and was now holding the back of her head, fucking her face like a dog as she slobbered all over his length.

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As he was about to leave she stood up and took her shirt and bra off, revealing her huge MILF tits. She slid out of her jeans and panties Mormon erotic stories reveal a landing strip pussy and a fat ass. This content appeared first on new sex story. He followed her into her bedroom with his cock rubbing between her ass cheeks. Pictures of her Husband and children lined the walls, and for a moment he felt bad, until she sprawled out onto the bed with her ass in the air. He walked up behind her and lined himself up with her wetness.

He drove in and almost collapsed in extacy. He wanted to take it slow, but he pumped into her like a rabbit, grabbing her around the hips and thrusting with all of his might. He soon felt a load coming, but he wanted to feel her pussy filled with his sperm, his animal instincts took over and he grabbed her hips and drove into her cervix with a thrust, filling her womb.

How about we have these sessions on the regular? They fucked like lovers every chance they could until he went off to college, her bearing two children of his, with her husband never growing wiser. View all posts by Spurs4ever. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

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The Mormon and the MILF