My friends feet stories

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Sandler by Biff. I was eighteen, my senior year of high school, and I had learned lots about the foot, shoe and sock fetish I had. Over the past 3 to 4 years I had come to love my fetish time and the new experiences I had encountered.

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In fact I had gotten fairly good at recognizing a fellow foot admirers. It was a hurried day, lots of stuff going on at the house. My brothers were fighting, my parents were at their wits end, and I was trying to gather all my things for the day at school. I rushed out the door with my back pack and extra bags full of items for reports and my track uniform and track shoes. Arriving at school I meet Mr. An average height man with dark hair and eyes, strong Italian features although I don't think he was full Italian decent a great speaking voice and awesome feet and shoes.

He always wore unique and quirky kinds of socks, never plain black or brown or even plain white on days in tennis shoes. At a school cook-out sort of thing last spring I had seen him in sandals--he had the most beautiful feet. I mean beautiful slender feet with long toes and nicely formed arches. I figured he worn about a size 10 My friends feet stories shoe. I remember starring at his feet that day and thinking how cool it would be to wear his demanding black cap toe shoes or the brown ones.

As I stared at his feet that day he wiggled his toes in the warm air, if he only ever knew what that did to me! As I stood face to face with him I couldn't help but see his blue eyes sparkling with a inner special something.

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I found my eyes shifting to see what shoes and socks he had on. Excellent, he had on his black cap toe. His pants of gray wool hung too low for me to see his socks. They might be navy blue from the hint of sock that was visible.

Sandler was the debate team advisor. He began the conversation upon our meeting in the hall with, "Hey Jeff. How we doing today? Ready for that county wide debate today? My blood ran cold. Surly I had not forgotten a county wide debate! Sandler must have seen the panic in my eyes because his response was, "You do remember we have the county wide debate today?

I opened my mouth and spoke the most honest thing I knew, since I was so caught off guard. Sandler, but I can be ready to debate, no problem. I will see you in my room dressed and ready to go at Sandler," I called out, "I don't have any dress clothes. The only clothes I have are my jeans, tennis shoes and You know that will count off the whole team if we are not all in proper uniform. Jeff, you are the main member of this team, you My friends feet stories that. Sandler was my most admired and favorite teacher He was honest, fair, fun and made school and learning worthwhile.

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I couldn't lie to him. Both are going to be gone all day. Sandler's face went almost ghost white his eyes lost their sparkle. What had I done?

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Of all the teachers in school, I had let Mr. Sandler down. I felt like shit. Then with a burst of energy and excitement, he moved over next to me, shoulder to shoulder and said, "Put your things down and stand tall and still. I did so not knowing if he was going to have me punished or if he was going to beat me over the head. He stood at my side measuring up by my shoulder to his shoulder, lifted his jacket and stepped close to my hip He then stepped in front of me and said, "lift your arms out to the sides", and he stepped closer and held his arms out with mine--our hands touching.

He was close. Close enough to kiss. My body trembled. I could smell his manliness mixed with his cologne. His blue eyes sparking again Please, God not a boner not now!

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Before any real damage was done in my groin area, Mr. Sandler stepped back and said, "I think we can make this work. Meet me in my room Here's a pass to get you out of class. Just be ready to debate. Having said that he turned and walked down the hall. After a few steps he turned, smiled pointed a finger toward me and said, "One o'clock dressing room, got it?

Nodding my head and winking back I said, "Got it. God I loved Mr. Great teacher, great guy, great looker. I went about my day and at headed to the auditorium wondering what he was planning. Was Mr. Sandler going to try and devise an outfit for me from the stock of old jackets and things in the dressing rooms? Clever, but the stuff in those rooms was pretty raunchy, even a dude like Mr. Sandler would be My friends feet stories beyond belief to accomplish that. I arrived at the auditorium and went to the dressing room. Sandler had the door opened only a crack, so I knocked. He wasn't really gonna make an outfit from those rags in there, was he?

I stepped into the room. He had on an old plaid shirt form the costume stock and what appeared to be his own black blazer. But on his legs, there was only hair, lots of it thick black hair, surrounding long muscular thighs blending into thick fully toned calves.

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No socks and shoes. I looked to the side and there were those socks navy blue, I was right! I starred wide eyed I am sure, and prayed not to get an erection.

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Here, now. No funny stuff. You are just gonna wear my clothes and I am going to wear your jeans and shoes. With that I knew I was in trouble. Sandler was not a foot guy like me and if I got a hard-on what would he think? Some things are just not to be told to everyone and I dearly admired Mr. Get the jeans off and get my shirt and pants on. I took off my sweat shirt put on his yellow shirt, hey, I thought that's why he has yellow in his navy blue socks. I slipped the pants on as Mr. Sandler spoke, "I guess you were sort of confused earlier today, well my brain was thinking, I mean I knew I had a jacket in my car ready to go to the dry cleaners I measured up our bodies and we looked to be about the same.

I never asked your waist size, how do those pants fit. He came over and said now put the blazer on. It fit too. Too well! I felt the beginnings of a hard on! This was not right! This was Mr. I must control!

My friends feet stories

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