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As a student at the local university, I attend classes full-time while working part-time jobs to pay for my tuition and books. So, saving money is essential for me. Because of that, I recently rented a cramped and cluttered attic bedroom in an old V As the youngest of the staff archeologists at our local museum, I am often asked why I decided to commit to a career at our small hometown museum rather than trying for one of the larger museums in a bigger city. The rhythmic thump, thump, thump of the headboard matched the pounding of my headache.

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Grabbing the sides of the pillow and covering my ears, I was praying for a reprieve from the creaking bedsprings and sexual groans above me I have a hard time recollecting the memories of my childhood, and I would think that the majority of people would feel the same. Most of it seems to be a fuzzy haze, save for one instance that has haunted me for the past fourteen years.

I was four a As I climbed over the railing, he caught on to my intentions. You cannot swim!

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The heat escalating between my thighs woke me. Please don't stop what you're doing to me. I'm starving, Carolyn! Feed me your She's in the final stages of cancer, and I'm very sad about that.

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She's not my real aunt, but she's always been like the mother to me th The caretaker unlocked the old ornate iron gate as I'd requested. I thought this place was genuinely creepy, but then you see all sorts of strange places when you're a location scout for reality TV shows. I take a photograph of the large front en July Percy Shelley had been reckless ignoring the storm warnings, and the violent squall would not be outrun. Moments before tumultuous waves engulfed the Don Juan and its sailors, Percy shoved a book of Keat's poems into his po I hold a lit match over the candle wick.

But then the wizard added a warning.

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The following afternoon, Tyler prepared for his date with Krystal. He was nervous as a cat in the dog pound and shaking so hard he almost couldn't get dressed. But he managed to calm himself enough to get ready.

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He had already looked up her street The bell had rung for the dismissal of third period and now Tyler Martin was on his way to the cafeteria for lunch. The cafeteria was quite crowded that day since it was cold and raining outdoors in the courtyard and so, after he had gone through the l The streets of Memphis were packed with cars and tourists for some big event that had come to town. Steven Ackerman blinked and sighed. This was I wake up naked and alone in a single bed, my flesh chilled as butchered meat. My flesh has assumed an icy pallor that belies the fever raging at my core, the aching fatigue that permeates my bones and pulls my limbs fetus-tight.

One small lamp illu She holds my hand in the back of the taxi and whispers in my ear, tells me I'm beautiful. Her words break my heart, make me happy, sad and beautiful. Her proximity thrills me, the knowing I will be with her tonight, the thought of how she will taste for Free! Write Your Own Story.

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Filter Genres. The Animal Within Not all doors are the same; some can change not just your life, but your world. The Vampire At No. The Ghostwriter Part 3. The Ghostwriter Part 2. Sophia's Revenge Sophia exacts revenge upon the evil lord that murdered her sister. One Wish, Chapter 2 Tyler learns that he isn't the only virgin on this date One Wish, Chapter 1 Tyler was sweet on a girl out of his league. A desperate wish may be the key The Salesman - Chapter One A mysterious offer could change everything.

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