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While I was pretty tempted by the idea of having the mould scrubbed clean from my bathroom, I figured, well, you get what you pay for, right? But in the past she had a job that did exactly what it said on the tin: she was a naked maid. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did. San Francisco is a magical city where unexpected and charming things happen all the time; a place of limitless Nude maid stories. However, once or twice a month I was able to Nude maid stories appointments with kind, good-humored, and respectful clients.

There was the one with an already immaculate home who wanted me to clean his shower with it running because he liked to watch the water cascading down my body; the one way out in the suburbs who wanted me to clean in sheer stockings and high heels, which he was kind enough to purchase for me; the yoga instructor who did naked yoga while I cleaned; the nudist who had me wear a collar and cuffs while cleaning his floor to ceiling mirrors and then asked me to hang out on his eighth floor balcony with him naked after I was done, looking down at the unsuspecting pedestrians below.

I had two favorite clients — both repeat customers. My other favorite client was a guy who worked in Silicon Valley but lived near the Castro. He was young, good-looking, and a witty conversationalist I often talked to my clients about politics, current events, and hobbies while cleaning.

No, probably not. But maybe? While I was cleaning his kitchen, I mentioned that I also worked in a kinky play space and talked about what that entailed. He said that the idea of having a session with me excited him, which in turn excited me, so I asked if he had any rope. I told him to strip and made him Nude maid stories a kitchen chair out from the corner, then watched as he sat on it nervously, blushing in anticipation. Boys are so beautiful when they blush. About how easy it would have been to straddle and lower myself onto him on that chair in the middle of his sunny kitchen in the middle of a Saturday afternoon with tiny dust motes floating down around us.

About untying him and asking him to take me over the sink so I could gaze out his window onto a steep street lined with beautifully-painted houses while being pounded. About getting down on his kitchen floor immediately after mopping it and making the floor dirty while becoming slippery with Pine-Glo scented water and sweat.

As one of those who advertises well, advertised on Gumtree for girls who wanted their flats cleaned, I must object. Those things get filthy. And I always made clear that nudity and spanking were optional. The boys to avoid are the ones who want to be spanked for doing a poor job.

Find the boy for whom service is its own reward. Ooh, thanks for chipping in! She loved sex and soon found a married couple who would us for a foursome. I was ambivalent but changed the first night we met and swapped spouses. We were all hungry for each other and it was a thrill watching the others nude and horny. My sexy wife was wet to her knees and she and her new partner began with open mouth licks and kisses.

I was thrilled watching her make passion with a fresh man and his impressive cock. My woman for the evening began by sitting on my lap while I kissed her lips and neck.

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We were all nude and there was an air of freshness in the room as if we were meant to be doing exactly what we wanted to do. It was great and I was excited to watch my Wife with another man. As we all were primedthere were yummy sounds galore. I very much wanted my lady to experience everything I knew to do as a man. While my wife and lover were Nude maid stories a sixty-ninemy mouth was sucking on two hard nipples. This was back in the days when women had dark silky hair between their legs.

That was the right thing to do. She was delighted and moved around so we both were comfortable. I would glance over to my wife who preferred a cock inside her love hole. Was there love in the air? Of course there was. Intimacy between a female and male always brings forth a feeling of affection. And that feeling makes the sex even better. So, that idea sounded wild and we put on raincoats and hustled to my station wagon.

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It was night and traffic was light. Once in the carthe coats came off and we were naked and together. My wife and partner stretched out in the rear of the wagon and I would drive with my nude partner in the front. We soon were in the bridge traffic lane. My wife was sucking his precum in preparation for a anal lube. My girl and I relied on our fingers. Hers gently touching my erection while my fingers played sexy touches on her pussy lips. We did these things all the way over the bridge with plenty of naughty feelings and sexual actions from all four of us.

Once across the bridgeI found a place to park with a beautiful view of the City before us. It was truly romantic and we played with each other.

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The women experienced feelings of delight. It was exciting being with new people. Being nudetogether and experiencing the excitement of sex on the Golden Gate. We did this more times and we would pair off for more private sexual meetings. The other couple even opened the door for newer couples to us. It was sexual blissnever to be forgotten. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Nude maid stories

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