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It began by just sleeping in the nude. This was always the risky bit, wondering if the sound of me peeing had woken up someone else who might then decide they needed to go as well. My heart always began to beat fast at this point. What if I heard someone padding down the corridor and rattling at the bathroom door?

Again, there was always that fear that someone might see me, and I always kept a bathrobe handy in case someone came to the door and I had to answer it. One summer evening, my parents had gone out and my brother was away for some reason.

Anyway, it was really warm and being naked was even more pleasurable than usual. By 10pm, it was already dark but it was still very warm out, and I had the back door open into the kitchen to let some air in. Standing there naked I wondered what it would be like to be outside. The thought made feel all trembly, and of course I really wanted to do it. We had a little overgrown area at the bottom of our garden, with a couple of sheds, and it was pretty secluded. I slipped on a long t-shirt and some shorts, and walked out, barefoot across the warm grass. I Nude outdoors stories round and could see the lights in the nearby houses.

As I got past the bushes, I felt so excited it was ridiculous. Looking round nervously, I took hold of the bottom of my t-shirt and began to pull it up. For a moment I hesitated as it reached the bottom of my little tits, and almost chickened out, but my horniness kept me going. With one smooth movement, I pulled it right up over my head. I felt the warm air on my breasts - and there I was - topless in our garden! My bare skin looked pale in the darkness, except for the darker pink of my areolae and budding nipples.

I touched the hard little buds, stroking over the rough aroused dimples on my areolae. Did I dare take any more off? I pulled the front of my shorts out and looked inside. I could see the little nest of curly hairs.

Looking round again, I slowly pulled down the shorts and stepped out of them. And that was it — I Nude outdoors stories feel the warm air on my fully naked body. It felt so naughty, and good at the same time. I looked round — what if someone was looking out of their bedroom window and saw me? What would they think? I leant against the shed and put my hand between my legs, running my fingers through the hairs that coated my plump little mound.

I twirled a bunch of hairs round a finger and tugged gently, feeling them pull on the tender skin. I was so horny as I rubbed slowly downwards, finding the tight folds of my labia, themselves protecting the moist pink flesh inside.

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I knew that I needed to finish myself off, before I thought too hard about what I was doing. Parting my legs, I let a finger slip inside my vagina.

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It was easy to slip a second finger inside and exciting to feel how wet my palm was getting as the juices ran out over it. I curved my fingers up and pressed them against my soft spot, breathing in sharply as I felt myself shiver delightfully. With my other hand, I rubbed up and down over my clitoris, small and hard and half hidden in its nest of pink flesh.

Looking down over the mounds of my breasts and hard nipples, I could just see the shape of my fingers sliding in and out, and could hear the gentle schlup, schlup of my fingers dipping in and out of my juicy hole. My fingers began to move quicker, and I held my breath as I reached the point of no return; holding off as long as I possibly, possibly could — before letting it roll over me and through me and up my body, and I had to breathe heavily to fill my lungs with oxygen again.

The tingle continued, and I actually felt a second, smaller orgasm bubble through me. My legs almost buckled under me as I got myself under control again. I think I probably masturbated in bed again that night; I was always playing with myself in those days!

So no change there then. As you got further away from the houses and out into the fields you could be almost certain of not being disturbed, especially if you got away from the official footpaths. I was always out with my friends anyway in the summer we sometimes used to swim in the riverso I knew the area pretty well, and where the quiet places were. I knew that if you walked up-river past a farm you were soon well away from other people.

Of course, someone might have been spying on me, but I never saw them if they were! But I began to wonder if I could get away with taking all my Nude outdoors stories off. I was sure I could. I knew where there was a little steep-sided field sloping down to a hollow, sunny and secluded, and far enough off the usual paths to be as private as anywhere.

So I made plans to go for a walk that way next time there was a sunny day. I remember setting out in one of my loose summery skirts and a matching blouse, carrying a book Nude outdoors stories a bottle of water in a bag, telling myself that I was just going to go for a walk, then sit in the sun and read all afternoon. The grass would be clean and dry, ideal for lying down and having an afternoon nap in the sun. I kept up the pretence with myself right up until the point when I put my bag down and stood there.

I could feel my heart beating like crazy. I knew I could just sit down and do something normal, like maybe just pull my dress up my legs to get some sun on them, but I told myself to stop being so silly. Looking round one last time to check there was no-one looking, I slowly unbuttoned the front of my blouse, revealing more and more of my chest — first my bra-clad breasts, then beneath it my nice bare tummy.

I then slid the sleeves down my arms one at a time and dropped it carefully onto the grass.

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It was just an ordinary white bra, not especially sexy, just doing its job of holding my little tits in place. Taking a deep breath, I reached behind my back and undid the clasp, slipping the straps down my arms. With a little shiver of excitement I glanced around again, then pulled my bra right off. I looked down at my little breasts.

My pink nipples were standing up like firm little raspberries, and I touched them gently, sending a tingle down to my tummy. It felt good just being topless, so I sat down on the grass in my skirt, trying not to think about grass stains. I reached up my arms, and stretched like a satisfied cat, flattening my little boobs.

The sun on my bare torso felt warm and relaxing, and I suddenly felt the need to feel it on the rest of me too. I kicked my pumps off and undid the couple of buttons that stopped my skirt from sliding down off my hips. Feeling every more excited, I slid it down my legs too, and suddenly I was sitting on the grass in just my panties: plain white to match my bra, clinging tightly over the plump bulge of my mound.

This was it. I lay back, raised my bum, and pulled the panties down over my thighs. I could see the little curls of my dark bush as I paused with my panties round my knees. I looked round to check Nude outdoors stories I was still alone, and pulled them right off. Now I was totally naked, sitting on the grass. It felt so nice not having any clothes on, the warm sun all over my whole body, the grass tickling my bare bottom.

I laid down Nude outdoors stories my back and just lay there for a few minutes. Then I rolled over on my tummy and enjoyed the sun on my bum for a change. I could feel my breasts and pubic mound pressed into the grass, and wriggled about a bit just for the fun of it.

I wanted to just lie there and doze in the sun, but was a bit nervous in case someone came upon me unawares. In any case, I was feeling horny, and wanted to masturbate. I slipped my hand under my body and found the little bump of my clit. Rubbing it made me feel even more aroused. Rolling onto my back again, I stroked my bare breasts some more, sliding my hands down my body, opening my legs to expose the folds of my pussy. I slipped a finger inside the entrance to my slit, feeling how wet I was. I closed my eyes, and imagined what it would be like if Sam, my boyfriend, was here as well.

I imagined him between my legs, his penis nudging at my entrance before slowly gliding in. I slid a second finger inside, and dreamt that it was him penetrating me. As usual, thinking dirty thoughts like this Nude outdoors stories got me going. My other hand was pressed against my clitoris, rubbing and squeezing, faster and faster. I rubbed a bit more, and then I was past the point of no return, holding my breath as I came, gasping and trembling and kicking out my legs.

As my orgasm subsided, I sat up and examined the gooey juices on my fingers, licking them and enjoying the sharp, tangy flavour. I looked between my legs and could see that more juices had been forced out of my vagina by my thrusting fingers, clinging to the curly hairs of my pussy. There were even a few small droplets glistening on the blades of grass. And that was it really. Oddly enough, even after coming, I still felt happy and relaxed being naked, so I lay there for a while, just keeping an eye out to make sure nobody saw me. I even saw someone in the distance walk past with a dog on a lead, but I decided they were too far away to see much of me.

When it was time to go, I just pulled my skirt back on without bothering with tights and panties, and put my blouse on over my bare breasts. I thought I knew of just the place — but that would have to wait for another day. for Free!

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Score 4. Legendary Story. Published 7 years ago. True outdoor exhibitionism nudity masturbation stripping experimentation solo danger of discovery.

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