Peehole sex stories

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I had two girls try sticking their little fingers in my peehole. The second one was able to do so, and I enjoyed that very much. So, at the auto parts store one day, when I saw some clear plastic tubing, I knew I had to buy it. I started by trying to figure out a way to smooth the edges of the ends of the tubing.

I tried filing them, I tried a Dremel tool. Finally, I held them over a flame, and they melted into nicely rounded edges. I new sterility was very important. After all, if I got an infection, it would be painful, inconvenient, embarrassing, and I might even become sterile. So first I boiled the tubing for 20 minutes an unbearably long waitand then I Peehole sex stories them in rubbing alcohol. Then, I had to wait a while longer until the alcohol evaporated.

In the meantime, I also rubbed some alcohol on my glans. A tiny bit leaked into the peehole, and it stung like crazy for a few minutes. Finally, finally, I was able to start playing. I started sliding it into my peehole. I could feel it inside my dick, and that was delicious. I was hard as a rock.

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I started pushing it further in. I had to take it slowly.

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A smooth as the end was, it still stung a bit if it scraped along the way, so I took it very, very slowly. But it still stung going in, so I pulled it back out. I was right. It felt great. When it was in about 5 inches, I felt the underside of my dick with the other hand and could feel the end of the tubing working its way down. I kept going. About seven inches in, I encountered some resistance. I thought it might be best to call it a day, and try to go farther, and perhaps use the larger sizes another day.

But no, it started going in further. This was becoming terribly exciting, but a bit scary too. I lost my erection, but not my excitement. The tube was about ten or eleven inches into my body now. A bit further in, and something weird happened.

I felt something very similar to the 'gotta pee' feeling. The tube was pressing against the first of the two sphincters we have before the bladder. Call me crazy, but I kept going. The tubing was now well into my prostate, and it felt wonderful. A bit further, through the second sphincter, and pee started flowing out the tubing.

I had lost control, so to speak. It is very interesting, and exciting, to pee without releasing the pee. I had accomplished a goal. All the way out, which was a surprisingly long way. After a while, I had worked that one in as far Peehole sex stories the first sphincter. I was Peehole sex stories about damaging myself, so I did not push it all the way into my bladder.

Oddly enough, I was able to get it through my peehole, although it did hurt a bit. Taking a great deal of time, I finally pushed past that, and was able to insert the tube another seven inches or so - past the base of my penis, and into the depths of my body. But that was it. The tube wasnt't going around the bend, and I decided it was best not to force it.

I pushed that one back in, all the way into my bladder. I had been stroking my penis as I was pressing that tube in. When it want through that second sphincter, the feeling was just too tremendous, and as the pee started coming out the end of the tubing, I ejaculated. I was concerned that the cum might be blocked by Peehole sex stories tube, but it just squirted out around the tube, as if the tube wasn't even there. I felt the most amazing feeling of the orgasm contractions pressing down against the tube - fantastic!

Now, I started to worry. I slowly removed the tube, and it was kind of hurting. When the tip of the tube came out, a last little bit of cum came out, and it was pink, streaked with a bit of blood. For the next couple of days, I was quite worried that I might have done some damage. I wanked a couple of times, and all was well except when I orgasmed, it hurt.

It also hurt to pee. I mean, it really stung! A week later, I realized I had survived without any problems. Over the next year, I became bolder and bolder with my urethral play. One day, I unscrewed the shower head from the hose, and turned the water pressure down very low so it was just trickling out the end of the hose.

I figured that since they chlorinate tap water, it would be safe to inject it into my bladder.

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I pressed the end of the hose up against my glans, and felt the water quickly fill my urethra. I pulled the hose away, and the water squirted back out. I did it a couple of more times before becoming brave enough to let the pressure blow past my sphincters and fill my bladder. Finally, I filled my bladder until painfully full a couple of times, then peed all that water back out. It was quite a fun feeling, especially feeling the water force my sphincters open.

A few days after that, when I had a wank, my cum was pink.

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At first, I didn't not associate that with my urethral play. But the next day, I felt a terrible itch inside my dick, and seemingly in my balls, too. It then started to ache in my lower belly. Worse, my balls started to swell up, and become terribly painful.

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In short, I had given myself a raging infection, which took two weeks to clear up, and might not have cleared up at all. People have died from such infections. I was fortunate. For me, it did clear up almost entirely. That was several years ago. To this day, I have a lump in my left epididimus - the clump of tubing that le to the testicle. I also have a bit of a stricture or something - my peeing pressure is a bit reduced. So in short, I recommend that Peehole sex stories don't do urethral play at all. But if you must, be very, very sterile. It's been a long time since I have done it, and I don't miss it a bit.

I have plenty of fun with ordinary wanking, wanking with friends, edging, glans rubbing, testicle massage, anal play and all the other things a person can do. Happy wanking! You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free.

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Peehole sex stories

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