Pokemon incest stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 21st of June Report. Introduction: I will warn you that I am not a very good writer, nor a very descriptive Pokemon incest stories. So read at your own risk. Also, the characters in this are older than they are when they appear in the show. However, not that much older they're not, like, thirty years in the future. And yeah, it's an older season, but it is my favorite season, and May is in my opinion the hottest Pokemon Girl trainer on the show, so I made her the main point. No copyright infringement intended.

I simply wanted to read a certain kind of story, I couldn't find it, and so I wrote it. Again, it's not good, but I think it's fairly fappable. The reason for his disgust was evident; lying on the ground, with a young man lying on top of her and forcing his cock into her pussy, was his sister May. Every word cut into him like a razor. Max found a small break in the trees and sat on a stump with his face in his lap. A thousand different emotions were running through him at once.

Betrayal, anger, hatred, fear, sadness, grief, and… yes, it was there… lust. He shook his head.

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She turned toward him. Ash shook his head, completely confused. This is bad. This is really, really bad! He has to forgive me. You, on the other hand, he may not forgive so easily. May quickly got on her clothes and ran off into the forest, leaving Ash by himself to panic quietly. She wandered through the trees, and finally she saw him; sitting alone on a branch. He looked just like he always had, since they were little kids; mopey and confused. Of course, and she would never admit this to him, he was far smarter than she was, or at least more knowledgeable about Pokemon. But she was more devious, and May was sure that she could talk her brother into forgiving them.

She went over and sat down quietly next to him. He sat up quickly when he heard someone sit down. May pulled him into a hug. Try as he might to escape her grip, it was stronger than his, and finally he gave in and let her Pokemon incest stories him. You need to understand that it is my choice if I want to have sex… Oh Max, grow up!

She patted his head. May giggled again. She rubbed his head. And I have sometimes masturbated thinking about you. I like to imagine you fucking me at night sometimes. And you know what? When I was fucking Ash, I was imagining you. He looked down and mumbled something. Now you share yours with me.

I do stare at you. And yes, I jack off thinking about you.

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And when I cum thinking about you, it is so intense… Lord, I just love your body. Your… but, you face… but especially, your boobs. May sat there, trying to process all this information. Sure, he was kind most of the time, but when it came to sex, he could be a real bastard. He looked up in amazement. A fiendish, horrible idea. But an idea which she could not leave behind. Max looked at her.

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But she tried again anyway. She stood in front of him wearing just her shorts and her bra.

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She let the bra fall away to the ground. He gingerly reached a hand out, and she let out a little laugh. It was so warm and soft.

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He could feel the tense little nipple digging into his palm. May shifted a bit. Max rubbed the breast, moving his fingers down to her nipple. It was pale pink and stuck out about half an inch. He gently twisted the nipple, back and forth, back and forth, between his fingers. The friction he created made May shift slightly, and breathe a little more shallowly. She closed her eyes. She breathed a stuttering breathe. Something was different about this. It felt… better, than when Ash grabbed her boobs.

They felt: more tender. She arched her back. Max realized that he was making May feel really good, and he decided to take a chance. He moved its nipple into his mouth and began sucking gently, while licking around the tip with his tongue. She closed her eyes again, and placed her hand on the back of his head. Then she opened her eyes and pushed him away. May smiled. Then she turned around and bent over, showing her butt.

Slowly she pulled down her panties, revealing more and more of Pokemon incest stories beautiful body. As the panties came down, Max could see her ass cheeks, and then the back of her bloated, dripping pussy. If the boner in his pants could have gotten any harder, it did at that moment. May slipped her panties off and held them aloft. She turned around and, dropping the panties on the ground, posed in the sexiest pose she could think of.

May spied the tent in his shorts and gave a little pout. Then she bent down and began to undo his shorts. She hooked her fingers through the belt loops and pulled them off. These, too, were discarded. Now his erect manhood was directly in her face.

Much thicker. May gasped; her brother was rather well-endowed. She looked up at his amazed face and gave him a sexy wink. Then she wrapped her hand around his stalk, and began to lick at the head. Her tongue curled around the head, slurping up and down the hole at the top, curving around the thick, purple-pink body, and the tip of her tongue rimmed around the edge. It felt really good. Finally, May began sucking on the stalk as her tongue Pokemon incest stories care of the head.

She got it all the way to the back of her throat before gagging on the head. Suddenly, Max grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting. Not hard, but none too softly.

Pokemon incest stories

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