Possessive boyfriend stories

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By Raven Rayne. The Booksie Classic House. Tags: obsessionpossessivelove-trianglebeautiful-girl-owes-huge-debt. Tags: elvesobsessivepossessivemedieval-timesbeautiful-princess. By Nitrousyaoi. Tags: gayromancealienobsessionpossessive. Tags: gaysexbondagepossessivehurtcomfort. Tags: abusegaymafiabondagepossessive. Tags: gaysexbondagempregpossessive. By cr4vinz. Tags: loveromancemafiapossessiveteen-fiction. By Avenal L Launa. Tags: lovewolfmatepackpossessive. By Blue Carrisole.

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Tags: gunsrelationshippossessiveshort-storydangerous-love. By ArtemisLNightshade. Tags: lovemurderpossessivesadistmasochist. By Kemy2U. Tags: expressiveconnectionspossessive. By InsatiableObsession. The Fictional Romance Fantasy House. Tags: obsessionforbiddenpossessivesecret-affairage-gap. By Case den. Tags: jackmarkpossessiveseptiplier.

By TheGrowlingStomach. Tags: loveparanormalromancemurderghostslunawerewolfspiritsmatepossessive. By geumjandi.

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Tags: mysterysexybosspossessivebillionaire. By Skylararyce Tags: loveminelunawerewolfbetapossessivealpha. By AllyMillian. Tags: loveromancebestfriendlustfightingmaturepossessivebfsexualcontent. Tags: loveparanormalromanceminepastwerewolffairytragicmatepossessivealpha. Possessive boyfriend stories Rose Burg. Tags: deathmysterygirlbodyfollowwaterpossessivemaura-beachmarilee. By xera. Tags: loveteenromancemysterysuspenseenglandkidnappingjealousabductionintrigueobsessivejerkyoungadultpossessivealpha.

By M K Brown. Tags: writinggrammaradvicepossessiveapostrophespunctuationcontractions. By Snickersjoy. Tags: lovefantasymysteryeroticabrotherssistermateswerewolvepossessive. Tags: bikerstorngangorphanagepossessivebasespyingteengirl. By danic Tags: lovereligioussoulslostalonelonelysadfearhelpheavenhellbloodunitedscarsinsecure. By Avery Gard. Tags: japaneseromancedramalovercomedyyoungmenyaoipossessive.

Tags: loverapeadventureloveranimalshumanselopingyaoipossessivegenderbenderunrequinted. By Midnight Black Cat. Tags: darkbloodknifeseductionspellpossessive. Post Your Writing. Possessive stories, books, poems, and more. Undeniable Attraction. Re: 94 The Booksie Classic House. They both come from rich families with prosperous businesses. Aurora is a very beautiful and kind waitress. She comes from a very poor family who owes a lot of…. More beautiful than the Hate I Held. Re: 43 The Booksie Classic House.

Garrett and Ella were happily getting ready for their wedding. Little did they know evil was Possessive boyfriend stories. Vayne, the man from Ella's dream is real. Garrett's father never told him that he had an affair with a servant. More Beautiful than the Love I Lost. Re: 55 The Booksie Classic House. One day a beautiful young girl named Lilith is sent from our world to a magical kingdom in another realm. In this kingdom lived a king. The king was an elf. His name was Garrett. He loved to play games with mortals. Garrett told Lilith if she beat his trial….

Cosmic Capitulation. Football star Taz Oakley is on his way to state and a football scholarship to a premier university when he is kidnapped by aliens and taken back to their planet to be an incubator for one of their male warriors. Collision Course. One of the last males on Earth, after a terrible virus obliterates the male population, Neo is captured and then whisked away to another planet by High Prince Lucius, heir to the Illian realm.

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Neo is confused by his new station in life, but soon learns that he is now…. Jigoku Gakuen. Orphaned at the tender age of 13, Tamaki Tanaka managed to survive on his own for two years until he catches the eye of the Headmaster of his school. He is brought before the Headmaster for Possessive boyfriend stories minor infraction and after that his life spirals out of control.

Will he…. The Mafia's Toy. Kai has caught the attention of Juniper City's major crime boss and is quickly swept away into the mafioso's orbit. Between the beatings and hardcore sex, will Kai every escape this tangled nightmare or accept his fate with Matthias Kingsley? The Darkest Heart. Notorious alchemist, Lord Asher Sterling, wishes to start a family, so he captures a 'big bull' from a group of savage tribesman to procreate his heirs.

At first, he only views Gaelen as a primitive individual that can provide him with the necessary seed to produce children until something in… .

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Resistance is Futile. Dante once led a simplistic existence on his parents farm until High Lord Maximus entered his life. Now, his life is filled with chains, pains, and a love that can never be. Peach Kisses. How I love the most dangerous man on this planet. How I…. I love her so much that I want to make her mine right now, but will she accept me?

Allen is a human who had just finished her college and is moving to the countryside, what will she do when her mate comes finding her Re: The Booksie Classic House. The lives of Perry and James take Possessive boyfriend stories drastic turn when Perry discovers a secret James has been keeping. After coming so far from his days of self-loathing and attempts of hurting himself she questions whether she can forgive him.

Will she? To Date A Killer. I told you I would and now that I have you cornered, you are mine and only mine, no one else's. You belong to me. Expressive Possessive Connections. Irresistible Temptation. The only two similarities between James Bond and I are, we are womanizer and we're very good looking. Other than that I don't do spying shites, nor do I have luxurious cars and no expensive gadgets too. Were Both Insane. It, all the same, same walls, same world, same life, nothing ever changes until that day.

Where did it all go wrong? Silencing Alice. Alice Fields is not like other girls. Her family murdered and her brother on the run, everyone believes Alice to have gone selectively mute from the shock. Unbeknownst to the town however, Alice did speak.

Possessive boyfriend stories

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