Put back into pull ups diapers stories

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This is a rewrite of my first diaper experience. My old diary is worn out and I wanted to be safe and make a new copy. Anyway, here goes. Earlier today we got the call that the photo shoot in the country side was a go, problem is, the set is 3 hours away and the nearest bathroom is at a diner 45 minutes away.

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So, my mother suggested the other day that if, and only IF, I got the job, she would have me wear a pull-up just in case I had to go. Of course I agreed to it, thinking that it was needed to get the job done. A few days had passed when my mother got the call and as soon as she got off the phone I ran to the shower to get cleaned up.

I asked my mom to put my clothes on the bed while she waited on me. She must have bought them earlier cause they were already in my room. After my shower was done I walked into my room to see my shirt with the laces, my pants with the velvet on it and even my socks and shoes. Being small for my age helps a lot I guess when it comes to this stuff, thankfully I am able to fit in them, anyway. I gently pulled up the diaper up my bare lags while listing to the crinkling of the Pull-up.

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As it reached my hips and vagina I gave it a final tug to make sure it was on all the way. They felt weird at first. It was soft in between my legs, softer then my panties, I took a moment to feel them and pressed them into my vagina, again they felt weird. I just let that feeling be as I finished getting dressed. On the way to the shoot I was told it was ok to pee, poop, or do both in them, just not to let it show on my face. As a test she told me I was not to use any restroom until we stop for breakfast. Just an hour into our ride I started to fidget and squirm. I tried so hard to hold it, but it only took a pot hole on the road to loosen my grip and start peeing.

As soon as I started I could feel my pee spraying into the diaper and all over. I held my hand over my front thinking the pee would show up. Amazingly, after I was finished peeing, my pants where dry. You can get changed when we stop for breakfast.

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I went inside stall with the big door and locked it. I slid of my shoes and pants and decided to feel the squishiness a little bit more before I changed. First I grabbed the front of the diaper and moved it all around.

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I then did the same with the back, I loved it. It ended with me sticking my hands down the front of the wet pull up so I could feel the inside. Before I could do anything else, I opened the stall real quick and checked to see if anyone was in the bathroom. I then made a fast run to the sink to wash my hands. Right when I got done a girl a little bigger than me seen my saggy pull-up and asked where my pants where. I ran back into the stall to quickly change.

When I left the bathroom I saw her sitting at a table near the door to the restaurant. As I walked by she pointed at me, but I ignored it. As we left the restaurant and I walked by the table, the girl looked at me and said loudly. See you little diaper baby. This made me blush more and feel uncomfortable.

Once we got to the photo shoot I was given a frilly dress to put on it was a little small as this scene was meant for a 5year old, not a small 7 year old. Every time I bent over or lifted both my arms up, my diaper would become visible and whenever that happened everyone seemed to take notice. This made me feel good because everyone awed at the site of a little girl in potty training, rather than a big girl that was wearing a Pull-up.

Towards the end of the show I ended up wetting myself again, this time in front of everyone. After we were done, I returned the dress, and got my own cloths back on.

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Having a van sure is nice for this type of thing. Before we left I was given another Pull-up to wear on the way home. About 10 minuts in I fell asleep. When I awoke I secretly peed myself again before mommy could notice. When we got home that was the end of it, I was told to take the diaper off and put my pajamas on.

When I was getting dressed though, I took a few more Pull-ups out of the bag and hid them under my bed in one of my totes. Mommy has a doctors appointment and dad will be at work. Dad left in the morning as usual and a few hours later mommy left. I rushed to my room and pulled a pull up out of my tote. I quickly undressed myself starting with my shirt and ending with my socks. After I was naked I opened the Pull-up, put both my legs through, and slid it up gently. As it got to my hips I gave it a final tug to make sure it was nice and secure.

As soon as it was on I jumped onto my bed and began feeling it all over. It was great and I wished the moment could go on forever. Keeping the Pull-up on I sat down and pushed. This time it felt hot and squishy but not in a good way.

I could feel it every where, almost like sitting in a mud puddle. After a little bit it started to come out in between my legs, then it started to smell. It was awful.

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I pulled it off and tossed it in the trash and tried to clean my self with the toilet paper. It was starting to make a mess so I jumped in the shower to finish cleaning. After I was done with my shower I dried myself off and went back into my room to put another Pull-up on. This time I put on a shirt with it as I was getting cold. I remember I had to clean the bathroom and get that poopy Pull-up out so I went in, bagged everything and stopped at the back door.

I remembered I was wearing only my shirt and diaper at the time and was a little scared someone might see it.

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Then I though because it was still early no one would be out. I Opened the back door and Put back into pull ups diapers stories out to the side of the house. I forgot that it was trash day and the trashcans where out by the curb so I opened the side gate and made a mad dash outside. After 5 minutes I could hear my neighbors screen door slam shut. This freaked me out as I turned my head I seen Mr Hilts walking out so I ran back to the side of my house.

I then sat on the floor and without even thinking, began to fill up my pull up. Being scared enough for the day, I decided to head back inside and change into my normal cloths. After I got dressed I got my wet Pull-up out and put it in the trash, I then took the trash from the kitchen out and spent the rest of the time inside the house till mom got home.

Boy that was a scare. Today I am home alone again. I waste no time getting into a Pull-up and taking off all my clothes. I like It better when I am wearing my Pull-ups only. I sat in the living room watching TV when the funniest thing happened. I leaned over to lie down and it the VCR remote. This started the movie that was inside. I decided to take a peak it showed a naked woman rubbing her vagina and making funny noises but she looked like it felt really good, after watching a bit, I peed myself without noticing.

I decided to copy the woman on TV by sitting on the arm of the couch and moving back and forth. The only thing it did though was tickle me. I decided to rewind the tape and turn it off. Right when I did I could hear my mom pulling up in the drive way. Scared I ran into my room and put my pants on and ran back into the living room. I got up off the couch and felt in between my legs, my diaper leaked so I had to change out of it quick.

I hid the wet Pull-up in my closet until morning when I was able to toss it into the outside trash. I put my pants at the bottom of the dirty clothes pile and put some shorts on, telling my mom I was hot. After that it was dinner, a movie and then bed. Was able to go to the park today where I meet a 4year old girl that was still in diapers.

Her mother told me that they were just visiting her grandma for the day.

Put back into pull ups diapers stories

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