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They all sat together in their shared dorm, commiserating their futile academic struggle. Jess finished off the pink-purple abomination from her solo cup. Wendy always was on her phone, rarely looking up and giving her focus to the world around her. Earth to Wendy! Emily leaned forward to her friends, a mischievous glint in her eye and an evil grin on her face. She was starting to sober up, and this whole plan was making less and less sense. Even now, she was only half paying attention to this hairbrained scheme. Emily moved to the obvious workspace: something large and ominous in the middle of the room, covered with a cloth tarp.

She pulled it back to reveal…. Emily fumbled with the switches, looking for something to snap off or unplug. Wendy actually stopped staring at her phone just in time to see the streak of white light emerge from the top of the machine and envelope Emily.

The light was gone, and their red-headed friend was on the floor, seemingly electrocuted. Wendy however noticed something even more radical happening from her vantage. Emily rached back and pulled a lock of her hair. It seemed longer, silkier, but more shockingly it was darkening from the roots down. Race change stories first thought, unable to process what she was seeing, was that ink was being poured down her head. Her eyes became more narrow, her lightly freckled complexion seemed to grow more pale. Jess could easily see why her friend thought that.

She cupped her new assets and giggles. Wendy was looking at her phone, her finger hovering over the emergency call button. Jess was staring at her like a deer in headlights. These girls were always waaay too worried about stuff. Is my hair frizzled? She seemed slightly shorter, but that was the least concerning change. If these two lame bitches were going to mess with the hottie genius TA, it was only fair she mess with them. Jess cautiously tried to move closer to her friend, to reason with her, but Emily seemed to have a newly found determination. I get variations on it, but Indian is by far the most common one.

Big fuzzy areas on cultural views on sex, social hierarchy, gender roles, family, etc. Most of my writing on East Asian Americans girls comes from a place of knowing second hand what it actually can be like as 1st or 2nd gen immigrant — and then twisting is against stereotypes and racist shit they deal with IRL.

Give me. I can work with that. I know she had never set foot in India, but had to participate in traditions that felt foreign and awkward. I know all this — her family dynamic, her feelings, the names and general concepts in very, very broad strokes…. I know how to make it wrong and pervert it for selfish enjoyment. Cheryl was the highest paid black woman in the company. She had come to America with her parents from Japan when she was just and achieved all her success on her own. Laurie, Cheryl, and Lucy were asked to meet with their boss, Mr. Baxter, at the end of the day.

They were all very smart and independent business women who had a long road of success ahead of them. Now, the three women sat in the waiting room outside Mr. The office was huge. The back window gave a great view of the city behind Mr. Paintings and sculptures adorned the walls and corners of the sophisticated office. The women stared at the back of the leather desk chair, then finally Mr. Baxter spun around to face them. Baxter was a tall, handsome man. His black suit showed that he was also a rich and important man.

He gestured at the glasses of water in front of them, which the women politely accepted and took a sip, placing the glass back on his desk. Laurie, Cheryl, and Lucy awaited an explanation as they watched Mr. Baxter stand up and pace behind his desk. Baxter took a breath. Baxter was having trouble saying the word. Am I right, Mr. Baxter hid his smile Race change stories this.

A blonde woman, at that. Baxter said with a wink. So, our team has developed something that will make some changes in the staff itself. You see, ladies… That water you drank is a special formula that is deed to find your true image of yourself. Laurie, Cheryl, and Lucy exchanged worried glances. Higher than normal…. So be proud! Me scare? Very good. Cheryl cut her eyes at him. I need some new clothes Race change stories Yes… Yes, sir. Me done. Suzi outside has been waiting to move up a floor, I think you can take her place.

I swear it! Baxter finished sternly, corrected pointing out what Cherry was thinking, gazing at how boring her nails were…. Cherry just scoffed. Race change stories has no people skills. How does that sound? This meeting is adjourned, ladies! Thank you for your time and have a wonderful afternoon! This is Lauri! Baxter liked her and she was happy to keep his perverted eyes happy as long as the bonuses kept appearing on her small paycheck.

Lauri looked up to to see Cherry strut in. Her six inch pink heels fit perfectly with her two inch pink press-on nails. They even had her initials on them! Then, the sound of squeaky wheels echoed through the hallway as Lucy came in with her trashcan and broom.

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Her sweaty hair dangled in her face and her cheap dress kept everyone wondering what happened to that ambitious Japanese woman that used to work here. Lauri nodded and pointed to the full waste bin beside the desk. Lucy picked it up and emptied it. Do you remember how you used to be? Lauri nodded and smiled back as she watched Lucy wheel her trashcan back down the hallway to clean the bathrooms.

Baxter asked her to come into his office. She reached into her drawer and grabbed a tube of Lube, knowing what was coming. This was the life of a secretary though, so Lauri had learned to live with it.

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Anna pulled her jet-black hair back into a ponytail and adjusted her glasses. Her phone made a strange beep. She tried to read through all the rules to see if there was a pattern, but there were thousands, maybe tens of thousands. The two hot Asian girls, last apartment down the hall.

Until recently, they both normal, American twenty-somethings and spoke with zero accent.

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Probably just roommates. I should visit them again tomorrow, just to figure out which change I should feel more guilty about. Original video. Jordan tries out a new fashion app, but it seems to keep forcing them into problematic self-identities. It was a beta, one that had popped up on the style blog Jordan frequented. Looked spammy as hell, but they were curious. It seemed to be getting rave reviews from the big bloggers, so they were willing to give it a shot. Jordan sighed. Ugh, the app had glitched out all the options. She could tell there were more text, but the UI had clipped it off.

She fumbled around the screen, even exited and reloaded the app, but she was stuck with those two options. Race change stories least they had her option. Seriously, asking for race? Jordan sighed, she was three quarters Japanese and had always identified as mixed.

But, what the hell… she clicked Asian. She glanced down at herself. Definitely not a skinny bitch. Curvy may have been a poetic licence, but it was more accurate. Jordan was suddenly aware of how uncomfortable her outfit was. Everything seemed tight or loose. Her bra seemed way too small, but her pant waist at least a size too big. How had she not noticed it until now? Jordan looked at the statement.

Race change stories

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Race Change Stories