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There is also the Submitted Lesbian Fiction area, where users and authors alike will have their original work published though not in the formal sense of that term, of course by Escapism Central. More updates! They will also be featured as posts on the main Escapism Central site. I would be happy to add any stories you think would fit here. BL Miller — Unfortunately, due to some douchebags trying to take credit for her work, BL Miller has removed all her online stories. Graceful Waters by BL Miller. Accidental Love by BL Miller.

Susan X. This is the first book of a incredibly long series. Arbor Vitae by S X Meagher. This here is some really good fantasy.

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Unfortunately, it has long since been published and has disappeared off the internet. Katia N. Ruiz Noemi by Katia N. A Sweet Surrender by Katia N. Safe Harbor by Radclyffe. Beyond the Breakwaters the sequel to Safe Harbor by Radclyffe. Removed from the internet, get it at Bold Strokes Books. Golden Tiger by Radclyffe. Innocent Hearts by Radclyffe.

A Matter of Trust by Radclyffe. Shield of Justice by Radclyffe. Above All Honor by Radclyffe. Since the original is gone, I grabbed this from the Wayback Machined and reed. The story should all be there, but some of the other links might lead to weird places. So, be warned.

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Midgit Cold by Midgit. The Heart of the Matter by Cephalgia. Unlimited Sexual Favours by Cephalgia. Basically just smut.

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But still good. Published, get it here. Broken Faith by Lois Cloarec Hart. Also published, you can get a hold of it here. Flea by Lois Cloarec Hart, Incredibly cute and sweet story. Queenfor4 Snowbound by Queenfor4. The story went from their meeting right to their living together in Hurricane Watch.

I would enjoy their getting to know one another in the dating arena.

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Any chance of including part 2 in the Tropical Storm series? Sorry for not paying attention. Hi there, I wanted you to know that I was very appreciative of your recommendations and have enjoyed these online stories very much.

Are you going to add more stories in the future?. Rather than that, thanks very much for the stories your really awesome for doing this list. I been lonely for a pass couple of days and months and reading some of the books that was mentioned here helps to ease the emptiness. Sort of fan fiction yet they created their own character they role played. My friend who plays the game introduced it to me. First of all Thanx! These stories inspire me and help me relax. Thanks again for compiling them together and bringing them to our notice! Much Love. Hey, I love your blog.

Do you know if The Guardian — Jules Kurre has more than 11 chapters? If so, do you know where I can find them? Nina, did you get a chance to view the book synop? Tiyana, I wish that you would finish The Gaurdian! LOL I was so upset when I got to final chapter that written. Have you started writing anything yet?

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Thanks for compiling such wonderful stories keep up the good work jules kurre must finish the guardian though. These stories are awesome. Keeps me sane when things get out of control. God i love this novel!!!! But by the way, why do Dar always says that she is old for this or that or during her younger years…….

So pls could you put it online plsssssss cos i seriously need to finish it! These stories are all the stories that exist online, as far as I know. After the stories got properly published, the sequels were either not published online or removed by the author on the behest of the publisher. Hi, tnx Nina for replying my message.

Plus some of us has been visiting this particular web site since and still see the same novel…. All the other authors were ok to great. Nina, thanks for this list of authors. I must say you have very interesting posts here. Your should go viral. You need initial traffic only.

How to get it? And am recommending it for u to read, just go to blayne cooper and T. Some of them, thrice or more. They are really good. S X meagher too! You can find several by using web. Did anyone ever strike out on their own for their own version of the guardian ending. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Read lesbian novels online free

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8 Great Places to Find Free Lesbian Fiction Online (Without Resorting to Piracy)