Sabrina carpenter sex story

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Sabrina carpenter sex stories I found on the internet because I have no life I do not own any of these More. Sabrina carpenter sex stories I found on the internet because I have no life I do not own any of these. Featuring Drugs! No really though this will contain drug use. It was day 4 of a 4 day shoot, the entire crew was slowly burning it's way into the night, and on everyone's mind was the thought of a warm bed to sleep in in a few more hours. Soon a director yells cut! A solid last shot from the camera man. They could all finally pack up and head home and enjoy their Friday. With no hesitation most of the crew started putting tech away and tearing down the equipment, knowing the sets will be taken care of another day.

The night janitor, a young guy named Bobby, came in as the rest of the crew carried supplies to the storage room. The set producer informing young Bobby that the bedroom set stays up until Monday morning when the day crew will take it down for a different shoot next week. His only real requirement, do not lock up completely until the last of the everyone leaves. Bobby had no problem with that, it just meant less work for his lazy self to handle, how hard is locking a door?

Everyone left for their Friday weekend plans. Except Sabrina. Bobby found Sabrina sitting over in the corner of the bedroom set, her wandering eyes looking over the various set pieces that made the child's dream room complete. Her black and white pajamas for the shoot still on her as she sat by oversized ice cream cones and pondered. Bobby went of to the rest of the lot, finding the occasional bit of trash Sabrina carpenter sex story and there normal stuff. A few Sabrina carpenter sex story buds to be removed from the smoking area as those kind of items are generally tossed out including booze for some reason.

Looking at his watch Bobby noticed he somehow got the whole place done in 20 minutes, a new personal record. Bobby took a look at the bags, one was filled with little candies all of which were different colors. The second baggie was bigger but instead of candy it had large squares of brownie in it. They weren't his, but he knew what they are.

You know what that makes sense. And they left the rest of the pot brownies in there to munch on. The candy might be edibles. The two just kinda sat there as Sabrina pondered on and Bobby thinking why did he have to make more work for himself by finding this stuff. He couldn't really tell, but the sly smile on her face must have meant she had an idea. Why not be doing something more else like college? It changes based on how you choose to live.

And I feel like eating pot brownies with a beautiful girl is fun, then fuck it I'm going to do it. I'm not going to deny that you're beautiful. That would be stupid. She just giggled a his confession, her smile brought a sense of joy he hadn't seen in a while, and he didn't mind it one bit.

Though it could be the weed talking idk. Might have let my friend Joey King come visit on set yesterday and as a practical joke she sortta Bobby laughed at this revelation and sat up to unzip part of his top to let the cool air hit his undershirt. Why not just complete our high and get an uber home? Though I think I'll just crash here since I'm still on the clock. You wanna take your strap on home with you?

Besides, it only truly works with there's a second person. That's just a viragra pill. Sabrina pointed out. I'm not sure, is there anything else in the bag? Oh but there's a white one on the floor. Great for those who don't like the smoke.

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Bobby thought it over for a second before saying. You have the pink one. They swallowed them down like one would take medicine pills and they waited. For a good two minutes before they started getting bored. All I said was that I'm high and hungry. Bobby heard it too.

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It sounded like a radio playing old music, something familiar about the song too. What exactly did we eat? Bobby tried to stand and walk around a little bit but his head just spinned with the room, like he was floating with every step. His heart beating faster then normal, and a erection putting a tent in his pants. He turned around to face what he thought was Sabrina sitting on the bed but instead she appeared right in front of him, her shirt open but not removed so it covered her bare breasts underneath And a crazed pair of big googly eyes looking right at him.

Sabrina grabbed hold and kissed him hard, almost forcing her tongue down his throat. Bobby while reluctant at first from the kiss, melted right into it and held her tight, letting her explore his mouth with her tongue.

Their drug induced horniness fueled their make out session, Bobby's overalls being pushed to pool around his feet to Let his tented boxers be in full view. Sabrina dropping quickly to her knees in front of him to fish out his cock like it was routine, the blue pill must have done something as she gasped at the 11 inch cock Sabrina carpenter sex story her, but her surprised face only seemed normal with those big eyes that Bobby saw in his influenced mind. She made no hesitation to take the first 4 inches of his shlong with no regrets, her hand playing with his balls while the singular artist gave him the best blowjob he had ever gotten.

His mushroom head given a good licking before taking him down to 7 inches.

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Bobby just took his shirt off while the room kept shifting in his mind, the walls began to blend into a purple jazzy color and he felt like the stuffed animals were watching them. But he took one good look at Sabrina, drool from his cock deep within her mouth, seeing her stare at him with those big bouncy eyes, he lost control and came. His cum surprised both of them, Bobby thought he was done and Sabrina quickly started swallowing his man juice as fast as it came. Many ropes of cum had left him before Bobby faltered back a little bit, recovering from the intense orgasm he had.

To surprise them again, he was still hard as a rock. She quickly turned around and put her upper body on the bed while her lower body stayed off it, Sabrina then pulled her pants down a bit to show her lack of panties and her cute white ass. More of the song candy man kept playing through his head, but Bobby didn't mind it, instead he dropped to his knees, lined up, and pushed his massive cock into her awaiting pussy.

No way in hell would he pass up an opportunity like that. Sabrina's eyes rolled back as she felt the full length of her new lover fill her insides. In her mind Sabrina was listening to old Beatles music, the thrusting of his cock only matching every other beat. Her pussy almost dripping with nectar as Bobby fucked her cunt with ease. Their he felt groggy but in a good way, as if it knew what it wanted and tunnel vision kept it in place. They didn't remember when they changed position, but they do remember Bobby discarding the rest of his clothes and Sabrina taking off her pants and the two of them being placed in a 69 position on the bed.

Bobby licked her vaginal lips that tasted like strawberries while Sabrina was on top sucking him off. Sabrina didn't know what to say, his member tasted like candy. She had only been with two other men in the past but this stranger, this man who she's only known for a few short hours, has the best cock she's ever seem.

The best cock she ever fucked to say the least. Out of nowhere she screamed, screaming that she was cumming as she lifted her upper body up to squirt her lady cum across his chest. A Sabrina carpenter sex story she never did before until that pink pill took over. She felt like she was floating, but them she fell, what had happened she didn't know. But she fell onto the bed with her shirt finally off showing her breasts, her legs up with feet close to her head, and Bobby on top fucking her again.

Her big lust filled googly eyes starring at Sabrina carpenter sex story with content, her gaze never changing while Bobby looked at the 'In my bed' singer with hypnotic eyes to Sabrina. The room to them just kept on spinning, their minds almost fading in and out of awareness yet even if they lost control of their bodies they knew what to do.

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Like rabbits fucking they just kept going.

Sabrina carpenter sex story

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