Schoolboy spanking stories

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The boy walked reluctantly along the corridor, which was quiet except for the muffled sounds of a school at work; a murmur here and a raised voice of a master there. He clutched the yellow slip of paper that had been given him a few minutes earlier by the new geography teacher Miss Harris, with instructions to visit his housemaster Mr Read, forthwith. He knew he had crossed the line the instant the words had left his mouth; that comment about her bazookas made behind his hand to the boy sitting next to him but clearly audible to others in the class.

It was the last straw for the embarrassed girl. She called him out, scribbled the note and he was on his way. The Schoolboy spanking stories, a punishment slip it was called, lacked any detail of his words but was a request that he be dealt with. It meant corporal punishment which meant the cane. He had not had the cane yet although he knew that it hurt —a lot. He had seen boys caned in the dormitory and also showing off their stripes on returning from a visit to Mr Read.

But in spite of their bravado and minimisation they all, without exception, had tear stains and red eyes as they dropped trousers and pants for the obligatory viewing. The angry tramlines with their raised edges had been expertly placed, side by side across the boys small buttocks by the master. Each stroke was the exact distance from the next. He had a nervousness about him as he descended the stairs quickly reaching the door to the outer office.

That of the head and his two housemasters. Jane Evans was in her early twenties, attractive, slim with shoulder Schoolboy spanking stories brown hair cut in a bob. Today she had chosen a tight jumper that outlined her ample bust. She also wore a navy blue pleated skirt and flat court shoes. At her neck was a row of pearls that matched her earrings. She liked working as the secretary at the school and was surprised to have made friends with some of the younger mistresses; one in particular — Jill Sherry with whom she often went to the pub after work.

She jumped at the chance. Her enthusiasm and confidence shone through at the interview and she had now worked at the school for just under two years. She could but hear the thrashings taking place the other side of the door and it was even clearer when the door was sometimes left ajar. She had been slippered herself a few times in her early years at high school and around 15 had had the cane — two strokes on Schoolboy spanking stories hand from the headmistress for truancy, so she knew, up to a point, what the boys were getting after they entered the study, although it seemed to be carried out a lot harder in this school and far more frequently.

On entering the office Miles found the school secretary Miss Evans at her desk. She smiled at him in an embarrassed manner as he handed her the yellow slip, averting his eyes and saying nothing. He was hoping to not get the cane but another thought entered his head.

If he were not caned was there a possibility that the housemaster would take his trousers and pants down and thrash him with the slipper or strap and would it be done, like in the dorm and at home with people watching — people like this secretary girl. That would be terrible. He knew from his friends that, when sent up to the office, a spanking was not out of the question particularly for younger boys.

When she looked up the smile had evaporated and, leaving her desk, moved to one of the doors leading from the outer office, knocked and then opening it slightly, just enough to peer around into the study. The housemaster seemed a little annoyed at the knock. He looked up missing the ash as it fell from his cigarette onto the lapel of his ancient tweed jacket. The girl made the three steps from door to desk and passed the note across the desk.

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He peered down at the punishment slip which was ed at the bottom by Sally Harris, a new first form mistress. An attractive girl in her early twenties he had always liked her not just for her physical attractiveness but she also had a cheeky sense of humour.

He had caught her glancing at him in the staff room a couple of times as her quick smile betrayed a certain embarrassment at being caught out. He wondered if there was a chance of His attention returned to the yellow punishment slip which simply documented that the boy Damien Miles had been insolent, rude and insubordinate for which he has been repeatedly warned.

Miles was a new boy having been at the school for some three months only. He did not like caning Schoolboy spanking stories boys so early on in their time here but there had been a noticeable deterioration in the behaviour of some junior boys which would not be tolerated.

The head had given the whole school a verbal warning during morning prayers only last week that any boy reported for rudeness, particularly to the female members of staff including the Schoolboy spanking stories staff, would suffer in a painful outcome. The masters could take care of discipline themselves, each had a cane and slipper but it was customary for the women teachers to send boys up for corporal punishment.

After a moment to remember who the boy was he stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray and pushed the little brown button on his intercom Jane, send in Miles please. The door was held open wide by Jane as Miles walked past her, catching her perfume, as he entered the study, his head lowered. Although of average height for his age Schoolboy spanking stories was not thin as a result of his enjoyment of all sports and had well-formed buttocks that filled out the pair of regulation grey school shorts showing a neat crease down the front.

A pullover with two blue bands around the neck over a shirt and school tie of blue and gold stripes completed the school uniform for the time of year. Mr Read looked at the boy and recalled some comments that he had heard recently in the staff common room regarding his quick wit which was sometimes funny.

But, it appeared, but like all boys on gaining some notoriety amongst his peers and the occasional laugh from a teacher he never quite knew when to stop. This, it would seem, was the problem. Did you not recall the warning given last week to all boys regarding the rudeness that has crept into the school of late? He decided to cane him. It was the standard school punishment for this kind of offence.

My mother spanks me with a slipper and father uses a strap on both me and my sister the boy declared. Well sirthe boy began. He then takes me up to my room. There, he takes my trousers and pants down, puts me over his knee and thrashes me with the leather strap. Mum usually watches. Afterwards I get sent to bed early. The master seemed thoughtful and then asked when he had last had the strap to which he replied it was the day before he had returned to school about two weeks ago. He stood up and came around to the front of the desk, picking up the visitor chair as he passed.

He placed the chair in the centre of the room and looked at the young boy. Pull your shirt out of your shorts. Place one leg either side of the back legs of the chair and bend over and hold onto the front bar of the chair just below the seat. Is that understood? Yes sir said the boy a little more nervously than when he first came in.

He did as he was instructed and pulled his shirt out of his shorts and bent over the chair to grip the front as he had been told. He felt the man kick his feet out so that they were either side if the chair legs.

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This widened his legs and he wondered why this was so necessary. While in position it occurred to him how quite it was and the sound of the typewriter in the outer office had stopped. The school bell broke the quiet as it sounded the end of lessons and break time. Stay there the man walked to a cupboard where he kept a of canes, a slipper and a strap. He selected the thin junior cane, along with the punishment book which he placed on his desk. The young school boy was in position for his first taste of the cane, bent over the back of the caning chair, his shorts tight revealing the outline of his Y fronts beneath.

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The man flexed the cane and bent it into a near circle and gave two practice swings which made a savage hiss, heralding what was to come. He was aware that all boys found their first caning unbelievably painful even though most, at 11 and 12 years, were no strangers to the strap or slipper being applied to their bare backsides.

I will not have insolence to any member of staff particularly the lady teachers. Is that understood boy? Six strokes he announced. A little severe for a first caning but the boy was clearly becoming unruly by his own admission and the of thrashings his father had had to administer. It was better nipped in the bud and six strokes of the cane may well be the answer. Come he said and Jane stuck her head around the down and smiled at the sight of the boy stretched over the chair and the master just about to apply the first stroke. Jane filled out her sweater with a good pair of breasts that strained against her jumper as she held the door and looked at the proceedings, waiting for a reply.

In the background stood Miss Harris who could not fail but see the boy about to receive the caning she had requested for him. Give the Major my compliments and tell him I will call him back as Schoolboy spanking stories as I have dealt with a disciplinary matter and ask Miss Harris to wait. Jane looked again at the boy who was about to be caned, nodded and left the room closing the door.

Schoolboy spanking stories

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