Scooby doo sex story

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Chapter 1 The gang is staying in a large mansion after solving yet another poltergeist mystery. Daphne and Velma have their own room and Fred, Shaggy and Scooby are sharing one. Scooby wakes up upon hearing a light moan. He slowly walks toward her room and pushes the door open a crack and peers inside. He sees Daphne with her legs spread and her skirt hiked up and she is rubbing herself.

Scooby catches a whiff of her sex juices, his cock slowly emerges from his sheath.

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He puts his front paws on the bed to get a better look. As he gets closer the stronger the scent, making his cock grow steadily longer.

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He sees that Daphne has her eyes closed and her shirt up. She is playing with her tits and she is rubbing her clit with her thumb and sliding two fingers into her snatch.

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Being taken by the smell in the air he stretches out, and takes a light swipe with his tongue; starting at her asshole and going all the way up to her mound. Daphne stops and uses her hands to lift up her upper body to see what the hell is going on.

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His cock is now almost totally wet with his precum. Go away!

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Scraping her clit with the abrasiveness of his tongue cause Daphne to moan. Scooby continues his onslaught as she lies backs moaning in pleasure. Scooby climbs onto the bed and starts to lick up her body. Stopping at her tits he suckles on one, slightly nibbling it. He then turns around; then works his back to her pussy. He then really starts to lap at her cunt, digging into it with his tongue.

Daqphne feels as if she has a live snake in her pussy, slithering into every nook and cranny in her. Then grabs his head and pulls him toward her face so that she can get to his large cock. She slowly starts to rub his member with her hands getting them slick in precum off of his member and slowly lowers her mouth to the tip lightly sucking and licking it.

She removes her mouth and continues to rub his member as he starts to hump her hand. After a few minutes of this he Tenses Scooby doo sex story as he starts to shoot his load, in a line up her body putting large globules of cum on her face. Scooby stands there panting and then noticing the mess he made, he precedes to lick up the cum working his way up to her face.

When he finally reaches her face she is licking the cum off her face where she can reach. He starts on her face and takes a swipe over her mouth she opens her mouth and his tongue slips in, she starts lightly sucking on his tongue and he licks all over the inside her mouth. He slips his tongue down her throat before retreating back to his muzzle. He licks back down her body, and starts to excavate her honey mine. Slipping his tongue as far as he can into her.

Scooby immediately mounts her humping trying to find her sex hole. He finally succeeds in piercing her.

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He starts humping faster pushing in deeper and deeper. When he hits her cervix, she has a orgasm. As she is coming off her high she feels this large object slapping against her lips, and as it finally begins to enter she finds that it is larger than a grapefruit. She starts to try to relax because she wants… no needs that large object in her. She starts pushing back in sync trying to get that knot in. She keeps pushing back harder and harder until it finally pops in and she moans in pleasure.

Scooby feeling his knot inside he picks up speed again. She feeling this large object insider her moving so fast causes her to have another climax.

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He starts going as fast as he can desperate to fill her with his seed. She feels as though she is constantly cumming to the feeling of her pistoning into her. He finally thrusts in one last time pushing into her womb then releasing a torrent of cum into her and she releases a torrent in turn. She then collapses under him after such pleasure.

Scooby then turns around so that they are but to but. Daphne gaining a little of her strength back begins to rock to get herself off again. But before she can Scooby pops Scooby doo sex story. She collapses on the bed and Scooby lies behind her with his legs around her. They fall asleep together as Velma stares into the darkness. While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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Scooby doo sex story

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