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Vanessa felt tired but tingled with excitement between her long swimmer's legs, as she walked from her pick-up truck to her apartment. Behind her young Andy was carrying two scuba tanks, his lean muscular body having no trouble with the heavy scuba gear. After another busy day at the dive shop, Vanessa returned to her flat from her Sunday scuba dive off the Florida Keys. She enjoyed working as a diving instructor, and she had enjoyed a very stimulating afternoon instructing learner divers.

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Diving with a group of young learner divers, Vanessa had enjoyed checking out the lean fit male divers in their Speedo shorts and dive gear. Vanessa had been drawn to one fit young man, Andy, who was taking lessons as his 18th birthday gift from his step-mom. Vanessa had taken good care of him which had been a pleasure for her, as it let her check out Andy's incredible teenage body. Vanessa had appreciated Andy's young and toned body as she instructed him, both on the dive boat and in the water. He was taller and thinner than her ex-husband, and she appreciated his youthful vitality.

This was ironic as her husband had left her for a slender younger woman. Although at 5'9", lbs, 34c 25 35, with short brown hair and blue eyes Vanessa was proud of her toned and tight Scuba sex stories body. It had been a devastating blow to her when her selfish husband left for a 'younger model,' but she was determined to get on with life. Partly as a financial necessity and also to get over her divorce, Vanessa had followed up on her life's ambition to scuba dive professionally and had become a fully qualified scuba diving instructor.

She had even gotten a job at a local dive shop as she was very comfortable as an instructor, especially in a sexy swimsuit. Checking out the young fit divers was one of the perks to doing what she loved every day. She enjoyed wearing tight swimsuits and wetsuits and became excited between her legs when she found both men and women looking at her underwater. Underwater in revealing swimsuits, it's difficult to hide your arousal. Teaching is something she had always loved, and Vanessa particularly liked instructing teenagers such as Andy, as they were always willing Scuba sex stories learn.

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Teens were fun to teach, once they could take their eyes off her bikini or wetsuit-clad body. Teaching Andy scuba techniques had been a joy. Giving him extra tuition, especially underwater, Vanessa found her mind racing about what she would like to do to this fit and able boy. He seemed to pick up the basics of scuba quickly, and she wondered what other skills he could rapidly also learn.

He had a confidence which she found attractive, and it would be exciting to assess his skills in her bedroom if she could get him there. When back at the dive boat, dripping wet, breathing heavy from their exertion, Vanessa had started to fantasize about actually teaching Andy more than scuba diving. Andy was handsome, being tall, broad shouldered and lean at the waist.

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With his attractive thick jet black hair, and square-jawed smile she was sure he would excite many a woman, both young and old. Vanessa was sure that Andy was a hit with the teenage beach bunnies and knew a thing or two about sex, but what about a mature woman.

During the dive lessons, Vanessa had imagined Andy as a potential skillful young lover, who was perhaps ready to move on to older more mature pussy. However, she was wary about 'riding' the paying customers. Vanessa wondered if it could be a little secret between her and Andy. Vanessa thought it was taking a risk bringing Andy back to the apartment, but having spent so much time getting close to him, guiding him on the dive boat and underwater, she was hoping to teach him more than how to suck on a regulator. He was hot, lean, skilled and a quick learner, and she was also excited with what was beneath his shorts.

Underwater, she had seen him checking her out through his mask, and her toned, tight body and 34c boobs were still in good form to excite any teen Scuba sex stories for that matter mature man. Her pixie dark hair and rounded boobs with their often hard nipples showing through her swimsuit, were a sight for any Scuba sex stories teen eyes, viewing behind a glazed dive mask. Vanessa had loved diving since she was a young teen. She found that when diving underwater, her nipples hardened quickly and her pussy mound grew proud with arousal.

Over the years being underwater, many a time her hardening nipples had given away her erotic thoughts, especially the deeper she went and when she saw others becoming aroused by her. Checking out lean bodies and Speedo bulges made her nipples so hard they even protruded through her black rubber shorty wet-suit. She particularly liked the feel of the neoprene of her wetsuit rubbing against her mound and hard clit. Having invited young Andy to her apartment to help with her dive equipment, she was expecting something to happen. Andy had jumped at the chance to go to her apartment, and the accompanying smile had set Vanessa's mind racing.

Vanessa and Andy were still in in their swimsuits, with T-shirts and leggings over them, when Vanessa finally brought Andy into her apartment. Having watched Andy all day as she dived in her white bikini, she had felt the lust between her legs increasing for Andy. Now she had Andy at her home, she was ready to satisfy her fantasy for Scuba teen cock, whatever the consequences. Bringing the heavy dive gear air tanks into the apartment, Andy was already sweating when Vanessa kissed Andy and allowed her kiss to last a little too long before saying "thank you.

Immediately Vanessa and Andy began undressing, locked in an eager search for each other's bodies as she gave way to the erotic thoughts of underwater sex. She wanted her underwater fantasy guy, and he wanted her.

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Vanessa shuddered as his hands explored her curves and her hands slid over his toned muscles. She allowed him to fondled and explored every part of her body while edging him on with a sexy whisper and guided him to the shower. With increasing eagerness, she searched for his hardening package. All day Vanessa has been dreaming of releasing Andy's bulge and sucking on Andy's delicious young cock and of course, stroking his balls. Her sex has been tingling with the thought of sliding her tongue lightly up and down his smooth cock, tasting his tangy, salty pre-cum and swallowing his shaft.

And now the time was right for her to give in to her expectant lust and to satisfy the carnal urges growing between her legs.

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Taking him by the hand, Vanessa brought her young lover through the apartment to her walk-in shower, both dropped their t-shirts and swimsuits as they fell into the shower kissing. Vanessa's skin-tight smooth white bikini and Andy's bulge enhancing blue Speedo quickly fell to the floor, as they held each other in a loving embrace. Water soon cascaded over their naked bodies, as they explored each other. The hot toned Scuba sex stories body and the sporty toned body of an experienced woman, coming together in fiery passion. Letting go of the differences in age, their naked wet bodies entwined as they kissed and held each other under the hot water.

After a few minutes of deep tongue kissing under the shower head, Vanessa began to pant and moan to the movement of Andy's attentive and lean body. Feeling her pussy starting to cream, she kissed Andy more intently as they explored each others' sexual passions. Under the shower head, naked, facing each other, Vanessa reached for Andy's cock and sliding down, brought it to her mouth.

She wanted his hard shaft and to give Andy a blow job he would always remember.

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She started her oral lovemaking by Scuba sex stories Andy along his firm long cock as she slid down the side of his now throbbing hard shaft with her hot lips. Under the cascading water, Vanessa took Andy's cock in her mouth and sucked his long teen shaft; yearning for his creamy salty load. Vanessa's oral skills, from years of sucking on a dive reg, soon brought rewards as Andy's cock quickly, perhaps a little too quickly, exploded in her mouth, squirting his salty teen seed deep down into her throat.

Vanessa moaned with delight and shuddered as each jet of cum filled her mouth and after swallowing his load rubbed his dripping cock head along her lips. Having taken one load, Vanessa kissed Andy again, rubbing some of his spunk over his attentive lips.

With Andy being almost half Vanessa's age and enjoying so much Vanessa's lovemaking skills, his teen cock recycled quickly, and he almost immediately became hard again. With a big smile on his face having had his first aqua blowjob, Andy's started to kiss Vanessa and at the same time, lovingly caress her round sexy ass. Returning Andy's kisses, Vanessa again began to stroke his now hard again, teen sexy cock.

Vanessa marveled at his smooth teen shaft, so beautiful, erect and hard. Looking at her teen lover, Vanessa stroked Andy's hardness and admired the way his beautiful shaft stood to attention for her. With a slight upward curve and swollen big round head, he imagined how his curved cock would hit her cervix again and again when he pounded her pussy. Wanting him now, she moaned to have his teen cock deep in her. Admiring his smooth package, Vanessa stroked Andy's well-hung balls and sac, heavy with teen cum, ready to be implanted in her.

Vanessa shuddered in anticipation but decided to savor this young lover a little longer before having her pussy stretched by such as wonderful hard cock. Regaining her composure, Vanessa hungrily took Andy's beautiful shaft and reaching for the soap, started to wash his package and lean body.

As she lathered Andy's hard toned body, up and down, he kissed her deeply and caressed her nipples and ass. Vanessa wanted his cock now but continued to work her soapy hands over his taught body building up the sexual tension. As she soaped him up and down, she soon found herself soaping his hard erect shaft again.

Andy nodded appreciatively as Vanessa, looked down at Andy's throbbing manhood, and stroked his cock faster with her soapy hands. Scuba sex stories moaned in ecstasy as his cock, pointing to twelve o'clock high, dripped water and soapy pre-cum. Vanessa's hands moved on to fondle Andy's balls as the water washed the soap from his shaft and head. Stroking his smooth balls sack, Vanessa's slid a soapy finger behind Andy's hairless balls, between his ass cheeks.

Andy moaned in appreciation as Vanessa found his asshole and after some resistance slipped a soapy finger past the tight ring into the void. Vanessa's pussy tingled as she kisses his cock head before sucking on his shaft again. Sliding the length into her mouth.

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Vanessa worked Andy's cock readying him for her gushing pussy. Sucking on his cock and with a finger up his ass, Vanessa could feel Andy building up to a big orgasm, she thought 'not yet my boy. She eased off his cock and soaped her own hot toned body. Washing with the bubbly soap, she turned Andy around and presses her soapy tits and pussy mound against his back and firm ass. They both moaned as Vanessa pushed her diamond hard nipples between his shoulder blades and ground her hot mound over his firm ass. Vanessa whispered in Andy's ear, "Does this feel good my young lover," as she reached around and encircled the base of his shaft with her soapy hand.

Scuba sex stories

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