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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. A Tale of the Great Dog Demon Sesshomaru by YoursAnonymous reviews Rin, now a grown woman, is torn between her love for her master and her loyalty as his servant. Can her love transcend the barriers of both class and race? Rated M for a reason. Unlike the Prequel, this has 5 chapters instead of four. The Guys. Inuyasha and Kagome 3. Miroku and Sango 4.

Kouga and Ayame 5. Sesshomaru and Rin. Here, we see the couples meet each other again. Again, these are one-shots of each relationship except for the first chapter. Title of chapter is based on the theme of the story. These stories are rated T-M, there are lemons! He is already 5 years overdue. When Kaede finally makes her realize a Demon cannot ever truly love, can Rin move on with her life and stop waiting for a Demon to lay claim to her?

When Sesshomaru finally does arrive, is he too late to claim the only human he's ever loved? Sesshomaru will do everything to protect his Rin. What will the lovers do when fate makes every attempt to keep them apart? How Sesshomaru lemon stories rin react when shesshomaru returns? How will Sesshomaru act when he sees Rin and how will his inner demon Sesshomaru lemon stories him Sesshomaru lemon stories change? He can't decide on what to do between her being a human and his new love rival? Our other couples will pop in the story too.

Love Dangerous by Willow Jane reviews When Rin finally becomes a woman, she quickly comes to realize that her lord and savior, Lord Sesshomaru, is her mate. Being an over-protective, possessive, and bossy dog-demon comes with the territory of being mated to a human, fortunately, because Rin's life is in danger. As old memories come back to haunt her, she turns to the one who's sworn to protect her: her mate. He told her that he didn't love her, that he never did.

Rin was heartbroken, but now tries to move on. But that is very hard to do when the man you're trying to get over reappears and seems to be going out of his way to make you miserable. I can only assume it is because you do not want to. Perhaps I am not to my lord's liking anymore…" I assure you, Rin, I desire to kiss you everywhere. Sesshomaru is not amused. After the council of the gods, save a few, betray and sentence him to eternal suffering, something happens to our hero that will change him forever. He is tortured and cursed. With a horrible curse placed upon him that turns him into the things that he hunts and despise, will he suffer in the pit or will he thrive?

Sesshomaru, a cruel heartless handsome blind demon. Can she help him to recover from blindness and more than that can she stop his hatred to humans Love Me As Your Own by Lulu Scarlet reviews Rin is patiently awaiting Sesshomaru to return for her, but will everything go exactly as she imagined it will? Or will problems new and old get in the way? Definitely contains fluff, Adult content for mature eyes. Temptation by Strumfita33 reviews Rin has grown into a beautiful young lady and of course her body is changing and her feels for her Lord as well.

Anyway, will Sesshomaru fall under her temptation? The Beast by AnimeDemon1 reviews Rin finds herself in a compromising situation when she meets the rumoured beast that lives in the forest near her home town. Rin is 18 years old. Inuyasha and Kagome, 2. Miroku and Sango, 3. Kouga and Ayame, and 4. The prompt I made for this: "You don't realize what you have until she's gone". Four different stories about the male losing the female. Distant Nights by Cheung Mei Li reviews As Rin grew up, things changed and other things were discovered, such as her insomnia.

Another thing has also changed, the distance between her and Sesshomaru. Now returning to his side, the silence between them is awkward and impossible to traverse.

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Or, so it appears during the day. But on that same day, Sesshomaru returns. What would he do and how would their loves end? Read and find out. The guy used the girl and was with another woman, leaving the girl to cry alone in misery. Years later, the roles are reversed when they meet again, but this time the girl is happy with the man she is in love with. The guy, on the other hand, finally realizes he loves the girl but it is too late. Who is the girl? Who is the guy? And who is the man?

Sesshomaru is jealous because Rin has been proposed by other man. You are male, too," she teased. When you were mine by suena reviews One night, we only had one beautiful night to have each other. My soft sigh and your ragged breath was all that could be heard as we made love in the dim light of the room. Sesshomaru, in a moment of desperation, snatches her away and flees to his Palace. There, he shows her the life he had planned for her, hoping she will accept him. Rin has Sesshomaru - one of the most powerful and deadliest demons - wrapped around her finger. She just hasn't realized it yet, and Sesshomaru believes it's about time to show her just how much she means to him.

Now she is at her enraged master's mercy. The Proposal by 00Zero reviews Sesshomaru over heard a man proposed to Rin and make him realized his own feelings. But is it already too late? If so, what will he do? To Be the Mate of a Lord by Deep-Within-the-Labyrinth reviews Rin has grown up and Sesshomaru has returned to find her a husband, however nothing ever goes according to plan Sesshomaru lemon stories it is no different for these two. Rin is hurt and leaves and Sesshomaru realizes just how important she really is to him. He will give her anything she wishes, after denying her request to once again Sesshomaru lemon stories with him.

She asks one simple thing. She asks for one night with him. I Wont Let You by cwsquared reviews Rin looked up as she saw a flash of light. Her breath catching in her throat as she looked into the woods. Sesshomaru was walking towards her, his hair and clothing reflecting the sun as the forest sparkled from the sun bouncing off the rain drops. I got to see him again.

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Rins Wedding day by mizuki. But now that Rin is 19 and every eligible man has been pursuing her for the last year, she decides it's time to forget about him and except a man's proposal what happens when Rin comes face to face with her lord and true love on her wedding day. Unrequited or Not? Does he love her back?

Don't like SessRin? Don't read. Flaming not preferred. First Inuyasha fic. I don't own Inuyasha or any of its characters. And without another word, he left her without looking back. She had cried when he had gone.

And as he returned to Inuyasha's village, Rin's scent is no longer there. She was truly gone.

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Happy birthday Rin by lilg7 reviews I kiss her neck and suck on the flesh she wiggles and moves under me. I move to her ear, I lick her ear lobe and whisper "Rin, bare my child? Wicked Love by Str8LovelyBarra reviews Rin hated all demons that live in the world, so she thought she was in hell when she had to come and serve lord of the west Sesshomaru. As The Years Progress by WelcomeToMyPersonalHell reviews Leaving her Lord,and is past onto Kaede's shoulders to be taken care of,Rin ages from her immature 8 Sesshomaru lemon stories ways to a more mature and older 17 yearold,Sesshomaru comes back to visit after those 9 years without Rin.

Seducing the Demon Lord by Akuma-no-demon reviews Rin decides it is time to confess her love to Sesshomaru before she risks losing him. What she did not expect was the passion her confession rose in him. And he did not expect Rin could be such a passionate one. Mothering Instinct by Demons. Mate reviews Rin finds an inu pup while bathing in a spring.

Lemon later! This is a romantic story I warn you all, and It's my first doing this.

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Rin's Restless Heart by MoonlightSonata87 reviews Rin's heart is restless as she remembers a certain demon lord. A visit from Sesshomaru will complicate things further. One Shot! Too Much Heaven by pammazola reviews Two-shot ficlet. Sengoku Jidai post-canon. Sesshomaru spends the night with an innocent, mature-aged Rin, pondering over his not so innocent new found feelings towards her. Rated M. Will he learn his mistake?

Or will he and Rin fall apart? Greener Grass by Extreme-Anime reviews Rin, a sad, struggling women trying to find her way through life. Sesshomaru, a grieving man looking for his long lost mate Together they could, maybe, become something greater.

Sesshomaru lemon stories

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