Severe whipping stories

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It's Mindy again. I shared with you last time how I'm spanked, but I have to admit that there have been exceptions to that pattern. For the most part, Daddy spanks me just because he wants to, but there are times when I am naughty and he give me a well deserved punishment for the record, let me remind you that Daddy is not my actual father. And most of the time, those punishments earn me a hairbrush spanking. Sometimes that's followed by a long, hard strapping. But there was one time where it went further. I am too embarassed by my behavior to say what it was I did that deserved such a severe punishment, but suffice to say that it was well earned, and when it was over, Daddy forgave me and I forgave myself.

We talked about my behavior and he passed sentence on the spot, telling me that my punishment would come at bedtime, and would be Severe whipping stories. My mind was stormy the whole evening, whipping between self-pity for what I knew was coming and being sorry for my behavior. Bedtime came and Daddy told me to go get ready for my punishment. I washed up and put on my PJs and sat on the edge of the bed to wait. He took his time, of course, whilie I fidgetted nervously with my hands in my lap. As he walked in, I stood up, but instead of sitting down on the bed where I was sitting before, he stood in the doorway and simply ordered, "Strip.

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The one word command froze me. He didn't move. My tummy did a summersault and I reached down to my waist to pull my PJ top up and over my head. My boobs flopped as they fell out of the top as I got it up past my neck and I could feel the cool air of the room on them.

Everything seemed to conspire to remind me that I was baring myself completely for what promised to be a memorable punishment.

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I tossed the top aside and moved my hands to the waistband of my bottoms and pulled them down. As I bent over to pull my feet out, it felt like I was sticking my bottom out lewdly. At least it wasn't facing him. I tossed the botttoms aside and returned my gaze to him.

He hadn't moved at all and I saw his piercing eyes. My hands moved of their own accord to cover me up and I could feel my eyes misting up. This was a new development. Spankings and what followed were only ever in our bedroom, which he was now ordering me to vacate. Severe whipping stories couldn't remember being nude in the house other than in that room and its ading bathroombut I didn't dare question him.

I walked past him into the hallway that led toward the living room. I could hear him turn behind me, his footseps echoing mine. As I emerged into the living room, the first thing that I noticed was that every single light and lamp was turned on and fed into the nervousness that my nudity and impending punishment brought. My eyes Severe whipping stories to the window and I felt the tiniest relief when I saw the blinds were drawn and closed.

I saw the padded easy chair was moved into the center of the room and there was a long, thin dowel resting across the arms. I stopped in front of the chair and turned around. Daddy was standing in the entryway to the hall. Put your hands on the arms of the chair. Elbows straight. I kept going until my feet were almost a yard apart. As I did so, I relized that my bottom jutted obscenely out and presented not only itself, but my shaved pussy, now on prominent display.

My hands were planted firmly on the arms of the chair right next to the stick. I replied, "Yes, Daddy. I heard his footsteps and then an odd snapping rubber sound and then he was standing next to me. A hand landed on my right bottom-cheek and moved it outward, exposing me even more. Before I could react a finger landed right on the ring of my anus. It moved in little circles and I could feel something squishy, like it was applying some sort of salve to my most private spot.

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In spite of myself, I cried out, "Daddy! I could feel my face get hot and a single tear started to run down my face.

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The embarassment I felt before at my nudity and exposure was nothing compared to this. The finger, which had been making little circles around my anus came back to the center and started pressing inwards firmly. Once it was just past the outer ring, it moved in a circle, spreading whatever it had around the inside of my bottom hole. I couldn't help but gasp in response. The finger made a couple of trips out and in and then was gone. Daddy took a step away and I felt suddenly alone, bent over the chair with my bottom thrust outwards.

I had just enough time to wonder what was next before I start to feel something odd in my bottom. My anus felt suddenly itchy, and then the itch began to burn. I suddenly realized to my horror that this was the first step Severe whipping stories my punishment. I began to moan quietly as the burning intensified, but I kept my hands and feet still, remembering what Daddy said. I could hear him walk and then his hands took the stick away that was sitting on the arms of the chair.

After a second or two I could hear an angry whooshing noise and the dread in my tummy forced its way into my consciousness in front of the burning in my asshole. Then I felt the stick tap the middle of my ass a couple of times. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited. And then as one single instantaneous event I heard a whoosh and then a snap and a felt a line of fire appear across my bottom cheeks.

The shock and fire made me cry out and my head snapped up. A moment later, my breath returned to me and then the whoosh and snap and fire returned, making me shriek again. The pattern of whoosh-snap, the fire, the shriek and the breath continued in a relentless cycle and occupied my entire mind until finally the Severe whipping stories stroke didn't come and I disolved into just crying while the searing heat burned its way both into my bottom cheeks and my anal ring.

He left me like that for a while while I cried. When I started getting the crying under control, he said simply, "Stand up.

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We're almost done, but I am going to burn those welts into your bottom with the hairbrush to make sure you don't forget this lesson any time soon. Stand right there with your hands behind your head. Elbows back".

I brought my hands up to the back of my head and brought my elbows back as far as I could. He turned and walked out into the hall taking the stick with him.

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A moment later, he appeared with my punishment hairbrush in hand. He walked into the kitchen and brought back a straight-backed chair and set Severe whipping stories in the living room in front of me and sat down in it, hairbrush in hand. I lowered my hands and walked over to his right side. Bracing my hands on his left thigh I lowered myself down on his lap in the time-honored way.

As usual, I brought my right hand up and he met it and dragged it into my lower back, pinning me down by it. And then it began. The hairbrush slammed into my left bottom cheek, the my right, back and forth. Instantly I was back to full-on crying as the brush rekindled an intense fire on my bottom. Once again, my entire reality was reduced to the crying and the fire and the brush slamming into my bottom.

When he finally stopped, it took an eternity for me to notice. He helped me to my feet and rose after me, wrapping me in his arms.

Severe whipping stories

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