Sex at young age stories

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I had trouble figuring out when and with whom to have sex. Eventually, I realized I should be paying more attention to how the guy was treating me. We were the last holdouts in our larger group of friends. I mainly thought they were too young to be having sex. Only recently, it seemed, we were playing with Barbie dolls, and now they were talking about all the sexual things they did and what they wanted to try out next.

Until I was 15, I wanted to be a nun: sacred and untouchable. Then I started to live in this magical world where I could be married and have kids but still be a virgin. I was terrified of having sex. Those were the kinds of kids that my family and people I admired looked at with disgust. I remember desperate-sounding girls calling my house crying after my brother broke up with them.

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Plus the idea of having sex with a guy who I really cared for scared me; I was afraid of having that beautiful feeling, and then having it drop down to the ground just as easily as it went up. Still, I was the oldest one among my friends, and to hear them talk about having sex made me feel like I was younger than they were. I heard a lot of people say the best way to learn is from experience, which I believe.

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So even though I was scared of sex, I entered the bet. Having sex just for the experience seemed easier than trying to get into a relationship in order to have sex. The guys around my way? Hell no! My brother told me to stay away from them. And that was fine with me because they were the type of guys my mother looked at with disgust. But my friends were getting action and I felt left out. Besides, I was having problems at school and at home. I was depressed and longed to get rid of that feeling. I thought sex might help. So during Christmas vacation, a few weeks after the bet, I decided to go for it with Ralph.

He was a year younger than I was and from what he and his friends said had already had sex when he was I told Ralph to come over to my house at noon and called my friend Sasha and told her to come at exactly 1 p. I held off as long as I could, but then things started heating up—our pants were down and Mr. Wiggles needed a jacket. Sasha knocked loudly on my apartment door, scaring Ralph off me. I felt so relieved. Sasha and I pretended that we were in a rush to go somewhere. I gave Ralph a kiss goodbye and we all left. I felt like an idiot.

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I was just a kid, wishing to be grown-up by having sex. After that, we only spoke three more times on the phone, and then we never talked again. I decided to take things slower from then on. Then Kim got in the elevator and Chris and I stayed. I thought he was charming and cute—a beautiful smile, with dimples—and he was 6 feet tall, and built. We talked for nearly two hours in the hallway about almost everything, including… sex.

I even told him I was a virgin and that I would only do it with someone I loved. I guess I sorta stretched the truth. I suspected something big was going to happen. What happened next was all a blur. In the beginning, it was lovely; we were just kissing. Hell yeah! We used a condom.

Why am I here? I want to call my friend. I want to go home. I want him to love me. Afterwards, he looked at me and smiled. I wanted to punch him in the Sex at young age stories. It felt like a wrong move. I felt like a fool because I was with someone who was practically a stranger. I wondered if it would have felt the same if I were with someone I knew and loved. And what was I going to do when I got home? Would I tell my mother? Could she find out just by looking at my face? Should I tell Kim and Sasha or keep it to myself?

I hated him. I turned over and said that I was sleepy. I pretended to sleep, but I was thinking about the whole thing. I wanted to cry. I thought I had more respect for myself than to just do it with a stranger. Was he the slut or me? Chris stayed in my room until 5 a. I went into the shower hoping to wash off the feeling of failure. He tried to talk to me during the bus ride to the airport and on the plane, but I ignored him and sat with other people.

Because he was older, I thought he could have any woman, and would probably prefer ones his age. I was still all shook up from the things I remembered doing. I worried that he just wanted to do it again. I needed to sort things out first. Five days later, I decided to see Chris. We walked on the boardwalk and I was quiet the whole time. Then we went to see his friends. He was sweet and respectful, talking to me calmly and wanting to know things about me. I realized that there was potential for a real relationship, so I decided to see him again.

Seven months later, Chris and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. Our relationship is not simple, though. My feelings have changed many times, very fast, from August till now.

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I hated him, liked him, was annoyed by him, bothered by him, loved him, hated him and loved him. He says that my fluctuating attitude is what bothers him the most about me. But when I feel neglected because he has things to do, I hate him. This relationship is work, but I also think you have to work hard for some of the best things in life, like good grades.

I enjoy it more now because I have this feeling of love inside me, rather than confused feelings for someone I just met. During my time in foster care, I have lived in several homes with teen parents. The most memorable teen mom was only 16 when she had her first child, and was getting ready to turn 18 when she had her second. The names in this story have been changed. In junior high school, a small group of my friends, mostly guys and one girl, started talking about girls in the class who they thought were fast.

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Sex at young age stories

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