She hulk transformation stories

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By Kelly Knox Updated: 21 Jan am.

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What sets her apart from the classic Hulk, Bruce Banner? And how might she fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Who Is She-Hulk? Stan Lee and John Buscema created She-Hulk inalthough another writer would continue to tell the stories in her first solo comic book series, The Savage She-Hulk.

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Her newly gamma-irradiated blood combined with her anger, and Jennifer turned into She-Hulk! Her original incarnation was similar to the Hulk, with rage fueling her transformation and strength, but in a short time she would keep her wits and personality—with a boost of confidence—in her larger, green form. She-Hulk Through the Years.

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House of the Dragon Jesse Schedeen. Was this article informative?

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YES NO. In This Article. Part of the expanded television line of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, She-Hulk follows Jennifer Walters, a lawyer and Bruce Banner's cousin who transforms into She-Hulk after receiving a blood transfusion from Banner.

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She hulk transformation stories

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Jennifer Walters (Earth)