Shrinking penis stories

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And now for something completely different. I actually wrote this a week or so back shortly after Halloween. I was at the gym and heard some douchey dudebro yucking it up with his half pint yes-man, and the dude was making some stupid comments about how girls who participate in No Shave November will soon be participating in No Dick December. The net result was this story, which features, a douchey dudebro getting cut down to size for generally being an asshole.

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Now then! Because this is way different than my normal stuff. Contains: Forced exhibitionism, public humiliation, and a long, slow dick shrinking process. Also contains a mix of gay and straight scenes. More straight than gay though. Chet was the big man on campus, and he knew it. The toned, fit, brown haired, blue eyed stud was definitely one Shrinking penis stories the better looking dudes attending Northfriar State University, but what really set him apart was his dick. It was only a few months into his freshman year and already his name and his tool were becoming the stuff of legend.

His cock was over a Shrinking penis stories long, He made sure that every lady that had a go with him took the time to measure it at its fullest before he rammed it into them. Not only was it long, but it was thick too.

Its eight inch girth made it even thicker around than a beer can by quite a good margin. Chet had just finished his third class of the day. His eyes scanned the crowd, looking for a particularly foxy vixen to take home between classes. He sidled up beside the slender, pale skinned lass and threw an arm over her shoulder. Her jet black, purple tipped bangs fell over her left eye as she turned and glared angrily at the buff stud.

She reached up to slap the douchey dudebro, but he effortlessly caught her wrist mid swing. There were little bits of blackness peeking through the soft white flesh that was visible under her arm. Chicks like you trying to do it are in for No Dick December. He even went so far as to chuckled snidely at his own joke. You bitch! You know what! Fuck you! You had your chance! You could have had some fun with the great Chet Willis! Best cock in the state, but noooo. You had to go all psycho lesbo on me. His little tirade gave Victoria an interesting idea.

Her voice changing from the harsh tones it had had before. She now sounded like a bubbly, awestruck teen. He began to turn around, but right as his face was pointed towards the small, black haired girl his vision was obscured by a cloud of purplish dust.

He coughed and sputtered for a moment as he waited for his vision to clear. Did you like it? I made it myself! I gotta run now, but please come by my place later. She hopped up on one foot with the other behind her, and she had one of her hands curled into playfully up by her ear with the other down by her chin like some kind of gooby looking anime babe. She then produced a small slip of paper with her address and phone and handed it to the completely bewildered dude. He took it skeptically. The second the slip of paper left her fingers, Victoria turned and bolted into the crowd.

He took a quick glimpse at the address before crumpling it up and chucking it into the nearest trashcan. Chet was too pissed off to go to his next class; not that he had intended to attend anyway. He needed to get his rocks off to help him blow off steam.

Fortunately for him he had a long list of hotties who were practically wetting themselves to have a go with him. He spun through his contact list and looked for a decent girl. No names were listed, merely vague descriptions.

Tall blonde… sounds like a coffee…. He clicked dial and waited for the inevitable response. This one sounded nice and vapid. He got home and strode proudly into his dorm room. Sure enough, the bubbly brunette with the thick, luscious lips was already waiting for him on his bed. She was clad in just a small pair of lace panties. All he cared about was that she was stacked and looked like she knew how to have a good time in the sack. He was already rock hard before his underwear came off.

The second he pulled down the waistband his huge, thick dick sprung upwards and slapped against his toned abs. The tip of his dick was just about even with his belly button. Something in the back of his mind tensed up. He was sure it Shrinking penis stories slapped against the next row of abs up. He just chalked it up to nerves as a result of that bat shit crazy lady he had tried to hit on earlier.

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That had to be it, he figured. These things happened to the best of them, and sometimes they even happened to him. His cock was plenty huge to satisfy Cindy though. Her eyes lit up at the sight of such a large specimen. Chet searched his memory banks and finally remembered where he had met Cindy. It seems even football stars paled in comparison to his enormous piece.

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He moaned softly as he felt her sucking on his cock. It was obvious she had quite a bit of experience at this. Her tongue rubbed against the sensitive parts of his shaft and even brushed against the tip of his dick masterfully. After a few minutes of getting head, Chet decided it was time for the main event. Just lay back and let me work. He slid the condom over his cock, but it felt weird.

He looked down and saw that it looked baggy and ridiculously oversized. His stomach churned a bit, but he tried to rationalize it. He peeled it off, and threw it in the trash. He was completely out of his supersized magnum covers, but he did have one of the freebies that the campus health center had been handing out earlier this week. He had shoved one in his wallet without really thinking. There was no way those average sized dick-wraps would be big enough for his mondo-dong, but hey, a free condom is a free condom.

He pulled out the standard issue willy-wrapper and slid it over his cock. It was a lot tighter than he was used to, but at least it would work. He was surprised at how loose she was. He was so used to pussies Shrinking penis stories feeling nice and tight for his massive dick.

The thought that she was so stretched out amazed him. You must really get around. She moaned halfheartedly with each plunge. Sure, his dick seemed pretty big, at least it had Shrinking penis stories it had been in her mouth, but now that it was in her cunt it seemed mediocre at best. She rolled with it, though. After a few minutes of faked moans from Cindy and guttural groans from Chet, Chet finally grunted loudly.

Cindy could tell that he was done and decided to play along. She let out a very forced, very fake climactic cry and went slack on the mattress.

Shrinking penis stories

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Penis Shrinking Stories