Sister seduced brother stories

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Share Story. Sister seduces Brother and lots more besides. You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details. This is a story of complete fiction, none of it is real, and all the names and characters are made up. When wasn't she? The only problem was, only being fourteen and living miles from anywhere, and going to an all Girls School, meant she hadn't even kissed a Boy properly, let alone done anything intimate, but once she found out a couple of her classmates had actually been fucked she couldn't stop thinking about having sex, and no amount of wanking, even with the dildos she'd bought from another one of the Girls in School, could take the craving for cock away, and the only person she could think of to satisfy her needs was the one Guy she wasn't allowed to fuck, her big Brother Mike, who was eighteen and an absolute Hunk.

And not only that, she also knew he was really well hung, because she'd overheard one of his Girlfriends teasing him about it. You can't fuck Mike though, Luce, he's your Brother, Lucy said to herself, Sister seduced brother stories was lying naked on her bed smoking a cigarette and absentmindedly playing with her pert 32C tits, knowing that with him downstairs watching Football, and their Parents away for the night visiting Friends, if she were to do something about how she was feeling now was the perfect time, even if it was risky, not to mention highly illegal.

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Then again, if he was up for it, and no one found out, well, then Sister seduced brother stories not try and do something about it? Besides, they'd always been close and got on really well, and she'd noticed him looking at her boobs and arse a few times over the past couple of weeks, especially when she was wearing that tiny black string bikini she'd recently purchased, which her Mum told her made her look like a Slut, which was the whole fucking pointso why not just go for it and see what happens?

So after grappling with her conscience and deciding to just try and flirt with Mike for now and see where it led, she checked her hair, put on a little bit of makeup, slipped into a white flowing skirt that hung mid thigh, no knickers, and an oversized black vest top which was really low cut and should have been worn with something underneath, and headed downstairs, as excited and nervous as a young Kid at Christmas.

But when she reached the bottom of the stairs and saw that the living room door was almost closed she thought it was a bit odd, especially as she couldn't hear the TV. But instead of just opening the door and seeing what he was doing, she made her way along the hall, where she could now hear people moaning sexually, thinking to herself, what the fuck is he doing? She got her answer, and nearly fainted, where she looked through the gap in the door and saw her Brother sitting on the black leather sofa, totally naked and slowly pumping his huge cut cock, ten inches to be precise, while watching hardcore Porn on the HDTV, a tub of KY Jelly and a big box of tissues next to him, and completely oblivious to the fact he was being watched.

Oh My Fucking God! He's fucking wanking, the horny fucker! Jesus Fucking Christ, look at the size of his dong, Luce, Wow! And it's making me really fucking wet! What should I do though? Just barge in on him, or wait till he cums and cleans up and take it from there? I mean where's the fun in that? So instead she just Sister seduced brother stories in the room, staring straight at his glistening cock, giggling and laughing, and asked him what he was up to.

What the fuck! What the hell do you think you're doing? Can't you knock? It's the living room, Mike, not your bedroom. Besides, you're lucky it's me who caught you and not Mum, because I doubt she'd be impressed with you wanking on her sofa! Look how sticky it is! Behave, will you? But what do you mean by that? And stop looking down my top! Not that I mind, but it's not really right, is it? Shall I take it off? So you can see my tits properly! No fucking way! You're my Sister for God sake! Who gives a fuck? I certainly don't! And besides, no one will know! Look, too late now,' she smiled, quickly pulling the vest top over her head and dropping it on the floor, knowing she was taking a massive risk but just too fucking horny to care, especially as he hadn't put his cock away, and it was getting hard again!

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Fucking Hell! What the fuck is she up to? She can't want to fuck me, can she? Jesus she's hot! I can't fuck her though, can I? Oh My God! And now she's taking her fucking skirt off! And she's shaven. And really fucking wet! Mike said under his breath, his boner now rising by the second. Now look, Luce, I don't know what you think you're doing, but whatever it is it's got to stop. Oh Fuck! Oh Shit! No, Sis, we can't! Hello, You! And I know it's really fucked up, Mike, but I really need to get fucked, and seeing as I'm not allowed to go to pubs or clubs yet, what's a horny Girl like me supposed to do?

I know it's Incest and totally wrong, Mike, but like I said, we've got the House to ourselves, I really want you to fuck me, so, why not take advantage and just see what happens? Oh Yea! Just like that! How does it feel? Do you like it? It's fucking massive though, Mike! No wonder you fuck so many Girls, I just hope I can get it all inside me! Now let me show you how good I am with my fingers, and then I'm going to eat you, if that's alright?

Of course it is, you can do whatever you want to me, Mike, within reason! Do you fuck Girls up the arse as well? Now stop talking and let's fuck! Then he slid his middle finger all the way inside her and went to work on her fuck button, gently sucking it into his mouth while looking up at her, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, thinking, fucking hell, this is crazy, I'm fucking my little Sister, who I'm supposed to keep an eye on and protect, yet here I am having illegal sex with her!

And it feels fucking fantastic. And it got even better when after he'd made her cum again, with her cooing and moaning and begging him not to stop, she decided she just had to suck his big cock and quickly took control, firstly sitting up on the sofa and kissing him long and hard so she could taste her cunt juice, which to her was just the wildest thing ever, then she told him to lie down and relax, wearing the dirtiest smile ever, and much like he'd done to her she kissed and licked every inch of has tanned, hairless upper body, before gripping the thick base of his rock hard cock and asking him what to do next.

Lick up and down the shaft first though, so you make it nice and wet. Be careful not to swallow too much, otherwise you'll choke yourself! Oh don't worry, Mike, I'm sure I'll be fine! I still can't believe how big it is! OK, here we go!

Not as much as when she actually began sucking his cock though, looking deep Sister seduced brother stories his sexy blue eyes and almost devouring his Monster, bobbing her head up and down and seeming to take more each time, looking up at Mike as if to say, am I doing OK, to which he just smiled and nodded, and moaned loudly, obviously. By now she was really getting into it, sucking it for a couple of minutes, releasing it, with saliva dribbling from her mouth, then licking up, down and around the shaft before going back to sucking the swollen bell end like that ice lolly, the only problem being it was that good Mike felt his balls tighten, and as they had all night to fuck he told he was going to cum, and that he was gonna do it all over her tits and face!

Are you? Well come on then, give me your fucking Spunk! Do it in my mouth as well, Baby, cos I really want to find out what it tastes like! So without too much fuss he told her to lie down, knelt in front of her just as his balls erupted and he started spraying thick w of creamy cum all over her boobs and smiling face, leaving her giggling and laughing and opening her mouth as wide as she could.

As he was still emptying his sac Mike was trying to work out the last time he'd cum this much, and realised he'd probably never cum so much in his life, but the best thing about it was that as soon as he'd stopped, and leant down to lick her sticky tits and face clean before feeding her his cum, which she absolutely loved, he noticed that he was still rock hard! So after quickly going down on her again and making her cum, twice, he coated his cock with the KY Jelly while they shared a cigarette and she told him how much she loved him, and Incest, and then the filthy fun and games really began.

And because he was so well hung and it was her first time he suggested that she ride him so she could get used to it and fuck him at her own pace. Jump on board! Jesus you're tight! And really warm and wet, and it feels fucking sensational! How about you, you OK? And by God it felt fucking fantastic, especially as each time she eased herself down onto his cock she took another inch or so inside her, until after about five minutes, and two or three mind blowing orgasms, she realised she had the full ten inches inside her, and that it didn't hurt at all.

But then why would it when his cock was so well oiled and she was so wet? And that's when she decided this wasn't going to be a one off and that she wanted to fuck her Brother every chance she got, and with their Dad working away at least three times a week, and their Mum always busy organising charity events and other stuff, which meant her being out at least two nights a week, plus them going away nearly every weekend, it meant only one thing, that she'd be having wild Incestuous Sex more or less every day from now on.

In the meantime there was more serious fucking to be done, so that after she'd cum a few more times she told Mike that she wanted him to fuck her properly, leaning down to French kiss him as she spoke and whispering in his ear to fuck her as hard as he could, but to make sure he didn't cum inside her because she wasn't on the pill yet! And boy did he deliver, beginning slowly and fucking her with long, deep thrusts until she was cumming more or less all the time, which was when he went into overdrive, repeatedly driving his cock into her unbelievably tight cunt as hard as he could, before briefly pausing after a Sister seduced brother stories minutes and asking her if she was OK, knowing it was a silly question given how much she was cumming but wanting Sister seduced brother stories check just in case.

I love the way when you slide your cock inside me it really stretches me open, and then the way you stir it around, it feels Sister seduced brother stories fucking magical. And I want to do this all the time, Mike. Like every time we're in the House on our own I want to fuck you, and even when they're at home I'm gonna stop wearing knickers and I'm gonna send you dirty text messages telling you how wet I am and how much I miss you're cock! And, when you've cum I want you to fuck me in the arse! I've already tried it with my dildos you see, but I really need to know what it feels like to have the real thing inside me.

Now make me fucking cum again! And I agree about fucking all the time, and although that stuff you said about doing when Mum and Dad are around sounds really hot we've still got to be so careful they don't suss it out, because if they ever Sister seduced brother stories we'd be in serious fucking trouble!

OK, prepare to get fucking destroyed! And while he continued to fuck her with more hunger, vigour and passion than he'd ever fucked anyone, he was telling her how after they'd finished fucking he was going to get her stoned, which would enhance things tenfold, and that this weekend, when their Parents would be away, he was gonna invite one or two of his Friends over who he knew would be into this, and that he liked fucking Guys as well as Girls, but what he really wanted to see was her getting fucked, so he could suck the cock out of her cunt!

I never knew you were Bi? So do I know these Friends? And how do you know they're gonna be into it? And last weekend while I was fucking her at her House she invited a few other Girls and Blokes over to fuck, and her Brother Dean, 19was also there, and not only did I fuck him and with one of Roxy's Friends, Kelly, 17while Roxy was fucking in another room, but when I fucked her on her own and told her I'd fucked Dean she really got off on it! So you just leave everything to your big Brother and I promise you we'll be having lo of kinky fun whenever we want to!

Now let me make you cum again, and after I've spaffed all over you and got you stoned I'm gonna make you squirt, and I'm gonna fuck your tight little arse so much it'll feel like you've been ripped in fucking two! In truth though that was only the start, because there was something about Incest and banging your fourteen year old Sister that seemed to bring out the pure Animal in Mike, as he proved on the Saturday morning before they were due to fuck Roxy and her Brother.

Now the first thing you need to know is that the night after Mike first fucked his Sister, which carried on until the early hours of the morning, he went over to Roxy's, and while he was fucking her, and Kelly, who'd turned up halfway through the evening, he started talking about Incest, and eventually told them what he'd been up to, which led to Kelly confessing that she'd been fucking her Brother Scott, 19for over a month, which Roxy knew all about, because she'd fucked them together, and in turn led to her saying that she'd definitely be up for fucking her Brother as well, but as he was away at Uni until Friday, why didn't they all come over to hers on Saturday instead of going to Mike's because it would be easier to organise, her Parents were away as well, and they had a Pool in the garden!

We'll begin at Lucy's, where after fucking Mike for a good two hours as soon as their Parents had left the House, they got cleaned up, dressed, had something to eat then headed over to Roxy's, with Mike driving and Lucy sitting in the passenger seat wearing a tiny summer dress with nothing on beneath it, while Mike was wearing jogging shorts and a vest top, and was already rock hard, mainly because not only did Lucy keep squeezing his cock, but she also had her boobs out and kept flashing her naked pussy at him!

And as they were on a quiet country road, because it was a boiling hot day and he just loved outdoor sex, he started goosing her up and playing with her tits, and asking her if she wanted to fuck!

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OK, you kinky fucker! And before you know it he had her bent over the bonnet and was fucking her into next week, driving his cock into her wet pussy again and again and asking her if she liked fucking outdoors, especially as there was a good chance they might get caught.

Not as hot as your cock though, but then again nothing is! You can slip it up my arse again if you like? I know I do!

Sister seduced brother stories

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