Sisters panty stories

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My sick obsession began when I was a giving my boards in high school when I first became interested in girls as well as wanting to have sex.

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The very first time I ever got an erection was from seeing my sister in nothing but her bra and panties as she was non chalant about parading around the house in her underwear. This would later on progress to something more. One hot summer day we were sitting on the sofa together in our underwear watching wrestling matches on tv. I always got a secret hardon for her. I woke up to the sound of her laughter and felt her hand rubbing my cock that was now getting hard.

She continued to laugh as she rubbed my hard penis that was beneath her cum soaked satin panties.

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I was hoping she was going to jerk me off to ejaculation but now I was pissed off and I took off her panties that I was wearing. She continued laughing. Abit annoyed that she was laughing at me I began ticking her ribs causing her to laugh more. As I continued tickling her she was now all over the place rolling around. Together in sexy girls underwear we rolled aound tickling each other, meanwhile my cock hard as a rock as I finally ended up on my back with her on top of me, but she was facing the ceiling and my hard cock was right between her firm little ass cheeks that squeezed my dick every time I started tickling.

I loved how her soft skin felt beneath my finger tips and began exploring her body with my hands feeling her belly. I began rubbing her tits. She lightly moaned as I rubbed her tits. I kept one hand on her breast while my other Sisters panty stories gently caressed her belly and on down to her pussy. She continued to squeeze my cock with her ass cheeks as I rubbed her pussy and pushed her down harder onto me, guiding her in a rocking motion on top of me. For 20 minutes I felt up my sister while she used her tight little ass to make me cum. We laid down side by side for a few minutes saying nothing to each other.

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I was sticky with cum and decided to take a shower. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Sisters panty stories

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