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I don't know why I agreed to do it. I'd never slept naked with anyone, much less another boy. But ever since we met at basketball tryouts that first week of college, one of my teammates had been after me to do it with him. I said no, of course, but he continued to pressure me until finally, mostly to shut him up, I said I might.

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That made it worse. It's just part of growing up, exploring stuff with guys you can trust. Just think of it as an experiment. Yeah, sure, I'd think to myself as he talked, what you're really interested in has been obvious since the first time we showered together. His eyes had immediately dropped to my crotch and lingered over the swollen fullness he discovered there.

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From then on, he openly courted my friendship, constantly talking about the size of my meat, as he called it, and our sleeping naked together. It's true I'm pretty well endowed. Have you ever seen one of those dicks that always looks heavy and swollen, especially pumped and flushed just after practice or a game? Well, I've got one, so I'm used to being gawked at.

It doesn't bother me. I'm proud of what I've got.

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Usually showing it off is fun, but not with Lance. The way he looks at it's just different.

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It's like he wants it somehow, more than just to look. Sometimes it really made me uncomfortable. Whether I was naked, in jeans, shorts, or whatever, his eyes were constantly in my crotch, and lately his hands too. He'd use any excuse he could to touch it. I'd had to stop wrestling with him. He'd squeeze and feel around on my groin every chance he got, especially when I was unable to do anything about it.

This was becoming a source of frustration, actually for both of us. Every time we were naked together, about every day during basketball season, his eyes would linger around my crotch until he'd have to cover his own with his towel to hide the effect it always had on him. I'll admit I teased him when we first met. He'd drool over my amazing bulge, as he called it, wadded out in my jeans or just hanging loose between my legs. I'd sometimes let him get away with accidentally feeling it when we were horsing around, or pressing up against it when the shower was especially crowded.

I'd pretty much ignore it, but the other guys were also beginning to notice. I tried to talk to him about it, but it always came back to my sleeping naked with him and increasing the pressure for me to do it. Then, late one evening, his parents out of town, he suggested it was a good time for me to stay all Sleep naked stories with him. We'd been watching television and drinking beer at his house, and I couldn't go home like that anyway. I thought about it and reluctantly agreed to do it, but only for that one time.

He agreed with no argument. As we sat alone the rest of the evening watching television, all I could think about was lying naked next to him the rest of the night in the same bed. I Sleep naked stories know exactly what he'd want to do, but I suspected some time during the night, probably when I was asleep, he'd try to feel of my dick.

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I didn't know if I'd mind that so much if he only felt of it once, but not over and over all night. Still, both of us being naked and all, I was giving him a lot of opportunity to do a lot more. I didn't like that. In fact, the closer the time came to going through with it, and the more I thought about it, the closer I came to calling the whole thing off. Eventually he went on to bed ahead of me.

I put it off as long as I could and, when I did finally get into bed, I kept on my socks and underwear. I'd decided to back out on the naked part, but as soon as I stretched out next to him, I felt his body pressing against mine, apparently nude, as he laid over me to turn out the light I'd intended to leave on.

Come on, I Sleep naked stories have on anything, but I guess you can tell. I didn't respond, but yes, I could feel his dick, conspicuously hard and swollen, dragging against my stomach as I squirmed, pulling out from under the weight of his body. We lay silent next to each other for quite awhile after that. Sleep naked stories begun to think he'd gone to sleep, which was fine with me. Then, just as I was about to doze off, I sensed his hand on my lower stomach, his fingers creeping slowly over the sizeable bulge in my Jockey shorts, gathering its heavy fullness up inside his hand, squeezing it repeatedly through the thin cotton material.

Immediately my body stiffened from the strange, new sensation. My first impulse was to push his hand away but, expecting something like this to happen, I decided to pretend to sleep, forcing myself to put up with it, thinking it wouldn't take long for him to satisfy his curiosity and then we'd both go to sleep. But I was fooling myself. Lying there in the darkness, allowing him to continue to fondle my meat through my underwear, I listened to the sound of his breathing become more and more labored as he caressed and fondled my dick and balls more and more openly, my fingers digging into the mattress beneath me as I tried not to move or pull away from the mounting sensations of his feeling my aroused meat as no one ever had before.

After several moments of this, he paused. I thought he was giving up. But then I felt his hand sliding inside the leg of my shorts and, grasping the swollen head of my dick, squeeze its sensitive mushroom several times and then start to pull it out the leg of my underwear. What are you doing? We're not wrestling now.

There's no harm in that, is there? You're just getting it all hard and swollen. I just want to see how big and hard it can get. Come on," he urged, pulling the front of my underwear over my meat, "Just once. Maybe, I thought, Sleep naked stories I let him feel actually feel directly, he'd be satisfied with that, and this would end of it for the night. But I was wrong again. The longer he fondled my then flaccid dick and heavy balls, rolling the loose scrotum around my cock and stroking both inside his hand, the more audibly excited he became, openly confessing what a handful it was and how good it was to actually feel it, at last.

I was amazed, speechless. I remember thinking he might say he's not gay, but he sure is acting like it.

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No, this I couldn't take any longer. He'd just about had my underwear off and openly enjoying playing with my dick and my balls as if they were his own.

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This had to stop. Forcing his hands gently but firmly off my groin, I turned away from him, managing to pull my stretched shorts up over my then quite swollen meat. Shaken and upset, Sleep naked stories whole groin alive and tingling with sensation from being handled like he was, I leaned against my elbow on the edge of the bed, trying to decide what to do. Neither of us spoke for a while. I was too rattled. No one had ever done anything like that to me before and I was in no way prepared for it. It didn't feel all bad. I admit that, but different, that's for sure.

I might have even liked it under other conditions. I don't know. I just wasn't used to anyone actually Sleep naked stories me like that. I remembered once during a sports physical, one doctor did actually hold my dick out of the way as he felt up under my balls for a hernia. While he was doing that, I felt his hand move slowly over the length of my dick, eventually making it swell. I looked at the ceiling as it did it, but did look down as he motioned me to move on to the next station.

He looked at my dick as it slid slowly from his grasp, squeezing its thickness as it did. I remember thinking how good that had felt, not at first, but after I'd gotten used to. I thought you liked it. You were acting like you did.

I remained silent, not knowing what to say. Unsure how I felt about all this, I closed my eyes, exhaling loudly, only the sound of our breathing filling the darkness. I wanted to think about it before I said or did anything I might regret.

I knew what he wanted to do. I just didn't know if I wanted to let him do it. Letting him feel of me like that was weird, at least at first. I needed to think, but his persistence made that impossible. It feels even thicker and heavier than it looks. And your balls. I couldn't get both of them in my hand at the same time.

Sleep naked stories

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