Sniffing sisters panties stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 10th of April Report. They did everything together. The were either shopping or gossiping about the guys they had a crush on. Sis and her friend both stood about 5'6" roughly lbs each and had dark hair, beautiful skin and the nicest bodies.

They were the hottest girls in the neighborhood. Anyone would expect each of them to be stuck up, self absorbed girls yet they were both really down to earth. I heard them refered to as old souls, they just had a great understanding of the world and the people in it. Well I had the hots for sis's friend, and one weekend when she stayed over, I had the notion that I wanted to snoop around. They went shopping and I had my chance.

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I went in and went thru her friends bags and only found pants, shirts and clean underwear. I unfolded her bra and panties. I felt sneaky and wonderful at the same time, her clothes were soft and smelled of nice fabric softener. I was hoping to find a vibrator or anything sexual and I found nothing. I went into the sis's bathroom and there in a pile was sleep clothes from last night and panties.

I leaned over and pulled the panties out and opened them up. This was the first time I ever sniffed any girls panties. I definitly didn't want to sniff my sisters panties and I wasn't sure which ones belonged to who. I realized before I lifted the panties all the way to smell the crotch, a very distinct scent of perfume came from the white pair, I knew for sure these were sis's friends panties.

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I left the other pair and snuck back to my room to jerk off and examine her panties closer. Once on my bed with my pants at my ankles, my dick was hard as steel and I thought I was gonna cum before I even touch it. I opened her panties Sniffing sisters panties stories was strokin my cock as I looked closely, examining the yellowish white stain where her pussy touchs the fabric. It was more than just a stain, there was something more.

It appeared thick and laying on the material, not soaked in. I had know idea at that time what discharge or female cum was, I just knew I was excited, my heart was pounding, my breathing had my chest rising and falling like a jet at take off and landing and i was doing everything not to cum. The scent of her friends perfume wasn't the only smell, what ever was on the panties gave off the most wonderful smell in the world.

I buried my face in her panties and the very instant my nose inhailed the smell of a girls pussy for the first time my cock exploded. It was the strongest orgasm I'd had up to the point. Cum flew all the way over my head and hit the wall.

As I was recovering there in my bed I layed there just smelling the scent of what was to be a life time of girls bodies and the glorious pleasures to come. I heard the front door open and I jumped up pulling my pants on. I knew I was in trouble if I didn't get those panties back to my sisters bathroom. I wasn't fast enough, they were in her room before I could get there. I opened the door to my room and could hear them rustling shopping bags and paper moving around.

I walked past sis's room and they were pulling stuff out and pulling tags off. As I went by, sis's friend asked, Holding a blouse up in front of herself. I stammered and said I like it, it's going to be beautiful on you, and then it slipped, I felt my face turning red. She said, My sister was smiling at me seeing my expression that I wasn't sure if that was the right thing to say or not, yet sis's look assured me it was.

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I'm standing there with her friends panties stuffed in my pocket frantically thinking of a way to get them back in the bathroom. They were there and the bathroom was on the other side of the room. Sis asked if I would close the door because they wanted to try on what they bought. I went downstairs and turned on the tv, I figured they would come down and I would run up and put them back in the bathroom. I heard sis's door open and they started down the stairs. I became scared as they came into view, her friend had her bags packed and was leaving.

I knew I was dead if she realized or at least would be embarrased to no end that her panties were gone. Sis's friend was wearing the blouse, skirt and shoes she had bought. She stopped in front of me and gave herself a playful twirl and said; If I told her what I was really thinking she would have slapped me.

I was thinking that I wanted to just crawl under her skirt and bury my nose inside her pussy. Its strange how fast thoughts process and the right words come out even if not thinking about a question that was asked. I said; Robin, your absolutely gorgeous, your one one of the prettiest girls ever.

She said. I'm not the prettiest? I looked over at sis and said you both are equally beautiful, and you both will have any man you wish to have. They both smiled, and Robin Sniffing sisters panties stories see ya the next time. I got up and headed for the stairs and Cindy was right behind me.

I couldn't get to her bathroom, I had to walk past her door. I heard her door close and I just went to my room. I was thinking of Robin, and I pulled her panties out and started sniffing the scent of sisters best friends pussy. My dick was hard and I beat my meat for a few seconds before blowing my wad, Sniffing sisters panties stories streams with some chuncky stuff I never saw before.

I cleaned up and drifted off to sleep. I little later I was awakened with a knock at my door. It opened as sis was saying my name. I was still half asleep and started to sit up, I was clothed yet I hadn't tidied up. Cindy spoke and says, I hope I'm not distrubing you? I said no, not at all, what up? She came to the bed and sat on the edge, I said that's it, thats all, I thought, I thought she was gonna say I was silly or something.

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We both laughed, my laugh was out of relief, a relief that Cindy had no idea of what I was relieved from. My thoughts went directly to, okay sis is out of her room and how do I get the Robins underwear back in the bathroom. Sis rubbed my hair and went downstairs. This was my chance, I rushed across the hall Sniffing sisters panties stories into Cindy's bathroom. I looked down and some of the clothes were gone, I noticed that the clothes Robin was wearing from the day before was gone, and the other pair of panties was gone.

I thought ot myself, I guess Robin had taken Cindy's panties by mistake. What the heck I placed the panties back on the floor and went to my room. Later that night sis asked if I had anything to wash, I could see she was holding some clothes in her arms and I could see the panties.

She returned from the laundry room and asked if I would help her with her computer. I said sure, be there in a second. When I entered her room and sat at her computer, she was leaning over my shoulder as I sat there. I'm certain I felt the soft flesh of her chest brush my shoulder. It must have been and accident. Then again I felt her body press into my shoulder. This time she moved around as she rubbed her soft tits into me. I was having trouble concentrating. She asked if I can ask you something, I said what is it.

Well I was wondering if you really think Robin and I are the prettiest girls, and are we beautiful? I said you and Robin are the most beautiful girls I know. Then Cindy asked, I said Cindy I don't know how to answer that. I think I like Robin, so I'm a little biased, yet your my best friend, your my sister, and Sniffing sisters panties stories love you, your very special to me, so its hard to answer.

Your beautiful and she is beautiful. Does it make a difference Cindy? No I guess not. Then Cindy says I want to show you something, and I don't want you to get mad because I'm not. Okay what is it sis? She clicked on her cam files and there I was not an hour ago walking in her room with Robins panties in my hand, going into the bathroom and coming out and leaving her room.

I immedialty said, look Cindy please don't tell Robin, I am so sorry Its just that I have this crush on her and when you both left this morning I couldn't help myself, I am so ashamed. Cindy spoke, I went into my bathroom to use the toilet.

I noticed my panties were gone, and Robin must have mistakingly taken them home.

Sniffing sisters panties stories

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