Spanked by mom stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It was just moments after Alice had hung up the phone that she heard her son, Rob, enter the house, and rather quietly he scurried upstairs to his room. Hmmm, she thought, that was somewhat unusual for her son, who always checked in with her when he got home.

She heard the door to his room close. This was all so uncharacteristic of her son. In the six years that her husband, Rob's dad had essentially abandoned them, Rob had really given her no problems what so ever. He had great grades, had great friends, excelled in sports, dated some nice girls and had been an all around very supportive son.

In fact her son had been the least of her concerns since her husband left. She had married early and given birth to her only son within weeks after her honeymoon. She managed to get an education and has been working the same job for years. She made good money and was materially self- sufficient. At thirty-six, she still had a great figure, nice full pendulous breasts, toned legs and a great, though slightly ample ass. Her long brown hair completed the desirable picture. Yet, she still had not found another mate. Sure she had dated and still had plenty of opportunities to date. Most men however, were too unrefined, too weak or too cowardly about seriously taking on a professional woman with a son living in her home.

Again, she continued to ponder, her son's behavior was not usual. Maybe there was something going on after all, as the angry phone call she had just received insinuated. She waited a few moments to collect her thoughts and figure out how she was going to deal with this. She truly and honestly could not recall her son ever being Spanked by mom stories problem at all. She concluded that being firm and supportive would have to do, and oh, how she wished there was a strong man in her life who could help her navigate this uncharted territory. She made it up the stairs to Rob's room.

Tentatively, she knocked on his door, which became slightly ajar; the latch had never really worked well. Can you please come out. Just a second mom" Inside she heard some rustling of clothes and inadvertently saw her son pulling up his shorts, as he had rather quickly jumped up off the bed. She made to Spanked by mom stories family room, sat on the lounge chair and motioned for her son to sit on the couch across from her. Doesn't want you around her anymore. Now, go on and tell me what happened, all that happened so we can figure this out together.

I understand that you have needs and you have girlfriends. Now promise me you'll tell me, honestly, all that happened so we can figure out how to deal with this and how to deal with Mr. Jane and I were hanging out on the deck and she was being a real tease. He caught us. And then Mr. Andrews came out and started yelling at us. He grabbed Jane and took her in the house. Told me to stay away from her. I was really scared for her mom. I just went around the house to see what he was doing to her. So I peeked through a window. He had her bent over a chair. Her shorts were down and Mr.

Andrews was…was spanking her. He noticed a familiar stirring in his groin as he wished he'd had time to relieve his horniness before his mom had knocked on his door. Jane looked and she saw me. I then ran home. Never did she ever expect to be dealing with type of situation with her son.

To top it off, this had awakened her own memories of her past. They were fond, exciting memories of her father spanking her and fondling her afterwards. God, how she had loved that, she remembered, and how she had provoked him into spanking her again and again, right up until the time she had gotten married. And now this thing with her son, she looked at him sitting across from her.

Was that an erection she saw growing in his shorts. Semiconsciously, she shifted in her chair allowing her skirt to move, exposing her thigh. Alice stay focused, she said to herself, there will be plenty of time later, to Spanked by mom stories with your horniness. Suddenly it hit had her, Rob must have been masturbating in his room about this.

She saw me and had this strange look on her face and she smiled at me.

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He was getting hard talking about this. Never before had he considered spanking. He'd never before imagined or even heard of spanking as a sexual practice. But this had most definitely excited him.

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And his mom wasn't making it any easier. He couldn't help but notice as he had before, how good she looked. And now he could see most of her legs accentuated by her high- heeled sandals. He glanced at her chest and saw her full bosom wondering if were wearing a bra.

And perversely, she judged, she did not want this conversation to end. Mom…Do people really get turned on by doing that? Besides if she told him it was sick, he could have gotten some counseling or medication.

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But really, he admitted, this talk had just made him hot. As I've told you before, nothing is wrong in sex if both people enjoy it and no one gets hurt. She chose her words deliberately, "Son, did it excite you to see Jane get her ass slapped? Somehow she knew it would be just fine. He was after all sexually mature and by all prior indications sexually active. Maybe she could teach him something, and have her, apparently morbid urges satisfied while she was at it. Have their skirt lifted up and given a sound spanking.

Would you like to do that to your mom Rob? Without responding, he pulled her across his lap. She was startled by his strength and even more, pleased by his hard bulge pressing into her.

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Her skirt was slowly lifted. Rob stared at his mother's ass, barely believed this was happening.

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Slowly he raised his hand up and brought it down, somewhat tentatively. Alice felt the blow and it was rather soft and gentle as a spanking can get. Nonetheless, she shuddered and felt a wave of wetness flood her. Rob, felt his mother spasm underneath him as he looked with awe as her ass cheeks jiggled under her french-cut panties. He continued to deliver blows to his mother's ass, his confidence growing with her continued encouragement and obvious excitement. Rob gently rubbed her ass, fascinated by the site, and the feel of her quivering bottom. Boy, he thought, mom sure has a great ass, not too big but nice and curvy.

Did you enjoy that? Did you like spanking mommy? She felt his erection pressing into her pelvis. She pulled his shorts down and stroked his hard cock with her hand, "Let mommy take care of that for you darling. She lowered her lips to his cock and kissed it.

Spanked by mom stories

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