Stormbringer erotic stories

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Wendy galloped out on stage, pretending she was riding a horse. Wendy took off her cowboy hat and waved it at the crowd. She was naturally blonde with bright blue eyes. Her nipples had hardened, poking out the thin plastic triangles covering her large tits.

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As she galloped past, Dani realized her bikini was simply made from a cut up garbage bag. The flimsy plastic tightly hugged her body including her now hard nipples. She was very fair skinned. Her legs were fit and stood out in her heeled boots. Her ass was a firm bubble butt and completely on display, the garbage bag Stormbringer erotic stories up into a string disappearing between her ass cheeks. The crowd roared and Wendy took her hat off and waved it for the crowd.

Dani stepped forward, holding her hands out and raising them to encourage louder applause. It worked and the applause turned her pussy into a faucet. Dani stepped back as Wendy stepped forwards. She already suspected Wendy was going to beat her.

Also, the one that showed her tits was definitely going to win. She ripped her top open, her breasts falling out. They were perfect. The crowd screamed. Dani glanced down at the crowd, her eyes meeting Neils. He was motioning for her to lift her top up and show her tits. She frowned and looked away.

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A good looking man pushed is way to the front of the crowd and tossed a black bikini top on stage. Wendy reached down grabbed it and tied it on. Some in the crowd booed as she covered her tits. An hour later, Neil was well on his way to spending all her winnings. She pulled low cut jeans on, but Neil had insisted she keep the bikini top on.

It had gotten her into the bar without being asked to show her I. They were playing pool. She stepped back watching Neil sink a ball. She raised her eyes and scanned the crowded bar. Her eyes stopped mid sweep, moving back towards a man standing at the bar, a black man, and he was staring back at her with piercing dark eyes. She met them, held their gaze for a fraction of a second that felt like an eternity before she shyly glanced down. Dani nodded and walked around the billiards table, looking for a shot.

She bent over, lining Stormbringer erotic stories up, hit the ball, and sank it. She agreed. He was good. She got lucky and sank a ball sometimes. Dani looked up and saw the black man. Her pussy gave a little squirt. Danielle was not attracted to black men, but this guy was pure man. She was taller than Neil by a couple inches, but she had to look up to the black man.

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He was pure muscle, clearly a bodybuilder, and close to her age. He was dark-skinned with African features that Dani did not find attractive. Yet he gave her a half smile half smirk that made her nipples grow again and damped the panty of her homemade bikini. The tray held three shots of tequila along with the salt and sliced lemons that went with the shots. His bicep was huge. His waist was thin, expanding out into a broad chest.

A white tank top tightly hugged his overdeveloped body. Her eyes also noticed a wedding ring on his hand. Flex smile-smirked at her again. He sank the eight ball, winning the game. Dani sat down nearby and sipped a beer while watching her boyfriend play the giant black man. Flex was good, but Neil was better. He sank a couple balls before missing the next shot. Flex sank one, but scratched. Neil ran the table and expertly called the shot on the eight balls. Stormbringer erotic stories and Dani were playing again when he returned with three more shots of tequila.

They tossed them back. He looked up at Flex. Flex looked over at her. Dani just sighed and headed off to the bar. A few men at the bar offered to buy her drinks, but she refused. She returned with a glass of ice water, hoping to water down the alcohol in her stomach to avoid a hangover in the morning. More importantly she wanted to be sober enough to get laid that night. Her pussy had been soaked since the bikini contest. Neil had a triumphant grin on his face when she got back.

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The two men downed them. He held out his hand and Flex pulled four fifties out of his wallet. Flex slowly looked up from his wallet. Dani sighed, but watched intently as Neil sank ball after ball. It looked like Neil had one more ball before he could go for the eight.

Flex had four still on the table. Wanna make this even more interesting? He would have turned her hundred-dollar winnings into a thousand. That would pay for this trip and give them something extra. Flex smirked. The answer is no. If I win, I get the money and Stormbringer erotic stories hand job. Neil looked disappointed. She just arched an eyebrow. Flex turned to her. Again, she pictured herself kneeling nude before the black man.

Her hand gliding up and down a really large black dick. The size of his phallus had grown since her last fantasy. Her nipples were rock hard nubs, scraping against her bikini top. Flex winked at her and turned his gaze to the table. Flex ran the table, calling every shot and expertly sinking the eight ball. Her eyes were staring out onto the crowd unfocused, not believing what she was about to do.

He turned and headed to the bar. Dani realized her boyfriend was trying to run out on the bet.

Stormbringer erotic stories

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