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Over and counting! An Incubus and a Succubus try to help a man who is the target of many strange monster attacks. They soon learn they like him more than expected. The service had been recommended to me by my therapist. Which in itself seems like such a strange thing to say. So much that the only things I seem to do are hide in my apartment and talk Succubus x male reader my therapist. Going outside, I feel like I have a huge target painted on me, much like port wine birthmark on my face.

Ever since I was a kid, I seem to keep getting into their accidents involving monsters. The last one involved a vampire and some sort of underground dungeon. Anyways, off topic. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous. I had answered a huge pop quiz of sorts so I would get matched with the perfect incubus or succubus for my needs. My therapist told me to make baby steps, but this felt much more than that. After the hospital stay, I had pretty much kept myself to the apartment.

I had made a few trips out on the recommendation of my therapist, but they had been coffee trips and nothing over an hour. The door to the main office opened, and I sat in attention as the incubus who took my quiz stepped out. He was tall and very thin. He wore a suit with the blazer open to his bare chest, and he wore high heels taller than seemed possible to walk in. He held his hand out and waved me into his office. I walked into his office, sitting down before the desk while he sauntered around me.

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The succubus posing on the cover has bubblegum pink skin with bright red stripes running along the backs of her arms and face. Her hair is long and curly and shimmering platinum. Her horns come from her forehead and swoop back then forward and have been tipped with cold.

I flip through the photobook, seeing pictures of Magdalene dressed in lingerie and slinky dresses. No need to stress too much. Nervousness builds in my gut. The way his eyes slice and dice reminds me of the vampire and the bite marks on my thighs start to ache.

The one they put me in is dark navy with sky blue pinstripes, and they style it with my hoodie underneath the blazer. After looking through a few of the photobooks, I wonder if this moth also makes the lingerie and leather they all wore.

After the fitting, I walk out in my new suit, feeling like the target on me has only gotten bigger. Waiting has never been my favorite thing, but waiting on a date in a crowded restaurant Succubus x male reader like a punishment fit for hell. I fidgeted and played with the breticks placed before me. I nearly spilled my water several times. She double checks her phone, and as she comes to the table, she plasters on a smile fit for a plastic doll.

I nod. Magdalene stands there watching me scramble, a smirk on her lips that does nothing to comfort me. Magdalene sighs and sits down, tapping away at her phone as I take my slightly soggy seat. She then sets her phone down and looks up at me.

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I had expected an incubus or maybe even a succubus who seemed more laidback. Magdalene screamed high maintenance. Her eyes widen, and she sets her glass down. She glances to her phone as it chimes and she checks it. Magdalene sets her phone down. I watch as she struts out of the place and my gut sinks. Is this normal? I end up just leaving and heading home. The next day I get a phone call from Rommel and Styled Delights. This goes against everything my company stands for. Please, let me make it up to you Ashley.

I have my top two willing to take care of you today. This is a blight on my prestige and my company. This is all on me, Ashley. I hang up. Sitting with Rommel is a succubus and an Incubus. The succubus is tall and pear-shaped. Her skin is dark blue with shimmering opal stripes. Her black hair is short and fluffy, and her horns come from the side of her head and stick straight out. Next to her is an incubus who is wearing tight jeans and an open hoodie.

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His skin is dark red, and he had black stripes coursing all over his body. He has long dark brown hair that he has tied into a ponytail. The two come up to me and Ivy smiles. She then runs her fingers through my hair, her sharp nails dragging on my scalp. Nicos puts his arm around me. We take it personally. They lead me out of the building and into their car. Nicos and I sit in the back seat while Ivy drives. Not because the car is warm but because Nicos is so close to me.

His hand lands in my lap and rubs to my thigh. I twitch as Nicos palm rubs to my crotch. He tastes good, a little sweet. His long tongue swirls in my mouth and pushes down my throat a little. Nicos kisses my neck, his palm rubbing against my ever hardening cock. Nicos unzips my pants and tugs down my underwear. Ivy coos in awe. Nicos strokes my cock with a big grin on his face. I gasp and wriggle, thrusting my cock into his palm.

Nicos bites my neck, and he squeezes his fingers around the base. Nicos dips down, his tongue swirling around my cock as his mouth sinks around me. Nicos moans, pulling his head up and laughing. This one is dynamite. He takes my cock to his throat and pulls back up, slurping and licking his chops. I feel dazed and delirious, almost drunk off Nicos and his affections. I want to cum so bad. I want to cum on Nicos, but I always want to feel Ivy as well. He sucks me and takes me back to his throat.

Succubus x male reader groan, throwing my head back as my hips thrust and buck. When Nicos pulls up, my cum is on my lips. He licks them and swallows, a massive grin blooming on his face. Ivy is panting and groaning. She sighs and stretches, and I watch Nicos disrobe as well.

Succubus x male reader

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