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The Fable of the Very Tall Woman. There was once a very tall woman. Even as a baby she was unusually long but it was only when she began walking that it became obvious she was far taller than other babies the same age. All through her school days, she was the tallest in her class.

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School photos showed the same thing each time; relegated to the back row and in the very middle to preserve symmetry, she stood out like a flagpole. By her teens it was becoming a problem. Not only would no nice fashionable clothes ever come in her size, but also no boy would go out with her. The few taller boys refused to go out with a girl as tall as they were; they preferred shorter girls who had to look up to them. When she left school she was the tallest in her year.

As a young adult, the woman began to feel lonely and depressed and utterly despairing of her height. She had to have Tall girl stories wordpress clothes specially made and even when the latest fashions could be scaled up to her height, they looked all wrong on her. Her few friends complained constantly that they had to tilt their he to be able to speak to her, even when she was sitting down with them.

She even had to get a special bed to sleep in because ordinary ones were just too short. This made her almost short enough to have a conversation without the other person getting a neck ache. She found that if she walked with her knees bent, she would look even less tall. But people still stared at her in the street. She was very seldom asked out for a date and never for a second one, even though her face was as pretty as that of any young woman in the bloom of life. And one morning when she got up, every bone and t in her body hurt her.

After she had explained her symptoms, the doctor was silent for a long time. He walked all round her, looking at her and then he put his hand on the curve where she bent her spine and gently made her straighten out. Then he put a hand to her knees and made her legs straighten out too. She stood there in an agony of anxiety, expecting him to comment on her immense height. She screwed her eyes shut to fight back the tears of humiliation at being discovered to be so very tall. When she opened them again she saw the doctor was Tall girl stories wordpress at her and she noticed for the first time that the doctor was himself a very tall man and they were eye to eye.

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For the first time in her life she was able to look another person in the eye without having to bend or have them stand on a chair. Blinking back tears of relief the tall woman nodded. They just notice how strange you look.

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Better just to be tall and be proud of it. She may even have gone on to buy her first ever pair of elegant high-heeled shoes. Bespoke, of course. Beautiful story. Cpunt me as one of your fans. I will subscribe as soon as I finish this comment. Like Like. Thank you very much indeed! Nice to see you here.

No one can ever pick me in that picture, even if they knew me not many years later!!! Thanks for the beautiful story. Being different in any way, is tough. The moment you are taller, or darker, or lighter, or smarter, or dumber, or slower…or different in any which way — life becomes tough! It takes another person, someone we trust, to tell us that we should take pride in being different:. Very true! Tall girl stories wordpress some ways, there is no NORMAL as such, just a range of measurements that are in the ballpark of what one comes across.

I think also that if you are different in a of ways, life can be miserable. Until you maybe wake up and rejoice in the differences. Have a look at the post Pied Beauty, this covers this abit as well. Lovely of you to stop by; do come again. I always have dog treats in my pocket! This touched me immensely. Not huge for a grown woman. But distractingly tall for a young girl. Love it!!!! Thanks Pearl. It was as much about being different to others as just tall but glad it touched you so much, my dear.

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Tall girl stories wordpress

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