The comeback story of kim kardashian

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As a performer—as a presence in the room, even—she is uncharismatic, zipped-up, and rigid. Every movement is mechanical. And yet, and yet, and yet: I found myself liking the woman more and more as her episode of Saturday Night Live unfolded. She was in nearly every sketch, which in itself shows a of respect for the asment. And my god, she is a good sport and had clearly told the writing staff to go ahead and take every shot.

Simpson ; Caitlin Jenner. It was like a wedding DJ playing the perfect obvious hits for drunk wedding guests who just wanted to dance. I found myself rooting for her.

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Kris Jenner, a markedly stiffer performer than her daughter, was suing daughter Kylie for costing the brand money by not spitting out her new baby sooner. I was sure we were going to get a Kanye West sighting, however glum and from behind sunglasses, but Chris Redd did a nice, absurd turn.

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He could be a season MVP. Other high notes? Here was another good example of Kardashian West being too self-conscious to fully give herself over to the scene, so preoccupied was she with the way her Jasmine braid was landing on her shoulder.

Witchy woman, indeed.

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Now there is somebody with charisma, who seems to pulse with both the capacity for joy and darkness. Kardashian West seems perfectly accepting of the fact that she is not that deep and will never command a stage like Halsey.

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But the woman goes so hard and deserves all due respect. Last night was a job well done, in work not well-suited to her strengths. Mama tried.

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The comeback story of kim kardashian

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