Topless daughter stories

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In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. My husband and I and our fifteen year old daughter Teri just returned from a Caribbean cruise with another couple who also have a daughter the same age. I had an experience while on the cruise that has caused me more than a little concern about myself. On the third day of the trip the men went on a sailing adventure while my friend Connie and I along with our daughters visited a beautiful beach where we could snorkel and swim.

Shortly after arriving at the beach the two girls left us and started walking along the beach.

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About ten minutes later two women are walking by and both are topless. I hadn't realized that you could go topless at this beach. A little later several more women strolled by also topless. There was no way that I was going to take off my top even though I have a better figure than any of the women who walked by us. My friend Connie also kept her top on.

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I particularly didn't want to take off my top since my daughter Teri and friend were with us. After about forty five minutes I see two young women heading toward us and they too are topless. Now, I do a double take when I realized that the two young women are my daughter and her friend Arlene.

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I nudge Connie and point to the girls. She is even more shocked than me and says, 'I can't believe it! She asks why we haven't removed our swimsuit tops. I told her that we just didn't feel like it.

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I see that my daughter's tits are beautiful. They are a nice size and sit high on her chest. Her nipples and areolae are a light brown and the areolae are very puffy, she did not inherit that trait from me, that's for sure. I tried not to look at her tits but wasn't totally successful. Much to my complete dismay I was also getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach and groin area that comes with sexual arousal.

I can't help but steal quick glances at her tits and in Topless daughter stories, her nipples. Now a new dimension is added to this scene. I sense some movement from Teri who is lying on a lounger next to me. Again, I glance over and see her tweaking each nipple. It is obvious that they are quite hard and stiff.

I then become even more aroused and the desire to reach over and touch her nipples is great. I also want to touch myself. Next, I become embarrassed as Teri opens her eyes and sees me watching her. She says to me, 'I like to touch them. She then goes from tweaking them to squeezing them. My daughter is playing with herself in full view of her mom.

I couldn't believe it.

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I also very much wanted to go some place totally private and touch myself. I also see that Connie has noticed and she too is watching while trying to act like she isn't watching. This went on for about five minutes and then Teri stopped. When we got back aboard ship I went straight to our bathroom and locked the door. I got in the shower and began feverishly massaging my still engorged clit.

In just a few minutes I came while envisioning Teri playing with her nipples. I remain angry with myself and ashamed that I would become sexually aroused by my own daughter. After a few days at home I told Connie how I was affected at the beach. Her first reaction was, 'Oh wow! She suggested I tell my story and see what others think. All names in my story are made up. Copyright SMI-Help.

Topless daughter stories

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