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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Hey everybody. So here's another one of my stories that started out as a Interactive Story on Chyoa. I'm still not completely done with this story yet but I've broken it up into parts so I can finally start posting it. Hopefully the response will be positive enough that I'll be able to finish writing it. Since Smackdown Live's Backlash Pay-Per-View is this Sunday this seemed like the best time to post my story that takes place ten years ago at Trish stratus spanking story The fans cheer as former WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus comes out from the back in a flesh-colored one piece outfit that is accented by blue lines going down the legs and up the top, a black belt and black boots.

But considering the heated rivalry that Trish is currently in the middle of that really was saying something. Mickie James had burst onto the scene in the summer of claiming to be Trish Stratus' Biggest Fan. At first, Mickie infatuation with Trish had been harmless fun. But as Trish and Mickie started teaming together Mickie's obsession grew to disturbing and almost creepy levels. Mickie had dressed up as Trish for Halloween, interrupted Trish while she was showering and kissed her under the missile toe at Christmas.

Mickie didn't seem to have any boundaries where Trish was concerned. Trish was already feeling smothered by Mickie's constant attention and had tried to let her plucky fan girl down easy. Trish insisted that she needed her space and that they should just be friends. Mickie hadn't taken the rejection well. She turned on Trish by attacking her after they'd won a tag team match against Victoria and Candice Michelle.

The fans were all too happy to chant "You're a Psycho" at Mickie. Trish's former fan girl went from being obsessed with her to being obsessed with beating her and taking her Women's Championship.

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The 'big time' title match was set to take place at WrestleMania But the Monday before things had really come to a boiling point Trish stratus spanking story psycho-Mickie tried to give Trish a gift Trish was not amused. She attempted to rescue Ashley and had pulled Mickie out of the ring and attacked her on the outside which left Mickie with a bloody nose.

But the rescue attempt was thwarted when Mickie attacked Trish while she was attempting to untie Ashley then planted her with a vicious jumping spike DDT. Mickie then proceeded to kiss the object of her obsession while she was unconscious. It was a hard fought match for the ages that saw Mickie blatantly grab Trish's crotch to get out of the Stratusfaction then follow up by hitting her with her own version of Trish's Chick Kick finisher the Mick Kick.

Trish's day title reign as Women's Champion had finally come to the end at the hands of her psycho fan girl. Now Trish was using her rematch clause to regain her lost title at Backlash. But things had gotten even weirder after WrestleMania. She wore Trish's iconic black and pink outfit and had even died her hair blonde. But Trish then had turned the tables the Monday before Backlash when she had dressed up like Mickie James and gave the new Women's Champion a present of her own: Jack.

Trish's former boyfriend who Trish had kidnapped and tied to a chair. Trish pointed out to Mickie that she either really was Trish Stratus and Jack was her boyfriend or she's just Mickie James pretending to be Trish Stratus and has nothing to do with Jack and should stop dressing, acting and being like Trish. Mickie came to her decision and yelled "Get your filthy hands off of my boyfriend!

Trish ended up planting Mickie with a spinebuster and left Mickie lying in the ring. After everything Mickie had done, Trish had finally managed to get in the psycho's head and had gotten the upperhand. Mickie had taken her frustrations out on poor Jack by kicking him the head and screaming at him for cheating on her.

Trish has taken control of the heated rivalry going into this Championship Rematch and is now in the ring waiting for her deranged opponent to make her entrance.

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She's wearing a white top, a short black skirt and white boots and is armed with a microphone. You see, this isn't just going to be a regular one-on-one match. Also, I might have been in my bra and panties when I asked him. That means I only have to peel one thing off of you to retain my title. I guess we can call that my new Champion's Advantage. But don't worry Trish that outfit still looks great on you. It matches your skin tone and almost makes it look like you're already naked.

I expected better from someone who once claimed to be my biggest fan. I've only ever lost one Bra and Panties Match. Lita may be a two-timing ho but she's ten times the diva that you'll ever be.

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Back at WrestleMania I took your title. Now tonight at Backlash I'm gonna take your dignity. Mickie gets in the ring but stays in her corner opposite Trish as Lillian stands in the middle of the ring to do a formal championship match introduction. The winning diva is the one that manages to strip her opponent to her bra and panties. Mickie surrenders her championship to referee Jack Doan who passes it off to Lillian Garcia as she leaves the ring then calls for the bell. Mickie charges forward and grabs Trish in a lock up then takes control of Trish's arm with a wrist lock.

Trish decides then and there that she won't let Mickie get in the head or control the match. She quickly counters out with a wrist lock of her own then flips Mickie over with an arm wringer. Mickie gets back up and charges at Trish looking for a clothesline but Trish bends over backwards and dodges the running strike with the MaTrish. Mickie staggers to a stop and spins around only for Trish to push up off of the ground and flip her legs up onto Mickie's shoulders.

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Trish swings her body around takes Mickie down with a hecissors. Mickie scrambles back to her feet but Trish takes her down again with a dropkick. Trish stays on Mickie and pulls her back up then tees off on her with a series of forearms that backs Mickie up into the ropes. She goes to send Mickie across the ring with an irish whip but Mickie reverses and sends Trish into the ropes.

Trish jumps as she comes back and takes Mickie down with Thesz Press and hits her with another series of forearms. Trish gets off of Mickie and watches as her opponent rolls over and tries to crawl away in an attempt to regroup. Trish takes advantage and grabs the waistband of Mickie's black skirt and starts to pull it down. Mickie's white panties are already on display every time that her short skirt flips up but now Trish has exposed the waistband as she begins to peel down the skirt.

Mickie realizes what's happening and quickly lashes her leg out behind her and drives her boot into Trish's face for a mule kick. Trish lurches backwards from the kick to the face and backs away into the corner. Mickie completes her crawl to the opposite corner and quickly adjusts her skirt as she pulls herself back up using the ropes. Trish is still a little loopy from Mickie's stiff kick as Mickie charges across the ring, jumps up and collides with Trish for a turnbuckle body splash.

Mickie continues her offense and climbs up onto the middle ropes and starts teeing off Trish with a series of shots to the face. Always happy to get involved, the fans count for Mickie "ONE! Mickie is still perched on the middle rope and Trish quickly takes advantage and grabs Mickie's skirt and yanks it Trish stratus spanking story to her knees. The fans let out a loud cheer and Mickie's expressive eyes go wide in alarm as her white panties, thick thighs and full ass are exposed to everyone.

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Trish capitalizes on Mickie's shock and pulls back on her skirt which causes Mickie to lose her footing on the ropes and go face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Mickie is left slumped over and groggy in the corner while Trish pulls Mickie's skirt down passed her knees, over her boots and finally yanks it off. The fans cheer again as Trish stands up and twirls Mickie's skirt over her head.

Mickie has been stripped to her panties and now Trish is halfway to winning this match and regaining her Women's Championship. Trish is already halfway to winning back her championship.

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She turns and sees Mickie pushing herself back up in the corner. Trish quickly tosses Mickie's skirt out of the ring and goes after her to keep up her streak of offense. Mickie turns to face Trish but Trish cuts off her escape from the corner with a forearm then bends down and drives Mickie back into the turnbuckles with a shoulder thrust.

Trish keeps Mickie pinned in the corner by repeatedly driving her shoulder into Mickie's midsection which causes Mickie to groan as the air is driven out of her. Even someone as addled as Mickie James knows that she has to do something to keep herself alive in this contest. This match has been almost all Trish so far and if she doesn't do something soon she'll end up losing her championship and her added stipulation will have all been for nothing.

Mickie acts quickly and when Trish hits her next shoulder thrust she reaches her arms around the blonde and squeezes. Mickie smirks from the corner and teases Trish by clenching her hands and miming the hard squeeze she'd just given Trish's full round ass.

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