Uncle nephew incest stories

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Welcome to Free Gay Pictures Too! Home Contribute Advanced Search. Her youngest sib is my Uncle Randy. He is only 6 years older than I am. Mom uses Uncle Randy to baby-sit me all the time when she goes to play Bingo with a couple of her sisters and my grandmother. They, the 'girls' make a night of it. First, they go somewhere to eat and then they play Bingo until midnight. I have always thought that my Uncle Randy was a cool guy. He lets me do whatever I want as long as I am in bed before my mom gets home.

He taught me how to play cards. We watch TV or we go to see a movie or go swimming, all kinds of different stuff. He always says, "I'm waiting for the right girl to come along. He seldom talks about girls and that is fine with me.

I am not interested in girls. From the age of 10, I knew that I was not attracted to girls and when I entered puberty, I was definite that boys interested me, never girls. That's when I began to wonder about Uncle Randy too. I asked myself if he was gay like me. Uncle nephew incest stories didn't act gay or fem or whatever you want to call it. I did, but not much. It's natural. It's never an act. When I started having wet dreams every one of them involved another guy but never one my age.

They are always older guys like my Uncle Randy or even older guys than he is. I wake up with me holding my hardon. My hand is all sticky and wet. Without thinking, I lick my hand clean. I love the taste of my cum and my precum is Uncle nephew incest stories too. It happened three weeks ago when Uncle Randy was babysitting me again. I was curious. I asked my uncle. We were watching TV. It was a dumb movie except that the two main characters seemed to be extremely close because they are brothers.

I know all about sex," I said proudly. Why don't you tell me all about sex Jack cuz I have a feeling you know next to nothing," Randy replied laughing. Uncle Randy began to laugh. Haven't you ever heard about oral sex? It's not really sex. All the guys at school say that it's not really sex," I said to my Uncle Randy. That's what I mean," I said to him.

You know what I mean," I replied laughing. We watched another 2 minutes of the stupid movie. Uncle Randy turned to look at me. I wasn't smiling or laughing. This movie isn't "R" rated," Uncle Randy informed me. They call that a 69," I said laughing. As long as no father forces his son to give him a blowjob I mean," I said.

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Would that be the same thing? Just two guys with two dicks," I answered. We watched another minute of the movie that was becoming more boring. What is it?

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Uncle Randy paused. He seemed to be studying my face. He smiled; I smiled right back at him. Not that I'm saying I did," Uncle Randy asked. Or it would be? Over 13 years, you know that. Why are asking me a silly question? I felt my heart racing.

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I nodded my head up and down while answering yes. Has any guy at your school ever performed oral sex on or with you?

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I blushed. My uncle said he was waiting for me to answer. How long have you been waiting? Is that the secret you want to tell me Uncle Randy? Call me Randy even if your mom or my mom and dad are around. The front tails of my shirt covered my crotch. I always thought that. I had only seen two photos of my dad who had left mom and me when I was only three. Randy was 9 years old at the time. I know how embarrassing it can be. Are you embarrassed about your dick?

Well I think I do. I have seen you wearing briefs. When your dick is hard I mean, is it big? I nodded my head up and down rapidly as I smiled, my eyes as big as the moon. Randy closed the bathroom door.

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Randy did the same. His tent looked huge. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my knees. I unbuttoned my shirt. Randy slowly lowered his jeans and briefs as he stared at my oozing hardon. His was oozing too. Randy smiled, blushed and his eyelids fluttered.

I grabbed my hard cock and I pointed it at Randy. I was oozing so much. Randy grabbed his big dick. He pointed it at me too. Mine has a big curve like a banana. I pulled back the shower curtain. Randy and I stood beside each other, our legs touching the side of the tub.

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Our jeans and briefs were down around our ankles. We started pumping our dicks, our he turned to watch each other. Randy grabbed his balls. He tugged them gently as he fisted himself. I thrust my hips in front of me while jerking my dick.

Uncle nephew incest stories

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Uncle Nephew Incest