Vampire x slave reader

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They control humanity from the shadows, as they always have, controlling humans and using them. As servants. As food. As slaves. As lovers. It is they way have always been, they way things are meant to be. From the shadows, they drink and devour, they lust and love…and they wait. They wait for their darlings to come to them and become them.

Originally posted by ooevilynoo. All vampires can shape shift into strange creates, create glamours to help conceal themselves, disappear in clouds of black smoke, and control the minds of animals and mortals.

But all vampires will have more unique skills as well, skills that prove helpful. Some can summon fire from hell or storms from the skies, others can see into the future or the past, it can be anything really. A vampire that can summon fire will have a temperamental darling, a vampire that can see into the past knew their darling long ago, and things like that. Of course, they will use all of their powers to take and control their darlings as well as dealing away with enemies.

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They do not do so in a brutal fashion though others mightmost vampires believe in style and beauty and romance. And, to them, this is romantic. Oh, what could be more romantic then this! An immortal romance, a love that will last the ages…a vampire and their darling love. Most, if not all, yanderes are vampires. Something about the vampire infection just…releases something dark and hungry within them. Castles will become filled with light, crypts will be alive once more, cabins deep in the woods will be waiting…waiting for a vampire to return with their darling.

Rose petals and music, every little beautiful thing. But…if there needs to be violence, if there needs to be blood…then there will be. A vampire will do anything and everything to keep their darlings, they must.

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After all, they cannot spend eternity alone, can they? What a painful existence that would be…no, they must have their darlings, they must. A darling is a darling none the less, and the vampires adore them. Of course, as soon as they are certain, the vampire will whisk their darlings away to their dark homes keep them. Are they sweet?

Some vampires prefer to live lavishly, surrounding themselves with gold and silks and blood and love. They would spoil you. Dress you in the finest things, adorn you with jewels, they would worship your every moment for all of eternity!

Are they strange? Some vampires are odd. But if you do…well, you will change. An eternity spent with them in the shadows is enough to change you…. Are they violent? There are those who give into the more…dangerous nature of the vampire infection. The more deadly nature, bloody and violent and cruel. They play games with their darlings, dark and terrible games. You will play their dirty, disgusting, bloody little games, whether you like it or not! The same, beautiful love story!

Together forever and ever, for eternity, for better or for worse! The Blood Moon. To the vampires, a blood moon is something beautiful and scared. Their power is strongest Vampire x slave reader this time and it is during this time they hold the Blood Moon Ball. Vampires hold balls years round, dressing themselves in black and shades of red, dancing for hours and feasting beneath the candlelight. Under the blood moon, a ceremony will commence:.

Fangs sinking into soft skin, ripping and tearing. A darling not already turned will become a vampire in that moment but all will drink from their darlings. First the vampires, then the darlings. Dark, red blood pouring between flushed lips, down throats, sinking into souls. For all of eternity, now and forever, vampire and darling will be bound.

Bites have been made, blood has been drank, and now…. Dance and dance the night away, vanishing one by one before the first rays of light. Vampires will return to their homes, darlings dragged behind, excited for the new start of their forever and ever…how beautiful it will be! That even in the powers of time can be altered for a single purpose? The luckiest man who walks this earth is the one who finds true love? My vampire AU, at long last! A book has been created on Wattpad, ready to be filled with plenty of yandere vampire love stories!!

Originally posted by thewitchwholookedatthemoon. The scent of it, the taste of it, it seemed to call to Shoto, inciting him to bite…to feed…to steal. Oh, how sweet your blood had been! How it had called to him! But Shoto had controlled himself. Rather then waste away and die, you would be with him forever. All of eternity would be spent in his embrace, lavished and loved beyond imagination!

In endless love and gifts and blood you had been showered but…. Fighting when he tried to hold you, turning away from his kiss, refusing to touch him or be touched. It left his desperate, longing for the feeling of you but denied at every chance. Glimmering jewelry and delicate gowns made for you were left ignored, books he brought collected dust, and golden trinkets were promptly refused. Nothing he brought you was good enough!

You wanted none of it! Shoto could not deny the anger that was beginning to burn deep within him, no matter how many times he swallowed it…no matter how many times he punished you, hurt you, brought you Vampire x slave reader tears and terrified screams…you still refused him. His touch, his gifts, his love, everything that he gave you…you refused it all. Shoto had brought you so many meals, each more inciting then the last. When you would not bite he drained them for you, blood oozing from a wine glass that he pressed to your lips, begging you to drink…then commanding you.

And it made him furious. Anger burst within him, fire and ice following his fury and filling the room in a storm of rage. For once, Shoto forgot to control himself, falling deep into the anger as he grabbed you with sharp claws and furious cries. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you into his crushing embrace and snarling your name as he held you tight. Hunger for it bubbled in your belly and, oh, how you hated that! You hated this need that burned within you, hot and hungry and painful.

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But even more then that…you hated him. How stupid you had been to trust him! What a foolish creature you were! Listening to his honeyed words, falling for his sweet little lies…. And there you remained, crushed and crying in his powerful grip as flames and frost burst all around you.

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But you would not. You refused. Every meal his brought to you, every dazed and confused human he dropped at your feet, you turned them all away. Bodies were left to rot away to piece and, though your hunger only grew, you refused them still.

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He had been like this for weeks now, annoyed with you never ending defiance. Soon, annoyance bubbling into anger and anger becoming fury. Trembling in his arms, you closed your eyes and tried to ignore it. The pain, the fear, the hunger the screamed for filling…the ice creeping up your legs, the fire licking your skin…oh, god, the hunger! A fresh victim lay beside you, his blood so sweet and tempting…so disgusting. You sobbed pitifully, looking away from the poor man as Shoto lifted a bloody wine glass to your lips.

Vampire x slave reader

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