Vegas stripper stories

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I know I used lack of better judgement in a lot of the situations below and this story is gets kinda long, but it was the craziest couple of memorable days for me in Vegas. So I made a loner trip to one of the biggest strip clubs in Vegas Sapphire.

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She literally became attached to me, and sat with me at the bar…. I was a little annoyed with her asking me all these questions about my girlfriend at home and her trying to build rapport. So I was being kinda of vague with all my answers like all Vegas travelers do when trying to be anonymous….

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She finally asked if I wanted a dance and I thought if she gives me a lapper that she then might leave me alone. Vegas stripper stories, thats really them They were perfect…. I started warming up to her and our rapport was pleasantly growing.

She coaxed me back to the VIP room. We had some champagne and she was getting slightly drunk during the VIP dance, I came really close to kissing her but she kept teasing me……then after about 10 minutes she actually started making out with me. Ha ha ha…. I ended up leaving after that and walking 6 miles back to my hotel. I even tried to ditch her inside the casino, but she kept following me. I was afraid of bringing her up to my room. I had never encountered a street walker before…. I finally had to tell her I was going to my room with out her and never meant to lead her on.

It was about am and I had to get some sleep for the next day. Truth was, she was a very nice girl and walked me all the way home. But I was scared as shit something would happen Only in Vegas type shit as soon we got behind closed doors. I had all my work laptops and stuff too I was afraid she would steal them after I passed out. So about pm the next day I get a text message from the stripper. We start chit chatting about the night and she asks if I was planing on coming back to Sapphire again that night. I asked her for a few more pics. Cuz we have great chemistry. Vegas stripper stories thought it might be fun and would meet me at a bar near the lobby.

She called me when she was parking her car and was all concerned about what I would think of her appearance.

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Which kind of made me giggle. I had been nervous drinking for about 20 minutes before she showed up wearing a sun dress…. She looked girl next door amazing, and I was kinda proud I was hanging out with a hot chick. Her eyes lit up counting all the 20 dollar bills. From there we went and got a steak dinner. Conversation was pretty good as we spent time actually getting to know each other and making stupid jokes about the night before.

She became my arm candy and would pull me in for a kiss on the lips Vegas stripper stories so often at the table. We then went to watch the show Fantasy at Luxor. After the show we had a few drinks and I was getting eager to have sex with her. Of course I was!!! By now its getting kinda awkward between us because I think we were both nervous. We get back to my room and watch a little TV. Seemed like she was in there forever. When she came out she ed me on the bed and we semi-snuggled, and spooned. Watching TV with the lights down low…. I thought she was going to sleep when she says its freezing in here and gets under the sheets fully clothed.

It gets even more awkward when she closes her eyes…and we are just both laying there in silence……awkward!!!!! She must have been thinking to herself just grin and bear this…. She then moves the covers down and I feel up her body and our legs enter twine.

I end up pulling down the tube top part of her dress and feeling her boobs as she pulls off my shirt. She takes the rest of her dress off and is wearing nothing but some dark blue panties with a black lace band …so sexy. She pulls the belt out of my jeans and unbuttons them. I Vegas stripper stories start to kiss her entire upper body trying to take it slow. I climbed back on the bed and we started making out again. I get out of my boxer briefs and our naked bodies feel so warm together in the freezing room under the sheets.

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By now she is stroking my cock and I had so much sexual tension going on Vegas stripper stories I nearly came. Even though we were naked, I think she was still having reservations about fucking me…. Kinda like this Then she would slap and rub it against her body as she climbed up my body. Anyway, I had to get her to stop so I could catch my breath and because I told her I wanted to enjoy more of her.

Her smile and confidence was amazing as she knew how turned on I was. She just smiled at me…She straddled me and put the condom on my rock hard cock and then guided it into her pussy. It started slow and was a little painful, but once I was inside her she let out a deep sigh. And we both started really enjoying the moment. We kissed deeply as she took long strokes in and out of her. As the pace picked up, I loved hearing her moan….

It started getting really good and I started pumping her from the bottom. I swear we lasted a whole 5 minutes. She then went into the bathroom and was in there for a while cleaning up and texting her friend. Source: reddit.

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The story delivered. See just let you take a photo? I enjoyed this too, but it also serves as a good reminder that strippers are never off the clock. The "let me have your " trick is a good business move by them. Glad you had a good time. My experience at a Vegas strip club was a bit different. Worst night of my life. I got suckered into the VIP until the morning and almost missed my flight out. And ended up with thousands of dollars of debt on my credit card that I am still paying off. Never again. Havent had a night like that since either. Ha ha ha…. She took all the photos.

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Great story. I really like how you inserted pictures throughout the story. Live and learn but at least you had fun. You know what…. As of Augustthere are 19 brothels in Nevada. Nice story. I was in Vegas a few years ago and visited Sapphire. Great place. I remember one stripper offering me cocaine. Not sure if she was selling it, or as a combo along with a lap dance. I usually just find one girl that I like and go in the back for the private lap dances.

She said we should keep the fun going back at my hotel room. I asked her how much that would be to make it happen. I politely declined and left. post. Next post. Like the ones in Carson City, NV…. What do they typically charge? post I Finally fucked the girl from work M 20 F

Vegas stripper stories

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