Wet nursing stories

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But some critics worry about unintended consequences of turning human milk into a product.

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As Jacqueline H. Wolf explains in a paper for the Journal of Social Historybreast milk has been an invaluable, morally troubling commodity for a long time. At a New York institution that opened inbabies died of diarrhea and malnutrition as quickly as they came through the door until the directors stopped using artificial food and brought in wet nurses.

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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Wolf writes, wet nurses were more often hired by well-to-do families than by institutions. Inone physician asked colleagues around the country whether they had helped a family find a wet nurse. Out of 80 who responded, 72 had, and most said they assisted with the hiring of six or more a year. One mother, Fanny B. Two weeks later, she received a telegram informing her that her child had died. Finally, Workman fired her.

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Journal of Social History, Vol. Our Newsletter. More Stories. World History. Inthe policy of denying entry into the US based on homosexuality ran smack into anticommunism. The ultimate conspiracy theory may be the charge of Jews killing Christian children. Maryrose Reeves Allen founded a wellness program at Howard University in that emphasized the physical, mental, and spiritual health of Black women. Social History. The adoption of Aztec cultural iconography by modern activists has roots in Mexican nationalist policies of the s.

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Wet nursing stories

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The Wet Nurse (Short Story)