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I run a little general store. It barely makes any profit, and fortunately I make a comfortable living from my property in the village. But my shop has one great asset - it attracts the local girls. There's never any shortage of young lovelies looking for work to earn a bit of cash and I've found some eye with a decent pair of bouncers and a short skirt behind the counter attracts customers.

Perhaps I've got a reputation for having an eye for young female flesh, because most White panties stories the girls who come to me looking for a job arrive in boob clinging tops and micro skirts hardly worth the trouble of wearing. But Emma was different. Emma had just turned nineteen, a young beauty with blonde hair just to her shoulders, about to go to university and looking for a summer job. Her crisp white blouse and knee length grey skirt with tan nylons and sandals radiated respectability. She was demure and polite, I knew from her family that she sang in the church choir, and her mother had made it well known that she wasn't allowed a boy friend till she was twenty one.

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But Emma's respectable blouse and skirt couldn't hide that she was a big girl for her age with a guy's dream figure. Somehow her virgin innocence combined with fresh young sexuality made her far more erotic than the tarts who'd worked for me before. Emma got the job. She was shy at first but within days was an expert at the job. I hoped she didn't notice how my eyes kept locking onto the gap between her blouse buttons that showed a glimpse of her white lace bra, and her skirt as it tightened over her backside to show the curves of her bottom and the outline of her knickers underneath.

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Best of all was the sun dress she sometimes wore that was so thin I could see the outline of her body and her white bra and panties through it when the light was behind her. And of course I was always on the alert for upskirt glimpses of her white knickers when she crouched down. I'm single though I've had a good of women and just in my forties. I'm heavily into porn, both online and in the top shelf "men's magazines" that not a few men from the village including Emma's father! Night after night as I ogled nude porn girls it was Emma I was seeing.

When I masturbated Emma would fill my mind and it would be her vagina I'd be filling with semen.

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Sometimes if Emma accidentally treated me to a really good down blouse or upskirt display I'd have to visit the little toilet in the back of my shop and stroke one off, making sure I didn't grunt "Emma! Then it happened. I was out in the back part of the shop doing some stocktaking on a quiet afternoon. Emma was in the front of the shop and the door into the front part was ajar. I happened to glance through the door crack into the front. I couldn't believe my eyes! There was Emma standing behind the counter, spread open on the counter was one of the men's magazines White panties stories the top shelf, and Emma was eagerly browsing through it.

From where I was I saw that she was looking at a centrefold of a girl not much older than herself standing wide legged nude leaning back against a motorbike sticking her big boobs out. Emma gazed at it for a long time, then to my amazement her hand slid slowly down her thigh, she lifted the hem of her dress high giving a display of bare thigh, cheeky bottom and white knickers. She slipped her hand down inside her knickers and fondled her pussy.

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But she'd scarcely got her hand inside her knickers when the shop door opened and a middle aged woman came in. Quick as a flash the magazine disappeared, Emma's hand was out of her knickers, she'd smoothed her dress down her thigh, and she was her usual smiling self ready to serve the customer. This was a side of sweet, innocent sexually repressed Emma I would never have dreamed was there. I'd seen this young blonde virgin as just more eye candy, at best a challenge. Now I sensed an opportunity!

My hand was kept busy that night, as with that same picture open in front of me, in my fantasies I stood astride that bike with sweet young Emma naked beside me with her furry pussy brushing my thigh and it was her hand sending my semen splashing over the handlebars, not over my bed. In the following weeks from my vantage point I spied on Emma a few more times browsing through men's magazines. I also noticed that some of my stock of men's magazines were missing.

Of course no one would have suspected White panties stories It dawned on me that if I played it right there was a chance of getting more from sex-crazed Emma than just seeing her play with her pussy in her knickers and in my masturbation fantasies. My opportunity came sooner than I'd expected. I stepped into the shop from the back room late one day when we were about to close and I caught Emma in the act. She'd come that day in a thin red short sleeved dress that buttoned up the front. One of my magazines was open on the counter in front of her. I saw she was reading one of the readers sex fantasy stories, and she had her hand under her dress gently massaging her sex mound.

She was so engrossed in the story she didn't notice me until I put my hand up her dress from behind and patted her bottom through her thin knickers. She jerked as if she'd been shot, spun to face me with her face bright red. Please forgive me!

I won't do it again! Please, please, please don't tell my mum! We all like reading those magazines. Calm down my dear She didn't seem to notice or mind that my hands were slowly slipping down her sides, over her hips and onto her thighs. I started gently stroking her thighs as if to comfort her, but slowly lifting her dress as I did till I was stroking her bare thighs.

It had the desired effect. She stopped snuffling, and a mischievous smile appeared on her pretty face. I'd lifted her dress so high I could see her white cotton knickers bulging over her mound, with a wet patch just where her slit would be. Touch me between my legs! I've never been touched there by a man. She gasped, moaned, trembled and spread her legs wide as I lightly caressed her mound through the thin cotton of her knickers, tickled her along the thin gusset strip under her between her legs, and ran my fingertips over the soft smooth flesh of the tops of White panties stories thighs, then slipped my hand down inside her knickers and cupped my hand over her mound.

Her soft pubic hair was moist. She cried out excitedly when I eased my finger between her vagina lips. Would you like to take some pictures of me? I can stay late. My parents are out. I swallowed. All the filthy things I'd imagined this little whore doing while I masturbated thinking of her flooded into my mind. Start by crouching on the coffee table with your knees together. My mother always says good girls wear white underwear. She slowly unbuttoned her dress at the front and let it drop behind her off her shoulders.

The cups of her good girl white bra only just slung her hefty breasts. I took some underwear shots then off came her bra, and she knelt on the table with her big breasts swinging gently. A man seeing my breasts. Do you like my breasts Mr Thompson? They're as big as the girls in the pictures. They certainly were! I told her they were delicious, and ran my hands over them to express my admiration. Her pink young nipples were already erect and I brushed them with my fingers the way that always turns girls on.

I snapped her from every angle as she slipped her good girl white knickers off with my camera folIowing the white cotton every inch down her long legs. She knelt on the table with her legs wide for me to snap her nude. Her young love White panties stories was ringed by a neat bush of fresh brown pubic hair. Spreading her legs pulled her vagina open and I moved in for a close for a shot of her pink, juice soaked labia.

I'm not a dirty girl Mr Thompson. She looked at me as if she wanted to say something but her face went red with embarrassment before she spoke. I didn't need much prompting.

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My "thing" felt like it was going to explode out through my pants. I unzipped, eased it out and stood with it pointing at her straining with lust for that sweet young slit peeping through her neat brown bush, then stripped naked. Though I'm twice her age I keep myself fit and muscular. I've got nothing to be ashamed of, especially not my eight inches of hard muscle.

I nearly jerked my load when she ran her fingers over my balls and shaft, then held my shaft in her hand gently stroking it. It's so big and stiff! Lust and excitement were replacing her shyness!

White panties stories

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