Wife goes black stories

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This story from marc has been read 7 5 8 7 times. Wife goes black Written by marcongenre cheating Trust for me is something important ,but once someone break that trusti will never be near that person again.

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I'm Sanjay 27 yrs old 7 half dick and thick i married my school sweetheart Mina 24 yrs old short and skinny with a nice little ass and nice little boobswe both love sex we try almost everything and we both love anal. Me and my wife went to welcome them we chat for a bit then we go back insometime we watch porn on laptop and we will do the samei we got on bed Mina start her laptop and she goes on black guys porni didn't care we fuck then i turn other side say good night she was still online.

I look at my watch still have some time left so i grab a beer sit and think about what was nextis she gonna fuck him when all of a sudden i heard a car i look by the windowi saw both of them in her car kissing and they both get out of the car she invite him in i went to hide,she ask if he want a beer david; yeah with a blow job she went to get a beer give it to himremove his cock and Wife goes black stories it mina ; i'm returning you the favor you are a good pussy licker david; let me fuck you Mina ; no you are to big hubby will know david look how hard i am mina ; no david; will take time for me to cum with your mouth.

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Mina get up go to bedroom came back with bottle of lube and give it to him mina ; maybe you can put it in my ass use lots of lube you are too big she bend on the couch ass in the air david lick her till she cumthen he apply the lube on her shithole ,mira suck him make him hard then apply lube on his dick spit on it rub it all over. David take his time penetrate her she start to maon and scream loud mina; fucccck i-i-itsssssssss bbiigggggggggggg ahhhh hahaha it hurt slow down oh fuck.

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After few mins she start to enjoy mina ; fasterdeeper yeah fuck me like a whore david; you are my whore mina; ahhhahaha yesss fuck feeeel ggggooodd i yoooo hoo ahhaha hore harder yes love it they both cum. After a rest david say he has to go see you later they kiss and he left, she went take a shower and i go to my carafter few hrs later i come home she was on the phone ,i ask who she say Sanya i say ok.

At night i couldn't sleep so i went to my office check voice recorder. Mina; i was so intense my asshole is so stretch i can fit a can of beer david ; really mina yeah i was thinking your cock mybe a bit bigger than a can so i try a can of beer it goes easily david; you want my cock mina; yes david come then mina;ok the other msg was an hour later so i guess she want there to fuck again i check video and was shocked what i sawboth guys with big dick was taking turn fucking her ass then cum in her mouth and ass she get up turn around walk back Wife goes black stories i check home camera she went took a long shower i put camera in the shower i can hear her clearly she was talking by herself while fingering her her pussy moan david name.

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After few hrs i got home her car was in the drive way so i go in start my laptop watching her 5 black guys for 3 hrsthen after sex one guy ask david Jeff; will make big bucks with that whore david; i know tonight she will be the guest of honor in our club mina ; really david; yeah will get fuck as much as you want mina; i'm yours now Jeff; what about hubby david; if he cause problem we will get rid of him mina;how david; we will kill him then we can claim insurance how much his life cost mina;if he died by accident i will get rupees david; ok then Jeff you take care of that ok mina; fuck me plz They put some white powder on the table and they sniff it Mina also do some i call the cop explain everything to them and call my lawyer to come with the divorce paperhe say he is working on it and we will meet this evening.

At 6 pm we were at there doorthe cop break the door get in the bed room.

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Sgt ;party is over you are all under arrest and my lawyer came to mina give her the papers she read it ,look at me tear in her eyes mira; they call me here and they rape me Cop cuff them allafter the cop search the house and came with a bag of white powder it was cocaine, so they were arrested mina was charge with prostitution and drug dealing with the othershe go in for 5 yrs and the other 10 yrs each. Life goes on i'm dating again i just met with a wonderful lady will see where it goes because of my trust issue. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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Wife goes black stories

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My Wife Goes Black