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Note: You can change font size, Wifes first black stories face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Let me start by telling you a little bit about us. My wife, Jane, and I have been married for 19 years. We are both 37 years old. We married while we were still in college after Jane got pregnant with our daughter, Susie.

Jane was, and still is, one of the sexiest women I've ever seen. At 37, she has the figure of a woman 10 years younger. In fact, several of my buddies have commented that they wish their wives had kept their looks the way mine had. She's got natural 36D breast that don't sag a bit, a flat tummy, and a perfectly round and tight ass. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world every time I look at her. Our daughter Susie is 18 and just graduated high school.

She inherited her mother's looks and has never had trouble finding a date among the boys in town. Susie has a wild streak and tends to spend her time running with the wrong crowd. Her mother and I have never approved of Susie's choice in friends. More on some of them later. Jane and I had what many would consider the perfect marriage. We are both still very much in love. She is my best friend and my lover. We had everything that anyone could ever desire: a huge house with a pool, nice cars, vacations, the works.

This was starting to hold true for Jane and I. We are both open sexually.

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Fantasies and role-playing have always been part of our sex life together. We had often talked about swinging with another couple, but this fantasy has never become a reality. Before we got together, Jane had only had one other lover and she would sometimes mention in bed what a turn-on it would be for her to take another man. For the longest time though, this was all nothing more than pillow talk.

Now that the background is set, let me tell you about the events that led up to my wife taking her first black man. As I mentioned before, our daughter had just graduated from high school. It was mid-June and Susie was going to spend the weekend visiting the campus of our state university, which is several hours away by car. She was to leave Friday afternoon with a group of classmates and a few parents. This presented Jane and I with a unique opportunity, a weekend alone. I was planning to cook a romantic dinner for my wife the next evening, open a bottle of wine, and make love all night.

As you will find out, things did not happen exactly that way.

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I hope that's OK," Susie continued. I didn't even get a chance to respond to her last statement. Obviously, I didn't want any of my daughter's friends hanging around my pool when I was trying to set up a romantic night at home. However, Jane and I had always allowed Susie's friends to use our pool. Maybe we were too permissive in that sense, but the kids were generally very polite and didn't over-stay their welcome.

However the friend that Susie mentioned, Jessica, is nothing but trouble. After meeting Jessica, Susie started to have problems in school I even suspect that Jessica has taken my daughter to The Zebra, a club in our town known for having a very rough, and very black, clientele. I wasn't pleased that Jessica and some strange boy would be at my house the next day. I decided to honor my daughter's invitation to them, but that they would have Wifes first black stories be gone by early evening so their presence wouldn't ruin the sexy mood I was trying to create for my wife. Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day.

My plan for the day was to send Jane to the spa Wifes first black stories afternoon, while I shopped and made arrangements for our evening together. We were both out of the house by noon. My errands would only take an hour or two and Jane was due to be at the spa until 6pm, so I would have plenty of time to get everything ready.

As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed two cars parked. One was my wife's, and the other was a strange car I'd never seen before. That's probably Jessica's car, I thought. I walked into the house and made my way to the kitchen. My wife was at the counter, in a bikini, making a pitcher of rum cocktails. We've been having a few drinks together. You know Jessica doesn't seem like such a bad girl after all.

We might have been wrong about her. I looked through the window to my pool and saw Jessica and her boyfriend lounging around, sipping drinks. Jessica is a very hot young lady by anyone's standards. She stands about 5'8" tall with long red hair, great C cup boobs, and legs that could wrap around a guy twice.

Even if she was trouble, she was still a sight to behold. The guy she was with, Leon, was a tall black guy with shoulder length dreadlocks. He also has many tattoos on his arms and struck me as kind of a 'gangster' type. I just what to know what he's about if he's going to be in my pool," I replied. I think he did it on purpose. That thought did make me a little angry.

But touching her ass could have been an accident, and I couldn't very well get pissed about him looking at Jane. She was hot When I got down to the pool, Jane, Jessica, and Leon were already into the fresh pitcher of drinks. I grabbed a drink for myself, said hello to Jessica, and introduced myself to Leon.

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With small talk out of the way, we all proceeded to spend the afternoon relaxing in the sun. After we finished one batch of drinks, Jane would immediately head inside to fix another.

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Each time she walked into the house, I noticed Leon watching her swaying hips. I knew then that this guy was seriously hot for my wife. Before too long we were all pretty well drunk. I knew that my dinner plan was a bust. Oh well Jane seemed to be having a fun time with the young people, and truthfully I was having a great time also. It couldn't have been an accident this time," she smiled as she spoke. When he touched me It was a real turn-on to do something naughty. Instantly, I thought back to our pillow talk about her having another man.

By the look in her eyes, Jane was thinking about it too. Of course, when we made our way back down to the pool, Jane was flirting like crazy with Leon. Especially now that she had my OK. She kept bending over so he could see her cleavage, touching him, and practically letting him paw her ass checks. Jessica Wifes first black stories that my wife was paying more attention to her man, and it didn't make her happy at all. She started to drink very heavily. We were all drunk, but Jessica was completely wasted in no time. Leon was now free to devote his full charms to my wife.

It was a thrill for me to see my wife acting like a slut in front of another man. I had a huge erection watching them. When I returned to the pool area, Jane and Leon were standing up in the shallow end, kissing deep and passionately. Until that moment, I didn't really think Jane would go any further that flirting with Leon. Her bikini top was undone and Leon had his hands covering her full breasts.

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He broke their kiss and leaned down to suck her nipples. While he did this, Jane opened her eyes and noticed that I was watching them. She had a very confused look on her face. Jane whispered something in Leon's ear. I couldn't hear what she said, but I think she was encouraging him to continue. Our fantasy was finally going to come true I wished there had been another woman available for me At least Jane would have a new lover tonight. Just be a gentleman His hands were all over Jane's body.

Her bikini top was completely off now, her boobs fully exposed. Leon lowered one hand to Jane's crotch and started to stroke her clit through her bikini bottoms. I could tell that Jane was getting very excited. It must have been a real thrill for her to make out with this young black guy, a stranger, while his girlfriend was passed out a few feet away!

Even though they were both half underwater, I could tell Leon had a massive erection from the size of the tent in his shorts. Wifes first black stories was grinding her pussy against his hard cock as they kissed. She got out of the pool and started walking into the house, toward our bedroom. Leon and I were both right behind her. Truthfully, I was having mixed feelings about this.

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I was about to let my wife live out one of her fantasies. I wanted her to experience this. However, I still wasn't sure about this guy. He was a virtual stranger and young enough to be her son. On the way to the bedroom, I stopped to make another drink for myself. If this was going to happen, I wanted to have a good buzz. Leon wasn't wasting any time By the time I got to the bedroom, Jane was already spread eagle on the bed. She was nude now and Leon was between her legs, eating her pussy. I stood in the doorway and watched.

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After a few minutes Jane tensed up and I could tell that she came. She has a very sensitive clit and it never takes her long to come when I go down on her. Leon still had his trunks on as he lay on his back. Jane got onto her hands and knees, grabbed hold of his shorts, and quickly pulled them off. Leon's dick was still rock hard. Jane gasped in apprehension when she first saw it up close.

Wifes first black stories

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