Young cousin sex story

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. I was 17 and my cousin had just turned 13 when this happened. He was about 5'4', give or take with an average build. I was 5'9' and I like to think I was athletic looking. Young cousin sex story have dark brown hair and his is brown, almost dirty blonde. It was summer and he was outside playing some sports with his friends, usually I watched through the window and read a book.

On the first day I asked him to take a shower, but he said he didn't want to. He kind of stunk because he was starting puberty, but I let him get away with just brushing his teeth. The second day he also refused. On the third day, he smelled awful and I demanded he take a shower. He said that he doesn't take showers and that my aunt still gives him baths.

I thought that was kind of weird but I didn't ask questions or anything because he might get offended, so I just started to run some warm water and put in some bubblebath I found on the shelf. When the tub was full I told him to get in but he didn't know how to swim so he wanted me to stay in.

I didn't mind as long as he didn't smell anymore so I went in with him and he stripped off his shirt, jeans, and then in his white briefs.

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He asked him I could turn around while he got in the tub. Once he got in he told me the coast was clear and I could turn around. We made small talk, like what sports he plays, and how his grades were.

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He washed his hair and chest. At first he covered his dick with bubbles, but after a while they started to pop but he didn't seem to mind. He had a little bit of armpit hair, but no pubic hair. He stood up and asked me if I would wash his back for him since he couldn't reach. I put some soap on my hands and started to scrub. He was pretty hard, but only about 3 and a half inches. I couldn't help but Young cousin sex story. I told him that it means hes happy, and he seemed interested.

He was curious and he probably knew more. So I said 'Your penis gets hard like that so it can go in a vagina' I said as I washed he thighs. He asked me what a vagina looked like, but its hard to explain, so he asked if he could see mine. I had not taken a shower yet, so I thought why not and I took off my shirt and unclipped my bra, and he was trying his hardest not to stare at my boobs. Then I took of my pants and underwear and he had a look of awe on his face when he saw my pussy.

I sat down in the tub with him and he started to play with his penis absentmindedly while I washed myself. I was pretty horny so I said ok and sat on the edge of the tub and spread my legs open so give him a good angle. He examined it then he ran his finger over it and I shivered. Then he started to pull his finger in and out, and I moaned. He massaged his dick with his other hand.

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I told him I would show him so I took hold of his penis and started to stroke it gently, he let out a moan as I started to go faster and harder. His dickhead turned purple. I moved his hand so I was rubbing my clit. He shot out a small amount of cum and it splashed in the water.

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He kept on going and then I moaned in ecstasy. We both dried off and did the same thing every night until I went home.

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Young cousin sex story

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