Zombie x reader lemon

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The Hunter has always been a favorite zombie of mine. First off, the hoody makes him mysterious. Secondly, a human having complete animalistic instincts and abilities is a huge turn on for me. I love to write, I swear but I self doubt alot so I avoid it even though I want to write it if that makes sense?

Smut, even more so. You were so unlike yourself that night. After it was finished and came to its senses as did you, you thought it was going to kill you. Its instincts were to stalk, hunt, kill. Now a fresh one; to mate. You never told the others. Fucking the infected was bizarre and unheard of. You wonder why it even spared your life.

You often think about itespecially at night when everyone is asleep. A couple weeks worth of travel from any populated city from your state inching north will make it long gone by now. It might even be dead in a ditch. Whatever happened in the city, stayed in the city. Whatever happens during the apocalypse, stays. You and the other survivors finished setting up camp in a valley.

The only sound out here were crickets playing their music and there was no light except for the milky way glistening above you between murky clouds. Also, no firearms… only meelee weapons. The sound of a gun shot in a field will sound off miles away. You were ased to scout as everyone went to sleep.

And tonight was yours. You wish you could say you were frightened, but being a survivor has changed alot in you as a person. The apocalypse has numbed you. You saw carriers as humans for a while. All sense of morality, or more appropriately, humanity, were replaced with sheer instincts to kill. You walk through the wet grass. The seasons were changing as summer was ending and switching over to autumn. It was a relief; surviving during heatwaves?

You might as well be battling demons in the bowls of Hell itself. You hear a rustling ahead of you. You clutch your machete tight, looking around as the goggles lit up your surroundings in a dull, unsaturated green. You move closer to the grass, farther away from the camp, paying close attention.

The rustling picked up again and you stopped. But it continued. It began to come towards you. Your heart began to pound. You either run and make more rustling, possibly risking attracting other carriers or you face it and get it over with. You go for the latter. You step towards the rustling Zombie x reader lemon was coming towards you. A silhouette appears and you lift up your machete, preparing to sink it into a skull. The rustling was behind you. Raspy growling. You turned around, your weapon raised high, but your wrist Zombie x reader lemon tight by a rough feeling hand.

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Another growl erupted from the depths of its chest. You took a moment to stop, your eyes darting up. You saw piercing, glowing white eyes underneath a hoody. Their hand. It was an advanced infected. But wait… you recognize this one. Oddly enough, you even notice other familiarities. Your eyes slowly widen in disbelief as you become less tense. You straighten your back and drop the machete but only because it took advantage of your loosening hand and flung your wrist enough to make you lose its grip completely.

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How did it find you? You step back but its grip on you prevents you from making much effort. It stared at you with piercing eyes. You knew it was capable of pulling your throat out at any given second. But it releases slowly.

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You blink. Look at it. You step back. This one particular infected followed you for miles. They are now, too. You thought about picking up your blade and slitting his throat. You knew you had to. One less carrier in the world makes it better. And here you are, only remaining frozen. How else can you make him go away? You feel a pain envelope you that you stuff away into a chest and throw away the key, mentally. In fact, you grab your machete and walk opposite.

If you have to kill him for the safety of you all. Yes, he followed you. Hunters are ruthless. You turn around and see him walking instead of crouching. You feel a pang of irritation. He only inches close to you, his nose sniffing. Smelling you. He got closer until his nose touches your neck and travels upward into the gap. You could feel his lips brush against your icy skin.

You shiver but you hide it and you ignore your pounding heart. You lift your arm up and grip your blade, moving it between you. No of human emotion or mercy. Only instinct driven. He growled at you, and inches closer. He was stained with dried up blood on his navy blue sweatshirt, and his breathe reeked of death.

You wanted him to feel threatened. It gives you a reason to kill him. Why do you need a reason? You shake your head but before you come back to your senses, the Hunter aggressively and carelessly grips the blade and yanks it from your hand, Zombie x reader lemon it into the distance. You could feel his claws pressing into your flesh.

Your heart beat was uncontrollable, as it traveled into your ears and a queasiness grew in your stomach. The piercing sound of his animal like cry erupted into the night. You stumble and that was a mistake. This was his opportunity. He pounces on you from behind, pinning you down, your face pressed into the damp, dying grass.

He hovers above you, each of his limbs stretched on both sides, throaty growls surface from Zombie x reader lemon. He enfolds you, pressing his frontal against your back, his mouth reaching your ear and unleashing his gruffs that add another reaction to your mix of anxiety and fright. His internal growls begin to change tune very slowly as he knew you were pinned to his liking. NSFW blog.

Zombie x reader lemon

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